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    Design Contest and Minion Recruitment!

    I am currently taking suggestions for the design of the official outfits to be worn by the minions of Sadgeezer at Dragon Con. I have three black robes (graduation/choir type) and need designs for the collar/tabard/panel that will go over them.
    They collar/tabard/panel thingy will most likely will be triangular in the front and back and come down to right below the mid chest although I am not welded to that shape or length, it is just the one I have currently envisioned. Heck, long twin panels in the front might be nice… depends on the design. The design should be made with Sad’s signature green and purple colors and include something in the design that is recognizably Sadgeezerish. (Ummm Sad? You aren’t planing on a color scheme change before September are you?)

    Also if you would like to be in the parade and don’t have a costume, you might be Minion Material! Minions will be chosen according to aptitude and … height. So if you want to be considered, you should let me know how tall you are, so I can see if one of the outfits will fit you. lol

    Oh, and it goes without saying that the design winner will win a Lexx t-shirt from me.

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