We will see what an oracle isn’t and what I believe it is…

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    mandara k

    Ahhhhh,. finally an interesting read…. I borrowed it from mediablvd…

    I enjoyed it…. I hope you do too.


    There are many ways to speak of alternate thinking and I am by far not the best there is…. but union, community is so important. Unfortunately, once given power, the sharing becomes a contest of wills, and as spoken in this article manipulation springs up.

    Now some could label me as a manipulator, some as “crazy” or insane…. but as the this site posits… what is sanity? Is it conforming to one way of thinking or feeling. What is manipulation and can it be distinguished from sharing….

    I think so…. Manipulation involves control of thoughts or actions of others for the purpose of gaining something: control or power;
    sharing is suggesting without an expected outcome where there is no gain really.

    I did these “crazy” things not to control because I’ve gained nothing and in fact was ostracized and accused of an intent that is not true and repulsive to me.

    Thoughts and dreams come to me; they have since i was young…

    For example, before Anna Nicole Smith died I’d say 2 weeks ago I had a dream i was sitting in front of a white vanity mirror; and Marilyn Monroe suddenly appeared and stood in back of me but had no reflection; she was a young Marilyn or at her peak I’d say; before drugs and alcohol ravaged her; she leaned over and whispered something in my left ear but I woke up before i could hear it clearly but it had to do with fame… fame kills or beauty kills or both I think . I did not want to hear it; I did not want her to be near me; it frightened me. I think I said “NO!” and woke up.

    You can believe me or not… I have to live this way…. not you and when i decided to try to share…. well I knew I would have the doubts i have now about my motive and whether or not i should speak out at all…

    I’m beginning to think silence is my best defence; but my heart aches because i know that is a cowardly thing to do. Self-preservation vs. helping others possibly to understand.

    And if the wish is not to understand; do I continue or just respect that wish if the wish to not understand comes from not the person you’ve tried to share with but instead their loving other.

    I do not wish to go against her wishes; I do not want this pain that I have caused to her to remain. I truly wish no harm to come but I cannot shut off what i see.

    So it is best now to respect her wishes and not share any longer with this link; he has found others and others less threatening to his love;

    but I must say beware. Do not mix your beliefs or you will be ineffective. DO NOT be the “cafeteria Catholic” as they say or cafeteria believer or you are vulnerable to manipulation and if lead wrongly YOU will suffer;
    along with those that lead you there.

    that I know is true.

    mandara k

    Congrats on the battle for a 4 th season; Somehow i don’t believe it was NOT a battle for it took too long to decide about the season and of course a delay till June filming when normally they would be in the studio in March or April.

    And give me 13 tight eps over 20 any day of the week.

    The gloat over getting a fourth shouldn’t be a gloat really; you will need the margins and the marginal fans now instead of that ever present childish crap of if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Are we done bandying THAT around?

    SO let’s get working on unity; i refuse to march under the extremes of love or hate battlestar; I will not shuffle my feet to the drum currently rat tatting in shippers and the noobies.

    i want a good story; no more love quandrangles, no more Helo the hero because some one thinks he’s hawt in influencing circles; that’s the beginning of the end if you ask me.

    Story over character development now.

    Where would I go from this mess to back to story.

    Yeah, try baltar but he’s gonna get off; they may six Starbuck but they’ll let him off. if you’re gonna let him off at least make it interesting.

    Did I like the Woman King…. no I’d rate it better than Black Market and that one with standoff in cloud Nine and definitely better than Bulldog but it still doesn’t constitute good BSG.

    Why i didn’t like it, i didn’t like Athena and her scrape the bottom of the barrel reasoning “hate the Sagittarions and may be peeps will leave me be; scum…. she’s scum but typical.

    racism is ugly to watch; hell any ism is ugly to watch; it disgusts me. That’s why exile is best so that quietly I don’t have to listen to the ignorance and hubris that spews from other’s mouths if i chose.

    Hubris, Dowl you are wearing it like a badge. You were cocky and proud before, and then what happened? Yeah….. do you really want that to happen again and again until it crushes you. yeah you “writing marriage partner dumped you’ you lost your real marriage, hmmmmm…then a string of cancellations and short stints before you regain your footing here… now you’re going for hubris again. Are you that idiotic? ๐Ÿ™„ Can you see that pattern in your life?

    may be the hiatus was needed before season 3

    Oh and Dowl nice penguin imitation… the wife needed to adjust the tie though because you probably pull at it when coralled into wearing one;you are sensitive around the nape you feel confined with ties; anything around the neck that’s why ties are eskewed on you; or tickling there is fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ listen closely left ear. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    mandara k

    meanwhile, while yous guys sass each other ad nauseum about yea or nay of the current writing of BSG I’m gonna watch movies.

    I’t snowed 4 inches today so snow day! I’m watching the movie “Reds”I can’t stand Warren Beatty but i heard it was good so I’m giving it a look-see. it’s okay so far….. I also got Closer which is supposed to be good and a Nickie Cage flick. I also want to finish watching the Westminster kennel show; they are sooo cute but they love poodles! My bro and wifey have 2 minature greyhounds that are high energy but adorable so i rooted for them last night but no luck.

    I must also working on funding for a possible return to the hallowed halls of learning next fall; I could be working for a long standing dream of mine so keep your fingers crossed!

    Writing…. erm…. got no time besides the stories are buried now and not safe to dust off until this planning for the season 4 and movie are cemented; then i can put them out. Then there will be no unethical borrowing.

    Take care all and have a Happy Day for love; big and little; love as an emotion can make or break us; love as a way of life is the best we can aspire to. Love is, as most universally understood words are,at its most powerful as a verb; it implies action.

    Ask yourself, what is your capacity for love on this day. Is it limited to a few people, a nation, a certain agenda or belief; or can you connect with it all. We either learn to love and harmonize or we destroy each other. I’m willing to compromise to get back on track.

    Can you?

    mandara k

    Boy was I off…. 1.4 try 1.2….. I guess I shot too high. I guess i had injected my hope of better which eskews numbers, but numbers aren’t my bag really.

    OOOH I was wrong….. Yeah that happens a lot when I’m not attached to something or too attached and let that cloud and crowd me….. *Note to self…… detach detach DETACH!”*

    I watched that movie Tsotsi; talk about a tear jerker in parts; they took a totally despicable punk and made him human… I have hopes that miracles still can happen even in our world…..

    May be we limit ourselves with fear; fear of what others might say of us, fear of ridicule, fear of losing all we held dear.

    Sweetums, all that you fear has already happened to me, all of this and yet I can get up in the morning, appreciate beauty, and function.

    Do I fear I will be ostracized again, what others say of me, and being ridiculed, and losing all I hold dear now. No…. I have a seeking spirit and an open heart….. it will be painful but not insumountable….. what you call a failure; I call unfinished. What you call losing, I call a redirection and focusing moment.

    The difference is appreciation and reverence for what i have and not a wish for what I don’t have. I may not be able to jet off to Vegas, but I’m comfortable in my little place, i may not have material goods but i have friends and family I think the world of.

    Sure everyone can strive for better or more; but ask yourself if it neccessary or even vital for you; will it bring you momentary pleasure or lasting value.


    mandara k

    I am shopping for a blog spot;so that this will no longer take up space here. I had one but it’s so full of teenagers, I decided no.

