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    We’re looking for transcripts of the webizodes of Ghost Whisperer "The Other Side" that you can see here, in the goal to make a translation (subtitle) in french.

    If English is your native language it’s easy to do : just write all the dialogs you can hear in a *.text file (one sentence per line), so that we can easily translate.

    On the webpage you will find eight short (~3mn) episodes related to the series "Ghost Whisperer", but the story is seen through the eyes of a ghost. The story is divided into 8 short parts.

    A second season of 8 webizodes (which continues the story) can be seen here. Of course we want to translate all of them and make (for free of course) subtitles so that french speakers can understand the webizodes.

    Sorry for my poor english, i hope all is clear for those who don’t know how foreign subtitles are made, in fact it’s very simple, all the work is done based on the transcript made by an English-speaking person, it’s why the transcription is so important.

    I’m a fan of this series, and i’ve seen all the episodes in my language, but the special webizodes are not available in other language than english.

    Thanks a lot in advance! and sorry for being so long but it’s for the newbies can understand!

    A Jennifer Love Hewitt secret lover (mmmhhh… would you like to marry me, Jenni ? – Of course, no problem darling ^^ 😉 )

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