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    I liked it.

    The camera work wasn’t wibbley wobbley to induce nausea, I barely noticed it. The set up of who everyone was and what their purpose on the ship was seemed rushed. I wanted to say “Ok, everybody got that?” It calmed down after the “introductions.”

    I was almost disappointed as a bit of dialogue continued on that made me want to roll my eyes. Woo hoo, writers to the rescue, it was interrupted in mid-sentance buy a smart ass remark of another character. Thank goodness, I’ll watch something else if I want to hear “my job is so spiritual” things like that. ๐Ÿ˜›

    The humor was appropriate as were the special fx. The fx were seamless with purpose of use in the story. They were quick with no lingering of “see what cool things we can do” atmosphere to it.

    It definitely had a western and organic feel to it. Dirt and dust, unclean people, coughing, dark ligting, four wheelers and the dusty little town.

    I’m unsure how I feel about the theme song. I’m not extremely into that genre of music. I might get used to it as long as I only have to hear it once a week. It was certainly different to hear country/western influenced music as a ship zipped away from a planet.

    I will definitely watch more episodes.


    Theme song was bad, very, very bad. I cringed even. Other than that though, I really enjoyed it. I like the contrast of warm organic stuff like the wood, pottery and cotton clothing of the Border people, offset by the high tech gadgets and machinery of the Alliance. I laughed out loud twice, which is pretty good for me, so the humour is there, if a bit undeveloped as yet.
    They did throw quite a lot of characters into the mix right off the bat, which will take some getting used to. I found myself asking “Eh? Who the heck was he/she again?” a few times, but this will obviously get better with time, or possible as some superfluous characters are dumped.
    As of the first episode, I can see very little Jossishness to the show as yet. It’s quite different from the feel of Buffy and Angel, except for a few instances of Joss-like humour. We shall just have to see how it develops, but I am definitely tuning in next week.




    Originally posted by Camelyn:
    Theme song was bad, very, very bad. I cringed even.

    Hmm, ok in that faux-country way. Not anywhere near as bad as “Faith of the Heart.”

    The show? Eh. I’ll give it a few more eps (not much else on these days) before I make up my mind. The setting isn’t all that unique, really. Other than the lack of aliens, the Western/Sci Fi mix been done in numerous Anime and Sci Fi movies.


    Thanks guys, I’m frantically downloading it from the newsgroups…. shoul dhave it soon and a review up tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cant wait top see it. At least other SadGeezers and lady SadGeezers weren’t put off!


    If you want an overview of Firefly’s critical reception, visit the following collection of links ( scroll down). This will continue to move down the page (and disappear) as TV Tattle updates its overviews, so best to view ASAP for posterior’s sake.



    I liked it too. I wasn’t put off by the “cowboy” elements, because at heart, that’s all most space opera is anyway. Just a retelling of the old adventure tales. The difference here is Whedon’s quirky take on human relationships and his sneaky command of language.

    I see now why Fox decided to hold off on the original two-hour pilot, although I’m not sure I agree with their decision. The idea had to be to grab the largest number of viewers immediately, and then show the pilot movie later (by all it accounts it’s a more leisurely examination of the characters). They’re a mysterious bunch, with lots of potential for exploration, IMO. I’ve always liked Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass, and Gina Torres, but I never heard of any of the others. They’re obviously talented and hard-working, however, and I’m eager to see what they can do.

    The CGI was impressive, and used sparingly to further the story. I like that (CGI used for its own sake is boring when it overwhelms the story). I wasn’t grabbed by the music (Dead Zone has a better score, as do many of the other new shows this year), but it seemed to fit with the type of story this is. Anything else might have clashed.

    I don’t miss the aliens. I’m a bit sick of knobby foreheads and blue skin, myself, especially when otherwise they look just like us. I think the humans on this show are going to be alien enough to hold our interest.

    Hopefully Whedon has enough clout to keep this series going until it finds its footing and rewards us with his usual insights into what makes people tick, and, oh, yes, some slam-bang fun adventure too.

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