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    Who else thinks that River’s parents know what was happening to her? I think she was either slated for the program from birth or her father could tell she would get signed up when she was a toddler/early age.

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    Yeah I’m guessing River’s parents were in on it. If I remember correctly (in the beginning of ‘Safe’), Mr. Tam seemed to be more concerned about Simon’s future of becoming a doctor. And he sort of brushed River off when she asked about hers. (I hope I’m remembering the beginning correctly).



    That’s what I remember too. Also the fact that they seemed fairly unconcerned as Simon argued why he thought she was in trouble from her letters. Mr. and Mrs. Tam where too busy with trying to keep off the subject. It made me highly suspicious.

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    I think that River might have been adopted(I missed the first few eposides so I don’t know if anything was mentioned about her birth) I’m basing this on the fact that she doesn’t look like her brother or either of her parents. This could explain why her father didn’t show that much of an interest in her future and why both parents seemed unconcerned about her letters- they don’t really care about a kid that isn’t really theirs. And if her parents knew about the project then maybe they purposely adopted a gifted child so they could send her to that school. I know its a stretch and highly unlikely but it kind of just crossed my mind.



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    I thought that her parents were pretty unconcerned with the red flags Simon was waving.

    Concidering she is supposed to be a genius child, you’d think that they would have been more concerned. I remember raising an eyebrow at how nasty they seemed but until I read this thread, I hadn’t considered that they might be in on it too! Now THAT would be a turnup!

    Simon, dispite being a complete upper-class-twerp, is very cool when it comes to careing about his sis – I wonder what effect it would have on him if his parents were in on Rivers treatment by the Alliance.

    I’m pretty sure that River is not adopted. When Simon discribed his sister, he compared her to himself (brain power wise) and I don’t think he would have done that unless he was sure that she was his sis. Nice idea though…. maybe Simon doesn’t know that she is adopted?

    The ‘Safe’ episode was the only one (so far) thats actually held my attention all the way through. Normally I can’t help checking the clock to see how long there is left. I hope the rest are as good as this.


    I kind of wondered if Simon (stick with me here on this sentance) knows that his parents knew. When River said something about “Daddy” coming to get them, he looked a bit rankled.

    Ok, I’m going out on a limb here and thinking that the reason Simon had to quit his job and spend all his money is because he found out that his parents weren’t going to do anything, knew about experiments on River and probably became disillusioned by them. It can’t be that easy, can it? If it is, let’s hope some unknown surprising wrench has been thrown in that’ll make everyone go….WHOA! It seems as we dig deeper into who these characters are, the more surprises we may find.

    Help, my brain is stuck on overload. heh.

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    Originally posted by Praxilla:
    I kind of wondered if Simon (stick with me here on this sentance) knows that his parents knew. When River said something about “Daddy” coming to get them, he looked a bit rankled.

    Well, “Daddy” did tell him off when he bailed him out the first time that he wouldn’t do it again.

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