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    There’s a new Prisoner forum listed in Sadhoo. Number 1 is a nice guy who put my page way at the top of the Prisoner links. Yay! He found my site while looking for T-shirts the same night I found his site while looking for my lost link to Nowhere Man on DVD. Weird, eh?

    Number 5, you’d better go claim “Logan” before you get bumped out and have to be the much mispronounced Funkeetee again! 😀

    (If only there wasn’t so embarassingly little Prisoner stuff on my site right now….)

    Gotta go…. sleepy!


    Announcing a Prisoner forum NOT sadgeezer… here, sacre bleu!. 😉 😛 I wish Number One Very Happy Returns on the Arrival of his Village forum; it really is very good.. I posted there BTW, and my nick is secure, but not my number perhaps…

    Prisoner forums of the world unite! 😀

    No. 5 (cause HERE we are all numbers. ;))


    Hi guys,

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. Thanks for telling the board Pet. I’m glad you like it Logan! I put a lot of work into making it. Hopefully, in time, it will catch on as this board has. I have linked to Sadgeezer at the top of my Prisoner links page.

    If you’d ever like to do double duty as a moderator (or “warden” as I call them) just say the word Logan! However, it doesn’t look like there will be much need for one for a while. 😳

    In any case, I look forward to our two boards “living in harmony.” 😉

    BTW, if anyone is interested, I just finished adding these sounds to the site:

    The Prisoner theme music and prologue
    Nowhere Man theme music and prologue
    Iron Maiden – “The Prisoner”
    Iron Maiden – “Back in the Village”
    Howard Jones – “The Prisoner”
    The Beatles – “Nowhere Man” (they got the name from the song, eh?)
    ** are there any other songs inspired by The Prisoner that I missed?

    The Village – The Prisoner Message Board


    Well come to the other Village (we also call this forum The Village). 😀 I plan on continuing to participate at your board. Hope you’ll also find some topics of interest here. Both boards are Free For All, so please stick around. 🙂

    There’s some info on music inspired by The Prisoner here (click)

    The Clash released a song called The Prisoner. Dr Feelgood released an album called Be Seeing You in ‘77. There were various music videos inspired by The Prisoner (for instance, See Those Eyes by Altered Images. Then there’s the song I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape by The Times (they also have a song called Chimes of Big Ben and Danger Man Theme, lots more little known songs inspired by The Prisoner. I’d like to get my hands on the Mansun album Six.

    BTW, forums usually take a little time to build up momentum. This forum has been rather slow of late. Seems it’s The General Prisoner trend at the moment and a seasonal thing. In early autumn, active membership tends to Fall Out (erm, fall off I mean), but things always pick up – they can try to escape, but they always come back… 😉

    No. 6: “I plan to escape and come back.”
    No.2: “Escape and come back?”
    No.6: “That’s right. Escape, come back, wipe this place off the face of the earth, obliterate it … and you with it” (Chimes of Big Ben).

    Oh, check out these threads if you haven’t already: ”The Prisoner and The Beatles” (CLICK)

    ”Prisoner or Parallel: U2″ (CLICK)

    Let it be seeing you!



    I have a mixed view about interactive forums on websites. In many ways – human beings being what they are – a board can steal the attention away from the other interesting aspects of a website. They are a drug on a website in many ways. The boards require more attention than the other areas; some discussion is productive…..but most is just socializing. They can draw many people to a website…..but many just go to the forums and avoid the other areas…..

    So a mixed bag. I must state that I am the worst offender for spending time on interactive forums. I tried to avoid the BBoards on a site created just a few days ago; but the others wanted the BBoard….. The net result is that I will probably spend the most time there…..I is sad….. 😥


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