    For those who have read my ramblings I thank you oh so much; for those who I’ve offended and take offense…. I am sorry.

    I will now defer to the Mrs. since she and I cannot come to a reasonable solution without being catty. I so don’t want to go there; nor do i want to get bogged down with the infighting that seems so rampant on the “flagship”sci-fi BB at sci-fi.com.

    We lost a fan recently; I didn’t know her or her love nor did i speak to her but if she was the lady with the legs in her avatar I knew something was up with her when i used to read the okay thread…

    I does not matter if you believe me or not… there was something that made me stop and say what is up with this person….it happens just so and like that…. I knew this well when i started reading before i was banned from sci-fi in Sept or October….

    It does not matter now….. I must bite my tongue on so many of these little heads-up from the “ether”I get to preserve the peace and to respect the woman of the man… was there anything i could do about it…no, except tell this fan to be extremely careful… but as I said i did not know her.

    RIP and it is okay….I’ll chant for you to have strength and when the customary time of transition has lapse you may have strength enough to tell someone you do know that you’re at peace. Waiting time is usually 3-6 months; some can take up to a yr; others just don’t want to “come through.”

    It is best to create a blog space that only those who WISH to read can do so without taking Sad’s bandwidth.

    My last post will cotain my new blog place.

    Peace is what is needed,


    mandara k

    Here is my spanking new blog-aria;

    My Blogstream
    " class="bbcode-link">My Blogstream

    That’s where I’ll post so we can let these fine people have their forum back.

    Come on over if you have the time and ear for my ramblings and ravings!

    And thanks Saddy and all sadgeezer for your patience with me.

    Now returning you to your regular BSG forum all ready in progress..



    You shouldn’t feel bad at all for “taking up” bandwidth. Forum-posts takes little to none bandwidth. My older post commenting you was just a tease.

    And, who is now going to challenge the “Nude Pics of Six!” thread with 10.000 views? ๐Ÿ˜€

    btw .. how is your blog-extension coming along SadGeezer?

    mandara k

    Oh hun. ty you for stopping by; your avi scares the bejesuits outta me so… all is good with the world.

    My blog is limited and small just the way I loove for it to be.

    You can’t accuse me of writing for the masses; no thanks. I write when and what I want and they’ll torch me into crispies with all my little scribblies around me.

    Can’t think of a better way to exit stage right!

    I have no idea why peeps read this thread and whaa ๐Ÿ˜ฏ compete with nekkid sixes of any show? No way.

    I’m enjoying my peace; I have a new movie to watch so I gotta go.

    But you enjoy, okay?

    All of you, life is for loving and living; go do it!

    Dangit…. short stories; I should finish them some day…. I can get them started but finishing them…… ugh.

    I have ideas that serenade to me like a pied piper in space but well I have to pay bills so all I can do is scribble and hope one day I can write the dang things. i get ideas down and they sit, beckoning to me every night, but i say to them ‘No, no, darlings; you are precious to me, but to no one else. And besides, it’s cold outside and you would blow away in the wind without me working.”

    We both then have a good cry together (the ink bleeds) and then i go to sleep. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    mandara k

    That WAS all they have? That was the blowing their wad? It felt like a beer full of foam;

    Someone has lost their way; the interesting part in the whole thing was Leoben was not leoben; they took 43 minutes to do that.

    Beings of light/ final five here we come. ๐Ÿ™„

    What a disservice; what a bungling job to so much potential…. and a slap in the face to Starbuck and to the actress that played her.

    Pay off; they forgot to pay off the audience. Why make this a phenom/mandela and NOT tie it to Earth; or the race to Earth?

    Look, I’m tired of the dance around; you can stretch it forever but did we get anything?

    Your rocket just fizzled… it went straight and came back down because it’s empty; the whole thing tied up Kara’s mommy abuse but HOW was she special? Her destiny was to crack up in the atmos; unafraid of death. That’s it?

    The well for ideas is a dry as a bone, folks. Nothing there.

    mandara k

    i’m not upset about the death of KT, hot shot pilot; we ALL knew that was coming since at least December. I’m more than PO’ed at the lame ass motherfrackin’ story that did it.

    And the podcast’ pfft….. no planning is involved in this show anymore; no crafting of arcs, TRIVIA rules the podcasts.

    Yeah, if they wrote the show; why not let the writers podcast it. But nooooo.

    You know WHY Dowl obsessed about the show? Because he is frightened and trusts no one to fulfill his vision; a vision as empty as this show’s true emotional well. The cast and crew in RL might have mourned Katee but with that dialogue written here you’d never know it. Cripes, Ellen Tigh got a better send off.

    Your writers can’t frackin’ write; so you leave it to actors, and editors and directors to fill it in.

    “Don’t leave us Kateee fans.” Mrs. Dowl states.

    Why not? You killed her so unless its a lamo excuse to bring her back as a Cylon/ Final Five/Being of Light/ she’s dead.

    If that happens; if that is the patch you place on swirling this maelstrom you call new science fiction; you have gone ST on us again. “whoosh ” as they say…. and i don’t mean an airlock.

    Rodenberry called; he wants you to mend fences with Braga and regain a partner.

    mandara k

    For those of you interested the “magic couple” of Ron and Nancy… I mean Ron and Terry are team posting at sci-fi.com.

    ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

    GO! GO now!

    Me I would rather die then to post there again; those sci-fi Nazis!

    I love my exile; thank you very much….

    Riddle me thus…. old man….. when did sci-fi take a dip in ratings overall; after my banning or before…..hmmmm riddle me this as well… when did BSG start it’s slip; was that around my time with probs in MediaBlvd say 2.5 in the making.

    And let us continue; when did your wife come on board and finally came to her own voice, 2.5 and slip. there are no accidents my friend. None.

    Crazy? Darn tootin” but peel back layer on layer and watch the dawn break on Marblehead.

    And can satisfied writers locked away in Hollywood bliss reach the core of a nation; or are we done with this class struggle. Creativity is not a trait of Hollywood writers; real emotion reserved only for those that profit from it.

    The heart, the head and the body; just as we have it, our country has it as well. Let’s call The East say New York, Ma, the east Coast the brain of our country; the west Coast the body, the heart is in the middle. Symbiosis must occur between all parts to make it work effectively.

    Concentrate too much on one the others break down.

    I don’t like too much emphasis on any part of it.

    Mrs. Dowl and i won’t get along because well….. because….. hmmm let this phrase help to to understand

    “Once you accept the Universe as matter Expanding into Nothing that is Something; wearing stripes with plaids comes easy.”

    It’s from a game I play.

    AM I saying Mrs. Dowl is shallow; yes, I guess I am. Am I saying her husband Dowl is shallow; by default yes, yes i am.

    Talking about topics, like chit chat between martinis; does not make you an expert on life; intellectual snobs do it all the time; what are they DOING about the state of humanity in our world; or are they like a majority of people on this all so beautiful planet buffeted by waves of impermanence and thus never reach the shore of true happiness; forever to wander from one crises to another from one external stimuli to the next or worse sitting in a state of heaven and disdaining those that do not have their blessings.

    Sooner or later, may be, I hope I chant I rail that they both wake up to the sham of life they live; and that true happiness is not something given to them, or purchased, or awarded; it must be actively sought, it requires full all out effort; not a deadening of the senses though alcohol, but a willingness to embrace it all.

