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    Is that it will never be on our tv screens again!  There is no WAY they will bring the show back after that dogs dinner of a last episode.

    That was the best thing about it.  How do you kill off a show where the main player is immortal!?  Simple, disgrace him/it with a set of circumstances so far fetched and stoopid, that nobody will ever want to see his ugly mug again!  Definitely innovative but having to subject the viewer with two episodes of dismal, patronising drivel is still unforgivable.
    Some might say that the premise was tragedy and seeing how the main character would react in the face of such tragedy, flawed as he/it is, was a laudable objective.  Maybe, it was simply poorly executed and written with a 10 year old child in mind.

    Auntie Beeb should have known better!


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