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    The Uncon T-Shirt Contest has been extended!

    Since we got only one submission and we need two for a vote, I’m extending the contest until April 14th. Go to the Uncon T-Shirt web page at: http://www.thefrey.com/unconpara.htm , for all the details you could ever need.

    If we don’t get another submissions by then, we will use my personal design. A canary yellow T-shirt with magenta coloring. The three characters will all be drawn as stick figures holding hands. Stan will have a square block on his head, Kai will have a weird oblong object for his bun, and Xev will just have two circles beside her body stick. The text will read “UnCon 20002 Vey O AO: Juleye 19-21” (sic)

    I recommend coming up with your own design.


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    Rofl. If I could beat that Headgehog I promise I would. Unfortunatly my artistic ability is best left away from the visual arts. I think my last attempt was at 7-years of age when I drew ‘He-Man’ that most people congratulated me for drawing a fine ‘T-Rex’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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