    These are shallow motions children, shallow feelings of a couple that must play jealousy games to avoid true feelings that need to be expressed frequently and sincerely; and that need stims from a bottle and the mouths of others to validate, nay, inflate their own importance.

    When, in reality, they are human, just as you, just as me. They have no real power, they are no less or more important than you or I. If you believe they are, you are lying to yourself, and you are lying to them.

    We all blossom differently, we all have value, we all don’t get their spotlight, but the question is, do we really need or want it?

    I will offer a simple thing to you; come to the Midwest; end of June, bring a tent, and camping gear….

    Here is the link……

    let us make the a sci-fi gathering not just a ST gathering.

    I’ll be at the river, will you?

    The link…..http://media.www.iowastatedaily.com/media/storage/paper818/news/2006/06/22/Pulse/22nd-Annual.Trek.Fest.In.Riverside.For.Weekend-2117690.shtml

    Oh there’s casino there now….. But I’m true camping; hopefully I’ll get my sister, bro and may be even my boss whose a sci-fi fantasy person (she writes about dragons galore) A tent, a sleeping bag, some vulcan ears, and I’m good to go.)

    Come with us, we’ll talk sci-fi; Trek is the wormhole, the portal

    but what lies beyond, ah……… come and see.

    mandara k

    WTF! It’s the R and T Show;if I was DE I’d find something else to do too. You don’t see Mrs. E on the boards do ya?

    As my bro eloquently puts it “Screw that noise.”


    And the most lovely lady they’ve seen is the wife; oh the Same lady who drove moderate fans off the board and then said “forgit about it.”

    She just the ultimate in grace and manners ๐Ÿ™„

    There has to be a better show that doesn’t raise people to this level; well the higher they go, the harder they fall.

    What a bad state of affairs; this bodes no good;

    watch and learn my lovelies and you will see how fortunate you are that you are an ordinary person; with nothing attached to your name ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


    And um, yeah, you know why many artists are called “starving artists”?


    Yeah, they may follow their visions but they can’t sell them; even if they are ground-breaking the really good ones die young.

    What’s that line: “Just because no one understands you doesn’t make you an artist.”

    Yeah, enjoy the fame and the show for now, but a long cold 10 month winter is coming for you “fans”; some of you won’t survive.

    Look “fans” these people you laud seriously and truly don’t give a rat’s ass about you; they are playing you for your viewing preference on Sunday nights and so they can live accordingly off you and by the same token look down their deviated septums at you.

    That’s messed up; lecturing you about watching or not; their meal ticket.

    The unwashed masses rule darling, they are constantly told they are ignorant, unimportant, insignificant, and too stupid to get a feckiin’ TV show built one regular man’s vision by people like you.

    The answer is the same’ I don’t like blah blah and don’t incorporate into my life.

    Ah, fulfilling prophecy right there, with our dollars the masses will not back this season.

    Low ratings/and DVD soft sales; ya think you’ll get it through your thick heads THEN?

    Well the circle as completes itself; all their crap spewed for
    TOS fans when it started; now catches up and pervades their own fandom. Ya think by creating that bad cause then you would never pay a price? ๐Ÿ˜† Ya, those asleep never question the causes they make and then get all huffy when the effect bites them in the ass AND they don’t see the connection; their role in it so they make more counter bad causes and thus the spiral begins; all the time denying their part in it all.

    The universe is impartial true but it is very strict; crap in, crap out, there may be a time delay to wait for the catalyst to bring the effect into our consciousness; but know all your choices good or bad will some day come into play.

    That’s why peeps like me try really hard to not only create good karma (cause we know it will manifest) but we also sometimes have to apply a bitter medicine to others; you know… tough love, and get nasty, because well the brunt of what can happen if a person follows through with the questioned behavior; it’s gonna hurt a lot more.

    But ultimately, it’s up to the person, and we must shut up and let it happen; all the while hoping they’ll get the lesson; hoping they won’t retaliate and create worse conditions for themselves; but ready to take that slap across the cheek (and offering the other as well) initially but then offering open hands and hearts to help the person off the ground when the universe knocks them on their ass.

    And you won’t hear this lady say “I told you so.” I’ll just give them a hand up and brush them off,: whisper” it’s okay, now do you understand what i meant?” And then it’s off to another venue and another incredible fellow human traveler.

    Ah, the irony….

    *walks away whistling… “May the Circle be Unbroken”

    mandara k

    Unless they have changed their minds; the musical ditty is from The Wizard of Oz; and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; you know the words: sing along!

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    Follow, follow, follow, follow,
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    Follow the Yellow Brick, Follow the Yellow Brick,
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

    We’re off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
    You’ll find he is a whiz of a Wiz! If ever a Wiz! there was.
    If ever oh ever a Wiz! there was The Wizard of Oz is one because,
    Because, because, because, because, because.
    Because of the wonderful things he does.

    And even if it is another OZZIe song or another childhood song it’s just fun to sing it at the top of your lungs! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜†
    We’re off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    mandara k

    The new (old) writer on the block is this Jane E; touted for her Buffy writings. I’m not much for vampires, daemons or Old World depictions of broadly stroked depictions of good and evil.

    It is good she is a woman; its not so good she likes to create marginal characters that disappear like in The Passage; and too pat to really say something like worker strife in Dirty hands.

    She should know life is not that black and white.

    If she wants to interest me; here’s a taste of some of prefers;

    it’s called The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt


    Expand the mind and well…. infinity will find a home in your heart.

    Limit yourself, you get stagnation; and death.[/url]

    mandara k

    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ evil! I feel evillllll!

    The podcast answers the age old question of what an enabler can buy for a functional drunk for those loving holidays: booze!
    You know the lotion for socialization.

    But what socialization? It’s not a party man, you shouldn’t be nervous; you’re at home.

    My gift would be different to a soon to be ex; an AA meeting right in the feckin’ living room with free rein to mess with his “stuff” in more ways than one.

    Cause I can be mean Irish hella tough if i have to be.

    Look, I know Irish genes have a huge chain of fondness for the sauce but Jesu, mary and Joseph; you know i have 4 words for a possibe future

    cirrhosis of the liver.

    i drink once a week if not once every 2; and I have one drink

    ’cause who wants to look and feel like hell the next day for a majority of days.

    Forget about the smoking light man, lock the liquour cabinet.

    mandara k

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    Um….. ya know, mate what happens when they catch you stealin’ in olden times; they cut your bleedin’ hands offf.

    Thank goodness we’re more civilized now; but yet justice will come to ME for your thievery of ideas and am i ever so grateful i stopped posting my stories here; with a little change here and there they’d pinch the whole bloody thing!

    The purpose of this exercise is to get you to do your own writing; to unshine me; to walk a few steps on your own; if you fall you fall.

    But you’ve used my help to justify the progression of your disease; and yes it is a disease and i knew some day i would know why you took a dive from health to crap; a few years ago you at least looked healthy Dowl; you’ve aged 10 yrs in three-four yrs.

    May i recommend the book “Games People Play” it postulates ( I think rightly so) in social situs we will always seek out and choose those in roles that support our images and patterns of ourselves.

