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    Unkle Lexxcon? Whose he?

    How many Lexx Conventions are taking place this year in the US and Canada? Any in the UK? I hope all of you attending are going to report back what it was like onto here. Its kinda quiet around SadGeezer since the show finished.


    There’s: Uncon July 19-21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia Ca. UsCon Next weekend in Vegas.

    LancCon (I can’t remember the exact spelling) the first weekend in August in Preston, Lancshire, UK.


    Agreed. I have seen little or no activity here or at scifi.com/lexx. This is not good. How ever will we gain a time slot or a spin off if we just go away? I sent a few letters (mine and some friends) to scifi last week.

    I encourage you all to do the same.. Lexx music video 6 is in production.


    Many people going to the one in Preston UK? I only live in Hull and its not that far. hmmmm.


    P.S. Mark;

    Sign the Little Lexx petition http://xraylittlelexx.moonfruit.com

    P.P.S. Mark;
    What the hell are these Lexx videos you keep mentioning???


    I signed you petiton as well. OK READY?!?!

    I am in a Tv Broad Casting Class. For some god forsaken reason, I happen to be the top of the class. My ideas and thoughts are off the walls, which sepeated me from my peers. This is also why I love Lexx, and they do not.

    I make music videos in the class. Now recently, behind my peers and teachers back… I have begun making music videos for Lexx. I do not have the proper cabling yet to send them through my computer.. but I am making copies for VHS.

    I have created 5 so far.. I may create one or two more.. that is not certain yet. They will all be put on tape.. then either handed out.. or traded at the arts and craft show at UNCON2002.

    I have spent a lot of time making these.. trying to get explosions with the music, etc.
    Now the clips are used from episodes I recorded.. and over time and watching those episodes like made made the tape slowly get… messed up. So there are slight tracking errors.. but you barely notice.

    The Videos made so far are:
    MV= Music Video

    Linkin Park- In the End : A slow sad Lexx MV
    Megadeth- Crush Em’ : A faster action MV
    Megadrth- Trust : slower sad Lexx MV (Made for those you hate Linkin Park)
    Off Spring- Starring at the sun : Action MV (Made for those who hate Megadeth)
    Off Spring- The Kids aren’t allright

    I like the videos quite a abit… I hope that those who will see them wil like them too.


    I have no equipment or talent for the details of a video, but I do have ideas!

    I heard today Pearl Jam’s song, “I’m Still Alive” (don’t know if that’s the right title or not, I’m bad with titles) and thought what a wrap up song for Kai that could be! If your interested, you can have the idea. I’d like to see what could be done with it.


    That is a good idea. If I had the cd I’d use it… I could have one burned for me.. but I have decided at the moment to put 5 Lexx based songs on the tape… and the tape as of today is complete.

    I am adding some things to the tape like video game music vidoes and god knows what else. All I know is.. nothing is final.. I may very well use your idea.. or a few of my own and make more Lexx music videos.

    I do not know if I have talent.. or am very good with anything I do. I just have the faith and knowledge that my tape will bring happiness. I think that is my purpose.. to bring a few smiles and laughs… and to help everybody feel relaxed and at ease.

    I am making a webpage for myself…. now to find a decent place. The only pictures I have are pictrues from two years ago… I look a little older but I guess it is close enough. When my friends are able to.. I will get more updated pictures… I will inform you all of my progress.

    As for the Lexx Video Game…. Progress is going slow I am afraid.. I will try to pick up the slack, after all, I’m not a freaking Cluster Lizard.


    Mark, and others,
    Identity6 and I have decided that there will be doing a craft fair this year. But unlike last year it won’t be a solitary event. Since we haven’t gotten a big enough repsonse to warrant renting out a room, what we will probably do is have the craft fair as a sort of attachment to the friday morning kick-off.


    Thanks for the info. Now can you get me added to the list of attendes? lol.

    I am now making small music vidoes unrelated to Lexx and am adding them to the tape with the Lexx music videos.

    The new additions so far are:

    Megadeth- Sweating Bullets. This music video is composed of video game clips.

    I would like to make a few more lexx ones.. but time is short. I just oayed off my horrible prom.. (my fiance is a senior.. not me)… now I owe 200 bucks for speakers I.. paid money on.

    Then all my cash goes to the UNCON.

    I will post more info on the videos and anything else as I get them. I post and check every hour lol. So I doubt I will miss your posting.. unless I am in school.


    I found some nice Halifax links – Lots to do in between Lexx events!!

    Alfredo, Weinstein and Ho Restaurant: http://www.alfredoweinsteinho.com

    Atlantic Canada website: http://www.atlanticzone.ca

    Boston’s Logan International Airport: http://www.massport.com/logan/%5B/url%5D

    Explore Nova Scotia: http://explore.gov.ns.ca/default.htm

    Four Winds Charters
    (Whale watching cruises): http://www.cybernetone.com/F/FourWindsCharters/%5B/url%5D

    Granite Brewery: http://www.granitebrewery.ca/%5B/url%5D

    Halifax International Airport http://www.hiaa.ca/%5B/url%5D

    Halifax WorldWeb Travel Guide http://www.halifax.worldweb.com/%5B/url%5D

    Metro Transit
    (Halifax Bus System): http://www.region.halifax.ns.ca/metrotransit/index.html

    Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History: http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/%5B/url%5D

    Ryan Duffy’s Restaurant http://rcr.ca/page2.htm

    Second Cup Cafe http://www.2ndcup.com/%5B/url%5D

    The Five Fishermen Restaurant: http://www.fivefishermen.com/main.html

    The Thirsty Duck Pub and Eatery http://www.thirstyduck.com/%5B/url%5D

    The Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant: http://rcr.ca/page2.htm

    Nova Scotia Government Web Site
    (travel info): http://explore.gov.ns.ca/%5B/url%5D

    Your Father’s Moustache Pub: http://www.yourfathersmoustache.ca/%5B/url%5D

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