Two Centauri stumble into a bar….

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    Two Centauri stumble into a bar, their breath already reeking of brivari. Laughing, the younger one tosses a fistful of ducats on the bar and orders for both of them. They drink well into the night, making endless toasts to Ilarus for blessing them with their gambling winnings and making vague open threats to the air about the owner of the casino who threw them out. The other patrons regard them with a mixture of amused fascination and disgust at their obnoxious behavior. Eventually, not an eye can stay off them.

    Early in the morning, the older one drapes his arm across the other one’s shoulders and says, “Did you know *hic* that last night *hic* I f**ked your mother?” And breaks into uproarious laughter.

    The Centauri of lower station, keeping his balance as best he can, flings off the arm and faces his superior with a sneer.

    The bar goes completely silent, waiting for the inevitable brawl. They wait with their breath burning in their cheeks in anticipation as the elder Centauri’s laughter dies and he stares blankly back at his opponent. The entire establishment leans in as the younger Centauri opens his mouth and says,

    “I think you have had enough to drink, Father.”



    hee 😆 !


    Nice, I like drinking jokes with a twist of sci-fi. 🙂

    An unmutual Number 6 strides into the Cat and Mouse to request a strong drink.

    “Sorry, I can’t serve you,” states the barman.

    “Why?!” demands the irate Number 6.

    “Because, 6, you’re under 18,” replies the barman.


    Oh! LMAO, Logan! 😀

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