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    The lovely Kato (presenter of SadCAST) wants you to tell her what you consider to be the most scary sci fi monster of all time!!!

    For me there are two…. One is Alien (fucking scary!!!!!) and the second and scariest is a 4 mile square section of Russian countryside! (bet you can’t guess what film I’m talking about?)

    What is your scariest sci fi monster?

    Kato may publish your views on SadCAST.


    My bad, I gave my best Sci-fi monsters, and not my scariest.


    I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and posted my submission.

    10. HDS (Lexx)- damn bug
    9. Arachids from starship troopers- I hate spiders…
    8. the borg
    7. zombies/ living dead- a far stretch but there are some very weak sci-fi-ish explanations.
    6. Reavers- the movie really helped bring these guys to life, so to speak.
    5. TX Chainsaw Massacre (Sawyer family, or the Peacock family from “The X-Files”)…you can look at it from a biological standpoint, which would make it sci-fi-ish. Maybe inbreeding could spawn a very psychotic dominant gene. Being from Texas, I would know. Oh, the humanity!
    4. human clones/ AI- Blade Runner/ BSG/ Star Trek (khan)…I think it’s pretty scary when you have supra-beings…people who are so much better than you in almost every way.
    3. body snatchers…horrible. They get you when you sleep (and I’m pretty lazy.)
    2. Alien
    1. The Thing (Kurt Russell movie version…anything w/ more than 4 legs is pretty creepy)

    Nick -Z.


    Nick -Z.

    I don’t want to be like a nit-picking geek, but i don’t believe there are any scary monsters in sci-fi. If they are scary, then it qualifies them as an element of horror, not sci-fi.

    So, while I might agree that there are mutants and odd-looking aliens in sci-fi, they are not simply used as devices to scare people, as it is with the monsters of horror, they are usually more interesting.

    But this is not an argument for this thead, so I won’t go into it. I just think that scary monsters are an element of horror, not sci-fi, and I really hate people who confuse these two fields.

    Btw, that was the problem with Alien. IMO, it wasn’t good sci-fi by any means, it was bad horror from a possible future scenario.


    perhaps you’d like to add this to the great sci-fi debate 😛


    Nick -Z.

    I don’t like appearing responsible for putting a damper on this topic, I think I was a bit too absolute in my perspective. I do think, however, that far too many people confuse sci-fi and horror, and scary monsters do play a major role in the latter, not so much the former.

    Nonetheless, after thinking it over, it seems to me that in the wide realm of sci-fi, there are bound to be some cases which blur the line. Within this possibility, I would like to submit a monster/character which blurs the lline, not only between sci-fi and horror, but also with an added spice of satire.

    Submitted for your reproval, Troma’s cult-hero:

    The Toxic Avenger is both grotesque, horrific, and satirically odd, as well as a definite byproduct of the science-fiction realm.


    I don’t like appearing responsible for putting a damper on this topic, I think I was a bit too absolute in my perspective.

    Yeah, what a buzzkill, man. Waht’s up with that??? 😆

    Really, I’m just kidding.

    I think the reason you haven’t seen much chatter on this topic is that most people don’t view too many sci-fi monsters as truly scary (as you said.) Of course, that’s just my opinion and I could be way off base on this. My list was the product of a drunken night deliberating on said topic and, truth be told, I too felt that there are not many scary sci-fi monsters. But I forced the issue as only I can. 8)

    Hey, I still think creatures (abominations?) like the borg or replicants are scary for the reason I stated. But before Faldor or someone else (rightfully) moves my post to the “What is Sci-fi” thread, I will leave it at that.


    Bob! That guy make my skin crawl. 😯 Ok. He’s not exactly sci-fi, but pretty creepy anyway. 😀


    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,
    Here’s my top 10 favourite monsters:
    1) Ice Warriors (Dr Who)
    2) Yeti (Dr Who)
    3) Vadar (Star Wars)
    4) Gorn (Original Star Trek)
    5) Klingon (ST:TNG)
    6) HisDivineShadow (Lexx)
    7) Mandrid (Lexx)
    8) Cybermen (Dr Who)
    9) Borg (ST:TNG)
    10) Godzilla (Original)

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉

    Nick -Z.

    Granted, the Borg were somewhat scary at first. But then it was revealed that while energy weapons could be deflected, Klingon batliffs (sp?) could not.

    The result was that the worst thing about the Borg were their overwhelming numbers. Put enough Klingons against them in hand-to-hand combat and they weren’t so tough.

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