    You will seek an enabler everytime; someone who will excuse away your choice in destructive behavior and feel they need to “Take care of you” which of course you back up by not taking care of yourself.

    For feck sake, you are a grown man with children, ACT like one, whtever mate you choose cannot hold your hand 24/7. If she does she’s an idiot.

    I hate no one; indifferent yes; I’d click my tongue and say what a pity of something happened to her; but well, mourn like i did for that fan, no.

    That may be cold, but i have no time for those that cannot chart a course on their own and leech off of others all the while trying to control and look good.

    She has no compass so prepare to sit and spin and follow any whimsy and be buffeted my the winds of impermanence for the rest of your life.

    i feel sorry for you, Dowl, I really do, how hurt and insecure you must be to sink so low as to steal ideas from thereby hurt me but well it’s not my choice of life and love; i would personally chafe at giving that much power over to another person even if i loved them, but that is me.

    Gotta go…..

    Good luck with that.

    mandara k

    Why people read this drivel… I’ll never evah understand.

    DO you like the TSAR? Or like Nicholas 2 was it gunned down in your estimation?

    Eh….. all I can say is eh…… Lampkin was the only interesting part of the whole charade because he was …..whooo hooo …..
    out there. And I know “out there “as all of you have read; I’ve been so far on the other side of the tracks I built a shack and planted flowers.

    More bombs; ookay we had Water-bombs; blowing up Cylon bombs,Priestess blow-up bombs, suicide bombs, now raptor bombs.

    And Kelly? The man barely says boo at all and NOW he’s a villain with a half-assed explanation.

    And where have all the strong women gone? ANd manly men.

    Look, I understand the shock of killing but soon to be resurrected Starbuck; and the effect on the cast and crew but man someone had to croak otherwise it would be ST: The BSG years.

    I mean did any one of the cast of ST:TNG die; hell ST:TOS die?

    Nope, not really because you have a family!

    But it’s getting to be the long afternoon after a holiday with this family; the time when ya just want them to get their feet off your coffee table, get in their ships and go home; and well, throw in some Cylons so they step on the gas a little.

    If i wanted Trek I’d rewatch the eps but it’s fast becoming that; ST intellectual drivel sans technobabble with CHARACTERS.

    OHHHHH la de dah….. CHARACTER driven.

    But something drives the characters, you know like a STORY ๐Ÿ˜•

    This had a whiff of a story and thank you, really and truly, for not making the B story the A story.

    I’m calling it ST:BSG; I mean neutral zones, c’mon man and overused plot devices and whiny weak women to make the wimpy men look good. Hullo!

    Eh, Holly weird, the last bastion of male dominated thinking pretty much outta touch with the masses.

    What’s left; The Simple Life in space?

    This isn’t reality.

    This isn’t gritty.

    And it is definitely not entertaining especially when the podcast conversation talks over tangents that have very little to do with the show playing and nothing tangently interesting.

    The cat? OOH boy; makes me want to shell out 50 dollars for this season’s DVD’s and i love cats; I just don’t need to hear about the tribulations of getting Princess across the deck to her Friskies, okay?

    Talk to me of justice.

    mandara k

    PSSST>>>. Spoilers……!!!!!

    I was offfffff; way off about the song It’s Bub Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” which JIMMY did (Hendrix) and U2.

    Eh…. I am not perfect as a freekin’ oracle; I’m not a O; I’m not a B either ๐Ÿ˜› .

    You want real spoilers go Moist!http://www.stallioncornell.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=6294&sid=629d1c7d187724c061562cad1473f7e2

    I’m a WOMAN!

    “I am woman hear me roar”

    Like the song but well kinds hippy huh, they left Earth during our time or late 20th century so they are a parallel development, sort of.

    ANywho, read the thread ’cause you like my quirkiness; not for particulars like stock tips; you’ll do better to pay cash for specifics!

    mandara k

    Ah Dowl, it is time to let go. I use the line from a book a friend gave me called”Creating Money: Keys to Abundance which is really about more than money but let us put this aside.

    The link is now weaker (thank you for that) so now we are just going to take one last step and sever this and save cleanup for another life; that is if you are allowed to think of other lives. By the end of yours you’ll be like you wife; atheist but fringe believing in various and sundry truths; none of them will steer you to the truth, but that is your choice and I will not stand in the way of what you must learn individually and as a couple.

    Truth, is it subjective or objective. You will find out.

    SO the line….. ” I let go easily, trusting that nothing leaves my life unless something better is coming.”

    Holding on to people and things, and ideas and patterns is NOT the way to fully experience life. Life is a mystical, beautiful experience; limiting yourself because a fear a change limits you and stunts your growth as a human being.

    Another, something I humbly ask you; Dowl and please have your wife talk you into it; she hates ME so it shouldn’t be that hard.

    “I release anything that is not for my higher good and ask it to release me.”

    “Please release me, let me go…..”

    “cause something better in my life is knocking so hard I can’t stand it some times.”

    It was fun for a while but we are moving in different directions; you know we’re at also a crossroads. You need to go right, I to the left.

    I thank you for the journey and the sharing that occurred but it had to end.

    All things must end.

    The book stresses though you must love truly what you leave or else it doesn’t leave. I loved the sharing we did, you have a unique quality of vision in its pure, unmanipulated state. You had a seeking spirit that I fear you may allow to corrode but there is nothing I can do about your choices, now is there?

    The book says and i quote, “One of the principles in your universe is that every situation in your life is teaching you how to love. You cannot leave something unless you love it. If you hate something, you will be drawn to it again and again (even though the person or form may change)until you love it. Once you love it, you are free from it.” (pg 177)

    Say it Dowl, podcast it if you must PM me here but yes release me.


    mandara k

    There is a flipping out on sci-fi about spoilers; eh….. don’t care either way. I’m not saying whether it is good or bad or the show will be good or bad. I’ll have to watch it first. Sometimes it comes down to the words and how they are used.

    My concern is and to me it is more important than spoilers is back to the fans driving the creative process.

    Gut reaction as a PT writer: NO feckin’ way….

    Real answer: nothing exists in a vacuum; all ideas have been before and will be again ;who has control over an idea? but well with the internet now information is power AND money.

    Soo, I don’t worry of it, I get info fed to me by…. let’s say nontraditional and somewhat unrelaible at times ….sources; the better honed and tuned I am and happy, the clearer and better the info.

    But i am human, i have bad and good days.

    What concerns me is the hubris with people in creative control;

    the answer is still the same as before; I don’t care what YOu want as a fan, I’m going to write my WAY….

    Good luck with that.

    My answer as a fan : sure go for it baby, but if you write something it had better tie in and make sense otherwise it’s creative jaborwocky and well don’t be surprised that the average watcher (you know the one who doesn’t post on a board; you know the one you won’t cement to the show; the wisp of wind you are chasing after that you can’t seem to hold onto) decides to abandon trying to follow this at all. If i was an average fan I’d watch Rome in stead much better quality of writing right now.

    I don’t care if you write Jake can suddenly do an Elvis impersonation in the CIC and you shoot the damn thing and it makes the final cut and beamed all over the world.

    You had better tie it firmly into the story you have shot.

    That’s what DM is saying; he’s saying first of all get fracking real, if you kill someone off they should stay dead; this isn’t “Night of the Living Dead” dead is dead. How many resurrected people do you know, hmmmm?

