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    I recently got word that Electropolis Studios will still be occupied during uncon. Salter is currently renting out the studio to other firms so that they can make films.
    This means that there will be no studio tour this year. Additionally we will have to rent a room this year as well. At worst this means that unconers will have to pay about Ca$3.00, or roughly USA$2.25 Fortunately we have a few ideas that may keep you from having to pay a door charge. More on this later.

    On the bright side there will be door prizes again, and everyone will walk away with something. And 10 people will get some very nice door prizes indeed!

    We will be screening the uncut version of Fluffdaddy at uncon. This time you’ll get to see all those missing scenes that didn’t make it to TV because the episode was too long. The episode should seem more coherent now!


    Bummer about the studio tour, but glad to hear about door prizes. Just as long as we can get the prizes through customs – imagine the looks on peoples faces when the winners of Mantrid Drone Arms came through customs last year…


    WOW!! You people are so lucky!! I wish I could go, but I couldn’t afford both Lexx Vegas and Uncon.

    Have fun!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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