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    Ellen Dubin’s news group (Lexx, The Collector, Napeolean Dynamite) has announced that she will be at a new convention called Timeless Destinations which is occurring July 2006 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The convention is an off shoot from GateCon2005

    WEB SITE – http://timelessdestinations.com/
    DATES July 31-August 6, 2006
    VENUE – Best Western Richmond Inn, Richmond, BC (Vancouver Airport area)
    PRICING – $250.00 US for a Full Convention Ticket, Door cost: $300 US / $366.00 CAD – (there is a payment plan available)
    The ticket price Includes an Event T-Shirt.
    SCHEDULE – The schedule page is not yet complete, but the main page lists events and activities; including Boat Cruises, Studio Tours, Luncheons & Picnics with the Stars, Charity Auctions, Costume Ball, Star conducted Workshops, Banquet, Photo Sessions, etc. (There is currently no information on the site of which activities are included in this price, which might have an extra fee, or if any are limited space, excepting that the Cocktail Party is free to the first 200 Full Ticket holders ONLY)
    TICKET PURCHASE – http://timelessdestinations.com/cart/contents/en-us/d1.html

    mandara k

    It seems kinda pricey to me, and well if i go to a Con, I’ll stick with DC.

    I’d hold off on tickets too, until MM confirms if he ever does. He’s proven untrustworthy when it comes to fandom, and now for me, totally unappealing, i wouldn’t walk across the street to meet the guy no matter how much he’s adored.

    That’s me though, once they succumb to that “fandom- I’m holier than thou because I’m an actor and people who don’t know me adore me” status they totally become losers to me.

    I don’t know who is dumber those that pedestal actors because of doing their job or the actors for believing all that praise. Look, warranted praise is good, well thought out and sincere, but constant, you were good… and then not follow it with a why or how
    this particular scene or ep was good, is just baseless praise with no thought involved. It’s fawning on people, which sorry to say in our ass-kissing world is still an evil. We all berate characters on the screen that get through life by kissing- ass but in RL we don’t object? WTF is that?

    In RL we want equality in our jobs, and our government, and to advance by what we know and not who we know, but the reality is that because we allow it to happen in RL (ass kissing) and support it (pedestaling stars and sports figures).

    Think of this, expecting all to act of their best potential, as if their life depended on it. If it meant life or death in how they treated their fans, and how they are viewed in the future. I expect no less from “industry” people than i expect of me or you. I expect them to go to work every day, work to their full potential, actively seek to create a peaceful work eniviroment, and then go home and ACTIVELY create a peaceful home enviroment. These are the main focus.

    Why would you give them anything that you yourself don’t deserve? We ALL deserve praise like that, we ALL deserve pats on the backs and little gifts of appreciation for services rendered to the world. So instead of kissing ass, kiss your own… 😯 😛
    praise yourself!


    I am too far away to go anyway, but I wonder if there is a day pass for people to check it out for one day and not pay for the whole package??

    Depending on how big it is, a lot of the ticket cost could be going to overhead for the venue and stuff. It will be very cool if someone in the area could go and get an interview w/ ellen d. and any of the other Lexx cast that shows up! esp. If M.Mcmanus does decide to go, that would be really awsome.

    The Dragon con that he and Xenia did’nt make it to at the last minute was still a lot of FUN. I was actually really disappointed that EllenG couldn’t make it either! I think she is really funny.


    Hi Fellow Lexxians & DC Goers,
    I too hope the dweeb (MM) makes it & doesn’t back out on his fans again; also, if he does, I just hope he sticks with it to the end. May be he’s trying to make it up for his fans, because of him backing out on the last 1 (DC); no matter what & even if he doesn’t go, it still might be a nice convention.
    That price is just too steep for me; I’ll wait till Dragon*Con & have fun there.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Well, he really made the show interesting for me, and convention going or not, MM will always have my respect for that and I would watch any show he gets on!!


    You can download audio-interview with Macmanus here


    And this is russian translation of MM’s interview:



    Not sure what the issue is about the price of TDCon….it’s worth every penny! Here’s a con where you actually get to talk to guests in a social setting without having security or their minders shooing you along! And who wants to spend that kind of money (or any money at all) to stand in lineups for 3 days? CreationCons are the Devil (just a personal opinion).


    Hi folks, new to the boards but I’ll be attending Timeless Destinations. There’s a load of great guests, not just from Lexx but lots of other fandoms as well including Andromeda, Stargate, Farscape, BSG….

    Being a full five day convention, it’s certainly worth the price. And there are quite a few extras as well, including a boat trip and picnics with some of the actors after the con. And Vancouver itself is a beautiful place.

    Having been involved with conventions in Vancouver since 2000, I can highly recommend it!



    Well MM confirmed that he is going to be attending the convention. As a matter of fact, he just agreed to do a special boat cruise at the beginning of the convention. Highest bidders get the opportunity to be an assistant to MM or Ellen Dubin as well as a chance to win a kiss from each of them. Oh and the kiss is not just a peck on the cheek.

    I understand that very soon they are going to be selling day passes for the convention.

    I know that the price may seem as if it is high but compared to other conventions it is in line, besides this convention is longer than most. It was mentioned that you get a chance to chat with the guests which is correct. I really had a good opportunity to talk with several of the guests including Ellen and found out what a great group of people they really are.

    Oh and if anyone is interested in attending, I have an extra full pass for sale and I’m wanting to sell it and will be selling it for less than the posted price at the site:


    If you’re interested in the ticket, PM me and we’ll talk.


    Just a last minute reminder. I still have an extra ticket for sale for less than the ticket price listed on the site. Interested? Give me a holler and we’ll try to work a deal.

    Later days all.

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