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    i wont say for those that have taped it..
    but this series has come along loads…
    i used to watch the occassion ep.. but now
    next season..c’mon i want it now…


    Absolutely bloody agree!!

    tonights ep was a cracker wasn’t it!!?


    Aeryn Crichton

    Damn! Well, I must say that I’m quite jealous because I haven’t gotten to see an episode of Farscape for a while. Sci-Fi channel has been showing movies every week instead of reruns of Farscape. The 4 part season finale is being shown like January 5 over here I think. I think that we Americans must miss out on some stuff!

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    well so far this program has now cost me £140
    i now HAD really i HAD to buy al season one on DVD
    i had no choice honest
    i have this thing in my head from scorpious
    or was it jim makes me buy things…
    oh btw you might like this….
    but i hasten to add not as good as the guides here..


    Well the thing I can’t belive is Crais is dead, I mean i was only just starting to like him!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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