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    Well, didn’t expect Lexx to be on the list (though I think it SHOULD be there), but no Red dwarf? While including crap like Lois & Clark?
    Those guys must be kidding.

    n5 -kopele

    I love that they included “3rd Rock from the Sun” and “The Avengers”, but “Alien nation”?? It was such a crap. I mean it was good to kill the time on a boring workday night, but to be a best sci-fi show of all time?!? And “Firefly” on 17th place?!? “The Outer Limits”, number 13?!?!?!? Xena?? Lost on number 11?!? The closer I get to number 1, the more amazed I become! The X-Files at number 4? It should be higher.
    By the way I haven’t seen 40 of the 50 shows there. At least Farscape doesn’t rank too. Anyway, they should have included Lexx at least on one of the last places. It had the qualities.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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