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    Is there no stopping advance screenings via the Internet 😆

    Despite fort knox like security, Matrix Reloaded, The Hulk and (now) Harry Potter have risen like a phoenix. You can read about it here (scroll down)

    Please note that Bonnee does not encourage or sanction the dissemination of movies over the Internet. Unless, of course, you have a cable connection and/or are related to Long John Silver. 😉


    this’ll make you laugh….considering how tight security is supposed to be around all aspects of these franchises, apparently someone’s managed to steal a lorry filled with copies of ‘Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix’ today. about £70 000 worth. the book’s not supposed to come out until saturday (longest day? hmmm…). they’re going to be charging anyone caught selling or buying the book…..


    The REALLY surprising thing, is with all the theft, there’s not a SINGLE legit copy on the net.

    I’ve checked Edonkey, the above link, Kazaa, et al, and have yet to find an authentic copy =/

    Lots of fan fiction masquerading as the real deal, but when you see the author making easy grammatical errors and when the filter doesent show the lines from book V that were released by Rowling you know it’s fake.


    How much higher will the prices be when the book first comes out as compared to one year later? Just wondering how much I can save if I buy it a few months after the initial release. There will probably be so many fans lined up to buy the book, that you won’t be able to get it until a few weeks after the first shipment anyways 🙂


    I don’t know about anywhere else in the world, but when it gets released this Saturday, it’s going to cost AU$45 and it’s the same for pre-paid copies.

    I’m personally going to wait ’til the price comes down, it should be significantly less in price than it is now.

    After all, with the whole mania, it means that the fans will pay more money than usual – add that to it’s price for being new and it’s quite an amount. Now, in a year’s time when interest has died down (please translate: when nearly everyone has a copy) the price will lower itself because it’s no longer ‘new’ and interest has waned.

    Perfect example: when the books came out originally over here they were about $20 each. Now they’re $9.95. Waiting saves money (if not time) 😀

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