    Sensing the dead; now that’s an age old anomaly in some natures.

    He’s not not being negative in a vacuum; i see his points as valid ’cause i see the same thing.

    You so need to revamp your plan; it isn’t just scotch induced guffaws in the writing room any more.

    This is serious….. I’m asking as a moderate fan…not an fangirl or a naysayer…. “Don’t you care anymore?”

    Moore just fix it.

    mandara k


    Whadda I say, Dowl? You made an end cartoon about it?

    Let me refresh your self-pitying feelings…..


    Like crap, right?

    You take from me, don’t give back, to take my contribution and twist it around so I can’t use them.

    Some I freely gave, some you stole and kicked me out the door as you stole them.

    The cult idea pfft……

    I felt shocked and sad and angry.

    Now spoilers…. make you feel …… sad and angry…..

    Same emotions…… another way of getting there.

    DO you get it? Hmmmmm? the lesson. It supposed to hurt so you don’t do it again to me or anyone else.

    Will you change your tactics now?

    I told you how strict the Universal Law is.

    Now apologize to the universe for stealing ideas and passing them off as your own and not respecting another fellow traveler whom you exchanged with and let us move on.

    Of course no one will believe me, but what do i care, i know what is happening here; and guess what the Universal Law does as well.

    Let me give you a quote about not universal law but again creativity……

    from Daisaku Ikeda from the book “faith Into Action” pg 258.

    “Being creative is very different than being self-centered, just as genuine individuality and an invented eccentric persona differ. In fact, it may well be that truly unique individuals express their uniqueness without even trying. They seek and accept nature, life, and truth and convey them exactly the way they are. In the process their individuality naturally shines through. This is true creativity, true innovation. I think the French sculptor Auguste Rodin
    (1840-1917) meant the same thing when he said life is more important than individuality in the creation of art.”

    mandara k

    Uh well now…. you want to know what i think about the ep.

    Really since when?

    First of all an oldie but a goodie; you probably got these too….

    > These are WAY too funny not to share! Have a
    > great day!!
    > Courtroom Dialog
    > These are from a book called Disorder in the
    > American
    > Courts, and are things people actually said in
    > court,
    > word for word, taken down and now published by court
    > reporters that had the torment of staying calm while
    > these exchanges were actually taking place.
    > ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
    > WITNESS: No, I just lie there.
    > ______________________________
    > ATTORNEY: What is your date of birth?
    > WITNESS: July 18th.
    > ATTORNEY: What year?
    > WITNESS: Every year.
    > _____________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the
    > impact?
    > WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.
    > ___________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect
    > your
    > memory at all?
    > WITNESS: Yes.
    > ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your
    > memory?
    > WITNESS: I forget.
    > ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of
    > something you forgot?
    > ____________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: How old is your son, the one living with
    > you?
    > WITNESS: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can’t
    > remember
    > which.
    > ATTORNEY: How long has he lived with you?
    > WITNESS: Forty-five years.
    > _____________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said
    > to you that morning?
    > WITNESS: He said, “Where am I, Cathy?”
    > ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?
    > WITNESS: My name is Susan.
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Do you know if your daughter has ever been
    > involved in voodoo?
    > WITNESS: We both do.
    > ATTORNEY: Voodoo?
    > WITNESS: We do.
    > ATTORNEY: You do?
    > WITNESS: Yes, voodoo.
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a
    > person
    > dies in his
    > sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next
    > morning?
    > WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?
    > __________________________ _________
    > ATTORNEY: The youngest son, the twenty-year-old, how
    > old is he?
    > WITNESS: Uh, he’s twenty.
    > ________________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was
    > taken?
    > WITNESS: Would you repeat the question?
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: So the date of conception (of the baby)
    > was
    > August 8th?
    > WITNESS: Yes.
    > ATTORNEY: And what were you doing at that time?
    > WITNESS: Uh….
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: She had three children, right?
    > WITNESS: Yes.
    > ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
    > WITNESS: None.
    > ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated?
    > WITNESS: By death.
    > ATTORNEY: And by whose death was it terminated?
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
    > WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard.
    > ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Is your appearance here this morning
    > pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your
    > attorney?
    > WITNESS: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have
    > you
    > performed on dead people?
    > WITNESS: All my autopsies are performed on dead
    > people.
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: ALL y our responses MUST be oral, OK? What
    > school did you go to?
    > WITNESS: Oral.
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined
    > the
    > body?
    > WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m.
    > ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?
    > WITNESS: No, he was sitting on the table wondering
    > why
    > I was doing an autopsy on him!
    > _____________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Are yo u qualified to give a urine sample?
    > WITNESS: Huh?
    > ______________________________________
    > ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy,
    > did you check for a pulse?
    > WITNESS: No.
    > ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
    > WITNESS: No.
    > ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
    > WITNESS: No.
    > ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient
    > was
    > alive when you began the autopsy?
    > WITNESS: No.
    > ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
    > WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in
    > a
    > jar.
    > ATTORNEY: But could the patient have still been
    > alive,
    > nevertheless?
    > WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been
    > alive and practicing law….

    C’mon now you have to say we need a little relevant humor here.

    Well, it was I would say on par with some earlier season eps like the first two but yet its a long journey out of hole they dug themselves.

    The opera house, odd but not creepy….. the music portion was creepy.

    Again, bias; if you’ve never had visions you would think they are creepy but that is pure biased perception while the podcast harps on the father-son dynamic and how “normal” that is.

    Both are not foreign to the human psyche; the former not as “accepted”, the latter universal.

    Which probably explains why it can be tedious to watch; oh the Adamas are fighting ….again.

    At least the visions can play; introduce new ideas to a psyche.

    Do you dream? Your brain has visions called dreams every night; yet you are not called strange.

    With some, some dreams are waking dreams; experienced while the conscious mind controls the daily functions.

    Again, walk a mile…. you know…..150 years ago there was still slavery in the US, and we traveled by horse.

    Look at what transpired… so who is to say that the link between the conscious and subconscious may be something more pliable in the future as well as links between people.

    Just as all those who dared to dream and say what if experienced closed minds and ridicule out of fear in the past, people like me have these two. ๐Ÿ™„

    YEESH! Walk a frickin’ mile….

    Visions are not “what”? sane…. yeah not for you; because well you are so wrapped up in only what your mind can perceive; that it would be a waste on you to see beyond what is there; the layers upon layers of life and their interconnectiveness.

    I must posit this to you; it’s all mind. Just as you would impose on me your limits of mind; i push back with” stop imposing your mind limits on me”.

    For example, for how many thousands of years have whites imposed on blacks that white is supreme and it lasts even now; in some African countries, those that look “more” white or acceptable to whites get better opportunities.

    Do you think this is essentially wrong?

    I do.

    Now take it further, you are essentially telling the world that you must think “that is creepy” about a “vision scene” to be considered in the norms. Because you don’t have visions, or more succinctly you will not allow yourself to see.

    I say you’re imposing your ideas of what is “correct, sane, normal thinking on me. You limit me, you box me, you restrict me out of fear.

    I write this because i have hope in you, tempered with the reality that it takes true courage to accept people as they truly are and i don’t think you two have that courage yet. Courage yes, to fight with mainstream bias” racism, sexism, etc….. but not to take another hard look at yourself and say I may be biased towards those that do not conform to my way of thinking and seeing the world.

