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    The giant annual GRAND SLAM CONVENTION: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT is coming to the
    Pasadena Center on March 26 to 28 and we’re presenting close to ONE HUNDRED
    wonderful genre guest stars appearing in person! It has to be the best,
    most outrageous line-up of celebrities and events we’ve ever had!

    And, a cool addition today: RAY PARK, the talented performer best known as
    DARTH MAUL in Star Wars I, who also has appeared in The X-Men and will soon
    be starring in the eagerly awaited Marvel Comics film IRON FIST! At
    Creation, we have a long history of presenting stars on the cusp of
    super-stardom (need we drop just a few names: Jim Carey and Vin Diesel, two
    our audience saw before they became huge! And Xena fans know the next big
    superstar to be: Ryan Gosling from his appearances with us) and we think Ray
    is on his way too! Tentatively, Ray will be on hand throughout Grand Slam
    to meet fans!

    More fabulous news on another talent we pick to be the next big superstar:
    one of the most glamorous and talented of our guests is the lovely GINA
    TORRES (Zoe of FIREFLY, Jasmine of ANGEL, Hel of CLEOPATRA 2525, Cas of
    MATRIX RELOADED, LaMayne in DARK ANGEL, and currently appearing on “24”.)
    When a film or T.V. producer wants someone who can act up a storm and kick
    some butt too, Gina is the go-to girl who always is sensational and she is a
    wonderful to work with as well! The big news is that Gina will be starring
    in the Joss Whedon film SERENITY from Universal Pictures (based on his
    Firefly TV series). Stars from Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, Angel, Smallville, The Dead Zone and more.


    Thanks for the info!


    You know with this being such a stong Lexx site, you would have thought that he would have mentioned that they have Xenia Seeberg listed as a guest. 😛

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