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    mandara k

    Hi all,

    For Hali I made the drinking hat ( sort of modeled after the sorting hat from Harry Potter) but I have no talent for that sort of thing. SOOOO; would someone make a new drinking hat; I thought I might find you know one of those plastic party cowboy hats in a neon hue; but I don’t know if they make them. Please?

    Many thanks and kisses on your feet.

    Mandara K


    Actually you can buy hardhats shaped like cowboy hats in Texas. They are not common, but they are not impossible to find. I think they sometimes come in colors, if not they can be painted with the right kind of paint.

    mandara k

    Why can’t I mail anyone anymore? That’s why I’m really having a problem with computers now and try to avoid them. I do not understand why this private message thing will not work now. This is stupid. I can’t find out any info because I can’t get a hold of anyone. I wanted to go to Atlanta but what is the point if I can’t get a hold of anyone. It’s like Hali; if you are not constantly online you had no clue what was going on; I had no way of knowing what was going down because I don’t have a computer of my own now. It reeks of exclusiveness and
    exclusionism and I will not have any part of it. I will go to Atlanta; but I can’t support a show if I don’t know what’s going on. Can someone please devise a system non-computer related; if I recall they did work 20-30 years ago.

    This is what I plan to do; I plan on arriving on Tuesday of next week. I will spend 2 days checking out the city on my own. Thursday I will switch hotels to The Day’s Inn I think it’s on Peachtree; I am Norma you can leave a message. I plan on heading to SixFlags on Thursday or Friday to avoid the lines on a holiday weekend. I have no shirt from Lexx so I’ll have to rely on pics I’ve seen to try to meet those that are going. Who knows at this point?
    I want to meet other Lexxians but if it’s this much of a hassle why bother? I mean most of us want the same thing right? isn’t that why we”re going; isn’t that why we are talking? We have something in common; an admiration for this show whether it’s the character(s) you love or one show or a season(s) I don’t care why you liked the show it’s just important you did; it sends a message that there are people that want more than what’s been offered to us. So, we found something in this show; hopefully it inspires one of us or someone else to try something different.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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