    Bias is bias is bias; kinda like the wife says about “I’m not a racist …I didn’t call him a n*****. You are right in THAT score, but you do have bias; don’t we all…. I’m just seeing it towards me, the true” out of the box and off the table” thinker; that does have dreams, and sometimes visions and a lot more to boot.

    I have tempered hope that season 4 will be much different and hopefully much better than this.

    it’s been a LOOOONNNGGGGGG season.

    You want a guestimate….. oh may be 1.5 seems an early unpolished no. it might be lower though.

    mandara k

    Do any of you read the TWOP BB. i do to get away from the fans at sci-fi; they definitely have more balance then some boards.

    Which leads me to the question….. is the following true?

    ” just keep having flashbacks to my time in “Roswell” fandom, when a not-so-young writer named Ronald D. Moore directly emailed the 15-year-old girl who reported Alex’s upcoming death on a spoiler board, and gave her a profanity-laden piece of his mind. Classy!

    I love Ron Moore for BSG, but his spoiler hissy-fitting is not new, and it ticks me off to no end.

    Anyway, word to your entire post, stillshimpy. I had a lot more ranting to do, but I realized you covered it all. ”

    If it is true, what a piece of work THIS one is, oh CRIPES (I want to say something stronger but not today)

    size=7] * Shakes fist at the sky* Of all the frikin’ frackin people you could of saddled me with… I get the grown man stuck with a “geek” teenager’s ego! I coulda been helping someone who could light up the skies with new and incredible thinking in any form be it art or science but NOOOOO[[/size][

    mandara k

    *Removes left sock, places on left hand and in a high falsetto voice*

    “Why do these people continue reading this thread, Bucko?”

    *Removes right sock., places on right hand, and lowers her voice a couple of octaves.*

    “I don’t know, Bubby, why do most people do the things they do?”

    Bucko shakes her threadbare head, and sighs in exasperation.

    :May be ’cause they have to wait too long for more of their show and want to be amused; but reading this thread is amusing? I always thought she was kinda a preachy shrill.

    “Hey now!” I interject, “I resemble, I mean I resent that remark.”

    “Yeah, well, if the sock fits.”

    “If you keep it up, not on my foot anymore.”

    “Girls, girls, PLEASE!” begged Bubby, “let’s TRY to get along.”

    “You stink,” I sneer.

    “And whose fault would THAT be?”

    “Hey, you don’t like it there is always a rag bag for you, or the gray, mystic bin where many go but none return.”

    “Eh, Bucko, I think you may want to cool it, You’ve seen how she’s been eyeing those new argyles at The Gap.”

    “I don’t care, she’s been knocking the BSG show for weeks now, ” sniffs Bucko, “and I LIKE IT!”

    “What do you know, you’re a sock?!”

    “You have been pretty harsh on the Xprod, his family, etc….. and criticism of the show.” Bubby gently prodded.

    “Oh great, 2 against one; I’d like to remind you two bits of fluff that this is not a democracy and you both are seriously running into traitor territory.”

    “But what of all that chitter chatter of connectiveness, nothing exists in a vacuum, besides we serve a great cause in keeping your tootsies warm,” queried Bubby.

    “Yeah, but you can be replaced easily, a trip to the mall and you’re obsolete. new and prettier socks may suffice now.”

    “Ah, but you will miss us, as old and threadbare as we are, you’ll miss our color, and how we scrunch just right,” said Bubby.

    “Yeah”, pipes in Bucko, “you may buy new socks, but they take time to become favorites like Bubby and me. Admit it, we’re your favorites.”

    “Okay, okay, you win, ” I chortle.


    “Yeah… which reminds me, you both need a washing.”

    “Not again!”

    “There is a price to everything, guys, now off we go.”

    “Please don’t wash us with your quilt again, it takes all the room and heat in the dryer,” pleads Bucko.

    “Don’t push it.” I murmur.

    mandara k

    Another sci-fi misunderstood banning. Count your blessing hypo, they at least e-mailed a warning to you…..

    What makes me very nauseated is his appeal to RDM amd Mrs. Ron like they are royalty to pyt pressure on the admins NOT to ban him because of a post that supported them.

    Let’s do the inevitable then, Mrs. Ron created a members only sci-fi board; only those deemed acceptable will be allowed to post there; only those that she believes are true fans get the specialness of the Moore presence and support, the rest of you BE DAMNED.


    That’s what I think of your sci-fi and you precious little show and how HYPOCRITICAL you are of touching on what it really means to be human when free expression is not allowed on your flagship board.


    That is what i think of your tiny minds and your ass-kissing fandom.

    And IF you were here MOORE I’d spit in your face; they’d drag me away but i would have that one moment of satisfaction of watching you wipe imy spittle off your cheeks and my words of consternation ringing in your ears.

    You think your Country-Club, fairy tale life is at all a true representaion of what being human is!

    Spare me.

    When the angst you feel is over a TV program 12 girls that look like each other?

    You’re already dead, inside, you just haven’t physically caught up with that.

    You had a spark, you let your wife blow it out, or you did it to yourself.

    Why be cranky, everything is as perfect as your wife claims it to be, is it not?

    Unless you too have lost the passion you so widely proclaim you want to have from fans, or generated from the show you also proclaim where your heart lies.

    Which is it, is your heart and passion with this show, or is it not?

    Does you wife want all of your love, or did you explain to her she cannot have it all without killing a part of yourself in the process; because a writer invests part of their heart in every creation.

    This is their love, playing with words, rearranging characters and themes, and plots….. the heartache of revision ;the fast ratatattat of a heart singing when the words come rushing over the dam of a block.

    This is my tormented passion; when i have time to compose.

    I am disgusted; if this becomes the BSG Country Club for good little fans.

    I wonder which side Ellison would take? Or is he also indoctrinated so much in the Moore legend as to have his lips pursed as well.


    mandara k

    I wonder….. if i had a pass at Caprica, it might actually be off the dusty production shelf amongst other half-baked scripts and moving onward.

    More than likely they want it as their follow up show once the ending is nigh for BSG but by then the interest might or might not be there.

    They want less military, more family, like that Adama reminisce of his wife? And paint it over with gadgets, like a Lost Room or Eureka.

    And humor, and light.

    Good luck with that; like The Jetsons or the new Disney Robinsons but the sex with fleshbots that riddles the BSG universe.

    The sci-fi channel is truly backwards in their understanding of what sci can be. it is the only medium that lends itself to our future; yet they pollute it with common denominator thinking like “most of our fans are ‘geeks; they like hot space babes and big shiny ships, and blowing up the enemy whether they be bugs, other species, or rogue humans that don’t think like the current what Federation or league of Planets.

    Or by chance they bring in the infamous RDM, and his dark musings, which he cannot quite leave out of his writings. Like picking at and scratching a newly healed scar of painful introspective origin, he is not one to bring aboard for a network which is searching for brevity now and a wider mainstream acceptance.

    Or may be they want his name, but not that constant lean toward darkness.

    The used and user, “This has happened before and will again.”

    I am hear to say that Caprica can be taken off the shelf and brushed off. i think that the narrowness of the Tarzans (I mean the Graystones) and the Adamas keeps this on hold.

