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    Mr Pop3D

    LOL. I used to go on irc channels. One of the channels called 3Dwarez is on both dalnet and undernet. If you dont know what warez means I will tell you now. It means Software that is pirated and distributed illegally over the internet. Basically games, movies, and very very very expensive software like Lightwave, Maya, 3D Studio Max. Maya alone used to run around 25,000 dollars and was easily available for download off of irc, ftp and kazza or even AOL cerver room.

    So whats the point of this? Someone went on IRC chat today and said “I just saw tripping the rift will be picked up on Sci-Fi channel next year on cable” so i turned on the sci fi channel and watched it for about 30 minutes before a trailer for all shows next year on sci-fi channel came on and sure enough our old friend who used to come on in IRC #3Dwarez channel who claimed he was one of the creators of tripping the rift(and a former OP on the channel) did in fact have his show picked up on sci-fi.

    Now im not saying he doesnt own Maya or 3D studio max or lightwave or whatever show this cartoon was created in. but I just found it funny as hell that he sold one of his project to a large network assuming (but not accusing LOL) that he may have done it with software not payed for.

    Kutos to him and his production regardless. Even though I thought it stunk a bit.


    It would have been really cool if it was Chuck Austen or Chris Moeller. These guys created the show on a shoe-string and I wonder how much hooky software would have been used.

    I doubt it though. They worked for a professional Animation house so they would have had access to all that stuff anyway.

    If it was one of them, kudos to you dude!

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    I guess you wouldn’t know which one of the creators he was…. or indead, if he called himself ‘Chode’?


    I’m pretty sure that TTR was animated on a version of 3D Studio Max. As Sadgeezer pointed out earlier, Chris Moeller and Chuck Austin work at a major animation studio, and I doubt they’d be using pirated software. The last time I played around with that program, I remember it being required to have some hardware plugged into the back of my computer in order for the program to load. Does 3d studio max not require this hardware anymore, or did some pirates find a way around that?

    As for the creators selling TTR to the networks. I can understand the irony of the situation you described, but keep in mind after the show was sold to Scifi, the parent studio removed the two creators from the project. So they’re really not seeing any monetary reward for their hard work anyway.


    It was animated on Max, and so is the series.

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