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    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,


     This is for all Homail users:  **Please read & Repost**

    If any of you Hotmail user receive an e-mail, thinking it’s from MSN/Windows Live, asking you to fill out a questionair (e-ail address, Password & a couple other things) or you’ll lose your account, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FILL IT OUT!!!!  IT’S A BIG TIME SCAM, plus, you’ll lose your account & it will be hacked by someone from Africa, sending an e-mail to all who’s on your list, asking about $2500, for lost luggage in Africa, in your name & possibly using an e-mail address.

    If you did fill it out, guess what, you will not be able to get into yur Hotmail & will have to report to the Windows Live Help Support link; then you’ll have to change any e-mail addresses & Passwords to all Profiles, using that particular e-mail address.

    How do I know?
    Well it happened to me; I received, what i thought was an e-mail from MSN/Windows Live, filled out the survey, then when I went to check on it, earlier today, I couldn’t get in.  Then n uncle called, asking if I was ok & that he had received an e-mail, using my name & a friend’s e-mail address, asking him to send me $2500 for lost luggage in Africa; when I told my mom to let him know I hadn’t sent an e-mail to him, he got very suspicious & so did I.  I then received a similiar e-mail & deleted it; after awhile, I went back online, changed my e-mails & passwords,using that e-mail address, then went to MSN/Windows Live, to their Hel Support & reported to them what happened; I then thought of letting everyone on ll my Profiles know, so if it has happened to them, they’ll know what to to, or if they see some thing similiar, they’ll delete it.

    Please read this carefully, for anyone using a Hotmail account & warn your friends, family & everyone on all your Profiles; This is serious & may be if we all gang together, may be this will stop.

    Those who stick together, stay together.

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,

    Jhevz  Surprised


    Nasty scam using impersonation. These scams are quite popular with the World of Warcraft game also (an account to this game easily is worth 200-400$). They send "official" emails that mimic the real website design with login screen.

    Anything asking you for your email and password should let your "alarm go off". Emails are notoriously unreliable.

    A tip for emails: create 2-3 emails. 1 for familiy/personal/purcases stuff, 1 for "web-stuff like forums etc" and 1 "handy" email for "random website registrations". All emails should have their separate passwords.


    Thanks hisshadow,

              I’ll take that into consideration, & will watch & pay attention more closely to e-mails that go through any of mine; obviously they’re out there & are probably lonely & have nothing better to do than to create trouble for others.

              Thanks again & will keep my out on all my e-mails, Profiles & anything, online, that I own.


    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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