    I. mK, can see how to weave a story in which…. sure they have the main families, but can expand to include the other colonies, the backstory of most if not all current BSG characters and would last 3 and only three seasons.

    isn’t that what a spin-off does, fills in a lot of blanks of a current show yet can go off in other ways. Sci-fi wants the tie-in to current recognizable BSG characters to draw in the rag tag fan base when BSG ends. It makes perfect sense.

    may be even limiting to just Caprica is wrong. I’d do a standalone for every planet. Aerilon, Caprica, the whole thing, then, just like pulling a net tighter I’d go back around, explaining the connections.

    The season 1 ending; the emergence of the Cylon revolt

    Second season, each planet is drawn in with others into what’s going on there, how they deal with the darkening clouds of Cylon

    Last 2-3 eps pre-war with the end the “blast heard around the Colonies” heralding the 1st Cylon war.”

    That was second season

    Third season the war personified each planet has a contribution, and the Cylon defeat, then flight of the Cylons, and of course post-war loosening of the net during the Armistice.

    The last eps deal with the foreshadowing of the attack on the Colonies, and Cylon back-story; something slightly touched on but not given in detail. This will probe it.

    mandara k

    I really tried to podcast listen and not nod off and finally the MRS. gets a little MORE interesting. Good for you! That’s using what makes you interesting.

    Um, the biggest fear I have is the “breaking of 9 eps.” Already?

    Yeesh boys and girls…. we’re doing the same thing as before with the rush rush. I understand, you never know if they’ll be a May strike of the WGA in May but golly, Ms. Molly; slow the FRAK down!

    Remember what happened; you had to redo the Sagittarions over multiple eps. That could happen again, and floaty little ideas get ya floaty little ratings.

    I know you are chomping at the bit to get moving but you are doing no one any favors by rushing through it.

    I don’t mind if you keep the whole BSG family together like you want to; in which no one dies but every story should be good.

    Look at Peggy, that was a woven story, lots of arcs together and it worked and worked well. The who shot Adama is second; and the NC is third. The NC would have been good if they had stayed there a few eps and not tried to get us to feel for what they had gone through with webisodes. That could have rocked if they would have stayed a little longer.

    One of the biggest letdowns in Season 3 is the rush to return to…. I’d say mediocre ship stories. Standalones that should have been left alone as ideas.

    And man, all the interesting ideas are rushed through and passed over for character shots. Bad move.


    The Resistence Movement and Jake

    The captivity of Starbuck by Leoben.

    Even the Oracle added a little change to the blah.

    The Hybrid and the Baseship.


    On and on…..

    Now the 4 Cylon A story will take over and I’m torn about it. I’m not really going “Wow!,” that’s exciting!” The only interesting soft shoe dance of ‘how in the frack is he a Cylon’ is Tigh. the rest don’t interest me in particular.

    Like Tory rigging an election for Roslin, must have had a ‘clap on/clap off ‘Cylon moment to get to malibu I mean the malleable Baltar.

    Well, we can always do that line “sometimes we just don’t know WHY we do what we do.” “Sometimes we feel like a nut, sometimes we don’t;” is a better line for these people than “Butterfingers”

    I guess I just would have done it different; sure, come up with crazy, off the fly, ideas: I’d be the one that would weave it into something and not some ‘whoa, dude… like a sixties flashback moment.; and um dude……the sky is paisley.” ๐Ÿ™„

    mandara k

    Ya, know guys, I’m an ‘out of the box and onto the floor thinker’ that goes to sci-fi channel because it has the info on BSG in one place so it is a time savior to me; but all this singling out fans for censure or for praise is disgusting.

    Crazy, creepy? I’m not this guy……


    That’s creepy pics that a creepy guy filled in his signature.

    They both make my skin crawl.

    Where’s the Mrs. when we need her; tell this fracking guy to get holly jolly pics where your hubby doesn’t LOOK like Manson or tell him to take them down completely in your endearing way.

    How you gonna push Dowl’s “normal” non-sci-fi, every day writing veneer with these pics. Isn’t that what you want, Mrs. R, to show the world my husband is not a sci-fi geek, he’s an artist that can smash ANY genre and be adored for ANY thing he writes?

    Not with these pics, he even scares me, and I’m the crazy one, remember? If i was in the same room and got that stare I’s run to the nearest exit. EWWWW!

    Is it appropriate to now say something about the guards and inmates at the asylum switching places….

    And um, this guy REALLY likes you Dowl ๐Ÿ˜‰

    mandara k

    Well, well, well, how goes your hiatus?

    Mine is fine, thank you very much…..

    I find I go back to programming I watched before; like Masterpiece Theatre; or…. I read more.

    Not a great fan, am I? Not diehard like those poor souls clinging to any scrap that comes out of there um….. a…. mouths on BSG boards.

    I don’t think this is the best sci-fi evah; I do think with the drought of sci-fi we have that is one of the better shows sci-fi has. After saying that I hope sci-fi pays dearly for the non-sci-fi BS they subject fans too.

    A toast… to a network that takes sci-fi out of the sci-fi channel; feckin’ idiots.

    . Even the testing site from Goggle gives them a warning yellow as a test site because of questionable practices in trying to unregister from them.

    Life is way too short for THAT mularkey, my sweets; it’s too short to deal with shallow people who talk a lot of talk but have no real caring in their heart.

    There are times i felt that RDM and his ilk treated all of us like the lightening bugs we used to catch in jars or a butterfly they caught.

    Attracted by their color and movement; they chase hither and thither until our life spark is caught, then they cut us from our freedom and think a few air holes will keep us a brilliant glowing creature as minute by minute our air drains from our captive jar.

    Until the next morning, we all our dead, at the bottom of the jar.

    This is what they do to us, on boards, wanting us to spark against each other, but as they slowly remove the air from all of us, what do you think they will find?

    And why do such a thing? Cannot they create heat and warmth of their own, or do they realize that heat and warmth must be first generated by friction; how a spark becomes a flame.

    When will the Mrs. withdraw from sci-fi with her ladies and courtiers?

    Will it be soon?

    Is there a place where friction may take place but flames are cozily attended by both flint and tinder and carefully watched lest it burn out of control?

    I fear THAT time has gone for this show; its “15 minutes of fame” spent.

    We will hope that is not true; but the constant indecision of what will be is taxing even to a patient person like me ๐Ÿ˜›

    mandara k

    C’mon, if you strip away the male wet dreams of lesbo on lesbo action; or any playboy Tricia/ Grace Maxim wank leftovers, can we finally get back to story.

    And i mean story, not “ripped from the headlines” half-asses Oh it’ll be so kewl crap.

    I started watchong this show FOR a good story; not the characters. And BTW FANS are not allowed to drive the creative process but ACTORS are? WTF is that thinking?

    I’m reminded of that M and M song; “You got one shot at this;” if this movie goes belly -up you will have used up your “get of of ratings hell” card and we all know my feelings for Bionic Woman”

    That’s a no go.

    Ya get nothing if you don’t finish this right; that’s right nada. the big goose egg.

    This is a test of finishing something well; just as you know how a life was by looking at a person’s last few minutes; you will not be judged on how it started, what awards it got at one time….

    but how it finishes.

    You finish well, you get other successful beginnings; you don’t; nothing will take off right.

