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    yes, i know this is an old subject-give me a break, i’ve not been around for a while!!! 😉
    is there anyone here, like me, that was a fan of the show that was left feeling incredibly disappointed by the last episode-not because it was the last episode but because it was so crap?? i was left feeling it was more of a st:tng episode. it didn’t work for me either simply because riker & troi were obviously so much older than they would have been in the episode of tng that they were trying to make this a part of…and it all seemed to be so much more about them than the enterprise crew. and they killed off Trip!!! 😥 why oh why did they have to do that????
    all in all, i was not happy with the episode. they could have sent the show out on much more of a high-instead all they seemed to do was justify why it should have been cancelled in the first place 🙁


    it really was pretty piss poor… oh well atleast the rest of the season was pretty much entirely fantastic 😆


    The last couple of eps were pretty crappy, even by my low standards….

    Esp the “dark” universe ones. What the heck, can’t they even afford new uniforms?
    “Hmm, lets just make the girls shirts into a belly shirt using these handy scissors..yep, that’s great…o.k. people ready to film now!” ..actually, I don’t think they actually even cut the shirts, just tucked them under. Couldn’t they have ripped off some props from the Klingon room or something?
    The different logo for the federation was good…but that’s about it.


    The mirror universe duology was cool, i liked it anyway 🙂

    plus the original mirror mirror had girls in skimpy costumes and it would violate continuity to have them not wearing them and you wouldnt want that now would you 😛


    Too true 😉

    I don’t mind skimpy outfits – the men should have had mesh shirts as well though….

    It was the stupidness of the outfits, they were basically the same outfits, but with the shirt tucked up…..

    Surely they coulda borrowed somthing from the green girls?


    the men should have had long hair too…preferably with a windy scene.

    and maybe cute accents…

    and maybe…erm, maybe I won’t mention that one…


    very lame ending…agreed about the costumes although we did get to see a bit more of Jolene and, even better, Linda Park.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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