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    This is a first attempt at the Tripping the Rift Guide.

    There are some episode reviews (pilot and second episode teaser) though the real reviews wont start until 2003.

    The objective of the Guide is to give an opportunity for fans to chat about the show and provide some feedback to the writers and producers about the storyline and character development.

    I’m hoping to encourage Chris Moeller (one of the creators) to visit this forum from time to time to help us with news and information and hopefuly we can provide some words of encoragement for his efforts.

    As we promote the guide around the Internet, fans of the show from around the world will be encoraged to present their ideas and opinions about the upcoming series.

    Meanwhile, if you have any comments about the Guide as it stands, please place your comments in this forum. Me and Headge would be pleased to hear your input.

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