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    mandara k

    I decided to “borrow” for an undetermined long amount of time a show idea from Mr Emmy nod producer RDM and write and ep i want to see from his warehouse idea.

    You know the premise; a government worker fracks up royally and get shipped of to SD to work in a warehouse for of government property that has a slight “supernatural edge” The idea was the title of an e-mail i never read called “Radioactive Wedding Dress”

    Now to stay true to history… this dress can be from Nagasaki and hiroshima, the desert southwest, or Three Mile Island. That’s when i think of nuclear and the US. Or a “secret conspiracy type” of deal with a leakage form a nuclear silo in bumfrack anywhere.

    Which scenario I wonder would garner more viewers? I feel like that Matt Hooper in Jaws who had to tie sheep shank knot for Quint and asks “You didn’t tell me how long you want it” as he tying the knot. And the line “I didn’t know i had to pass basic seamanship to sign on to this crew.”

    That’s how i feel; you didn’t tell me how long you want this sucka to be and who we are targeting. I didn’t know i had to pass creative writing 101 to write anything.

    So I’ll pull at South Park Cartman and say”I’ll do what i want!”

    The Radioactive Wedding Gown

    (Narrator) First,

    Everyday objects….

    A toothbrush…..

    A street light….

    An watch…..

    A keyboard…..

    We spend so much time accumulating, using and replacing our Tools of modern life. How many times have you heard; i couldn’t function without my car, my PCA, my laptop or my cell.

    What if i told you that these objects “feel” the same. No, not the sense of “feel” we have but we imbue a touch of humanity on these lifeless artifacts of our lives. Some people depend and place so much of themselves and their self-identity with them; in a rare instance they become a shadow of what they were.

    My name is

    then Blah blah blah character set up.

    and I work with these objects in a place known as

    (Cue dramatic music) – we are talking the networks here that gave us you know all those reality shows…

    Warehouse 13.

    *OOH side note, i gotta go check my baking pumpkin pie…. be back later!*

    mandara k

    OOKay…. story…. character….. story character……whatever you want it to be ….he picks up the wedding dress….

    Again, premise, is he psychic? I’m going to go with that….

    He unties a box and lifts out a dress to show the female sidekick…. (again men writing…network show… the female is delegated to supporting as usual….)

    Now which one….. a city street, where charred remains of buildings encircle gaunt yet industrious people on bicycles and occasional vehicles.

    or a lush rolling field in PA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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