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    Chapter One

    Kai was staring at the cryopd when she appeared.It wasn’t her eyes as green as a forest or her long blonde hair , but he knew she wasn’t human the moment he laid his eyes on her.

    "Hello last of the Brunnen-G.I am Death.And I’m here to give you back what was stollen from you.Your life."

    He stood up and approached her.

    "Give me back my life?6000 years later?"

    She smiled widely and let his hair down.Layers of raven hair hid his green eyes.

    "Every second thousands of humans die.I am the only one that takes their souls.There should be an army of Deaths to do my job.I wasn’t interested in you until now.I had a dream of you a vision if you prefer.I saw you and how you died.This made something in me stir."

    He fealt a hertbeat his heartbeat.He looked at his chest there was no mechanical heart now.Only a real one.Without saying anything else she dissapeared although she acked for his touch.Xev’s steps made his panic.

    ‘Should I tell her?’ he thought and held his breath.She senced that something was different but couldn’t say what.In a few minutes he gasped for air.

    "Kai?You’re breathing?Are you alive?"

    "Yes"he said after catching his breath.

    "But how?"

    "Death appeared and gave me back my life."

    Without thinking any more she kissed him.Xev wanted to do that for 600 years.She had stollen only one kiss for that time.Surprisingly he kissed back.

    "Aaaa!Get off him you space slut!" 790’s shout made Xev brake the kiss.

    "790?I am alive." Hearts appeared in the robots’ eyes.

    "Now we can be together forever!"

    "I don’t think so." Xev kicked 790 and he rolled out of the cryochamber.Kai giggled.

    "Thank you.He is annoying."

    "We should tell Stan!" Xev happyly said.

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