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    Has anyone seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yet? If so, what did you think?


    Saw it tonight. Very good I thought.

    It’s 2 hours and 40 minutes long and yet the wife (who read the book) thought the film was more like a clip show! 🙂

    Voldamort was good, Hermiony’s acting was as bad as usual and Fluer looked GREAT in a bathing costume!

    Personally prefered the first film – but only just.


    Not yet, most likely next week. But…. theBestGF who is new to the series (like a month or so ago) saw it thursday and said the same thing. Snipletts of the book sandwiched together. Of course she did say that when the book starts to resemble a telephone book, then some stuff does have to be left out.

    Her advice. DON’T DRINK ANYTHING! It is long, and the rush for the facilities afterwards was brutal. 😀


    As a movie it was ok….too many jumps to get though the story.

    As apart of the series…. I left feeling like I just watched Cliff Notes on film!


    that was very funny movey and herminy was hot


    She was a cute kid, and of course they do grow up. 😀

    So, we have established that she is developing into a hottie, but what do you all think about her acting? I have recently run across several articles where they dismiss her talents as an actor. Honestly? I thought she did fine, what do you think?


    I saw it, and I absolutely loved it!

    ~ Although, I did come out of the cinema with some interesting questions : First off, when I saw Hermoine I thought, “Hmmm, she’s very pretty” which made me question whether or not I may be turning into a paedophile, then I saw Harry get in the bath and thought “Hmmm, he’s buffed up a bit” which made me question my sexuality.

    I am of course joking, I assure you I am neither a paedophile nor gay.

    I thought it was brilliant. Although I don’t have kids and am not really fatherly(is that even a word?) I would be hesitant taking young kids to see the movie. I am an adult and I got a couple of really good frights in the movie. It definitely is a little bit scary.

    I don’t really mind that the movie was so fast paced, as long as they bring out an uba-filled extended edition dvd set.

    I think the movies are designed for people who have read the books. I think if you haven’t, you’ll really miss out on the experience.

    I think Emma Watson gave the strongest performance out of the three young actors. Despite what most people seem to be saying, I think she is really talented (in both acting and appearance… eeeh gads…here come the police to lock me away).

    I would liked to have seen more of Sirius. I think his lack of screen time (just the one fire scene) will negatively impact the next movie.

    Anyway, I would give that movie 95%. I would like it to be much longer. Lets hope they do a Lord of the Rings style super amazing splendid extended edition.


    Yes, a extended play director’s cut would very much suit stuff like this. Although with the necessary special effect work it may not be possible on these types of movies. Sadly that may be more suited to movies which don’t use that stuff, like a straight drama, or action film where the stunt work was already done and filmed but cut for some reason.

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