    And learn some humility and appreciation SOON and I mean soon!

    Listening to Santana “Smooth” and “Black Magic Woman”, Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”

    and “Happy Feat” or feet…. whichever.

    Going back to lurk for a time; until possibly after June 1st.

    Try to play nice, okay?

    mandara k

    I finally found someone who lableled the generation of shaping or as advertisers like to make them feel that way.

    Generation Me…. I looove it.

    The answer to why posters get so personal and nasty; because that can’t take rejection and don’t hear “no” very well.

    Ah, wimpy wimpy wimpy…..

    And newsflash!….. the world is a complex sometimes cruel but never boring place…. AND it’s NOT all about you.

    Living in this culture where war is so remote from your everyday life that video games full of war and violence don’t sicken you truly shows how screwed up our psyche is and WTF are we transferring to generation next.

    I have generation next brothers and sisters and i see them struggling; but i have to let them find out for themselves; and cannot avert their eyes from what is truly there.

    Some people love evil, some love goodness, unfortunately we sometimes place lovers of power and evil in places of power.

    It is the fault of all of us collectively; something we give breath to when we to give into our inherent darkness instead of fighting for (and i do mean fighting for) what is good.

    Gloss overs over of possibly volatile ideas, just as beauty shot pics, don’t count. They beautify what is real and don’t really touch the imperfections underneath.

    So. Dowl, burn the glamour shot (the Eddie Rabbit shot ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ) I thought THAT was hilarious!

    ANd well, the lines don’t match the hair anymore; show some gray or white; be proud of the laugh lines you have; I am proud of mine; shows I’ve been around and laugh a million times.

    AND I’m not youthful looks motivated; I love the youth for their new ideas at times and their energy; but any one with life and goodness and light has got my attention; and I think beauty stems from this; not age, or waist szes; or wallet contents or who they are in this world.

    Sometimes one can have great influence but no “earthly power” and sometimes one can much earthly power but really cannlt influence how events will unfold.

    I like influence baby, it’s very nonrestrictive; if I fail here, i take it on the road.

    Like now, i prefer the show Bones on FX, and just CSI on Spike.

    And as a network Spike is annoying just as Lifetime and Hallmark or O.

    Spike constantly airs ST eps; I refuse to watch any ST incarnations later then the next generation and only those movies. I don’t know why, but my interest died after a few eps of TNG. I can’t explain it.

    I think it was due to a Moore penned ep; that touched on the Tholian Web which i still adore as an original ST . It annoyed me; the whole finding a cure for “bad space” I just am intrigued by the Tholians. After destroying a ship they still built the web and if they had finished it would they keep the Enterprise forever or did they do it to secure the space so a rescue might happen. I always thought that was the case. Definitely more interesting to give them a altruistic streak even after being shot at.

    You know, Gen me, withholding emotions to watch what happens in order to get the win win situation.

    I prefer PBS and A and E at times. Bill Moyer interviews John Stewart; good stuff.

    ANd no more reading the thread guys, join in the conversation… or go to your blog or something.

    mandara k

    They did move forward on Caprica 24. Yeah, well, if it is the same Powers That be they;ll make the same mistakes they did with Painkiller Jane which is where THE hell is the new thinking?

    No, rehashing any current show does not work, ya morons. Why will Bionic Woman tank, uh because it’s like all other shows. Why does Lost and Heroes and hell American Idol win, regular people; no glossed up chicks kicking ass.

    These are “regular” people dealing with each other.

    BSG did that at first then it got into that “character” stuff which means it all about “me”. That works for some characters but not all.

    That’s why big casts AND STORY work best in today’s programming.

    Unless the actor is exceptional and i mean walk on water exceptional; they don’t work well. You have to have story to fill in the blanks.

    Caprica may fly, but if it’s a futuristic corporate drama it’s gonna tank; I’m screaming at you; ya gotta to put in Lampkin, ya gotta reveal connections with other well-known BSG characters on other planets.

    Let me have the parents of Tyrol for example; i would make you up an oracle/ priesthood part. Hell, tie it to resistence in make it a haven for fleeing new “Cylons”.

    If you cannot pull new ideas; about what can happen here it’s doomed, doomed I say.

    Oh my lordy be i can see millions poured into the same old hash.

    It makes me sick to think of what could be and what will be…

    Please oh please don’t do it unless you can change it.

    mandara k

    I’ll get you started…. in the fanfic section….

    mandara k

    Lucky for you chiquitas I’m picking up a second job so no posting for a least a month and may be more.

    Besides, I’m bored with talking about this show;

    But I’m also not crazy about an other T And A laced kick ass female character like Babarella. I watched the Jane Fonda original one that truly left me wanting to kick men’s teeth in because of the sexism that oozed from every frame.

    Hello!? UMMMMM ….sci-fi Holly wood types…… ALL your shows have it now; I feel like I’m watching a male wet dream for every freakin’ sci-fi show out there sans the lesbo part.

    Hello!? Are you listening? Hopefully the future is not all single men and bimbo women that can kick your ass. I do hope there is a variety of people like there is now.

    I mean. gentlemen…. do you really plan to spend your futures in front of monitors (or flipping up the switch that your brain is hotwired to that can call images like radio waves and you can see them like they were right in front of you) wanking off in a pair of rubber pants ’cause the attendant turning you at the nursing home is tired of powdering your wrinkled bum.


    Do you plan on making a real contribution to humanity and its future or throwing poo at it?

    I like Besson’s The 5 Element sorta because of the story; not the Bruce Willis action flick hero/character. I am intrigued to see what they can do with that.

    Face it, the comic book character cash cow will at some time dwindle and die. Then my hunger for something different will affect you as well.

    Or… not. ๐Ÿ˜†

    mandara k

    I’ve gotta sleep but your little unfinished author RDM is up for a Nebula … but so is Howl’s Moving Castle which is actually an excellent stand-alone anime flick for kids but like true anime speaks for adults too.

    Batman Begins? A Dr Who ep? Ah, where are these people; in a hermatically sealed room?

    I’ve gotta go with Howl’s cause it’s a tight story.

    Cripes my new job does math; yikers; math and me what a headache!

    We’ll see but sometimes one must step up a notch to make fine sci-fi.

    May be RDM is shopping for a new partner; I mean Eick isn’t a writer really, and well, he brought the others with him from ST so i think he’s getting out there dating and hooking up for his new writing marriage; good for you boy; get someone to give you fresh ideas; not refab ST, redone sci-fi plots; new stuff! Think of all the exciting stuff they are playing with in the mind and technology man.

    ANd make sure it’s a guy so the wife doesn’t get mad when you spend all that time.

    And be nice…. be charming…. and cut that hair boy. You can afford to hit a good New York salon. Think less than shoulder length but tousel….. you know what I mean; I mean the part has to go, it makes you look like an old man with young hair or extensions.

    Its not an attractive look anymore for you.

    I like a guy with interesting hair; not wild but you know interesting.

    I like this sorta but a little longer but the falling across the face adds mystery


    but hey it’s all about your lady I know but sometimes ya just gotta change.

    mandara k

    Are you kidding? In essence they are replacing Starbuck with a Strbuckish character!

    i cannot believe how idiotic this is going to be. I hope and chant this is a red herring again because all we need is painkiller jane/barbarella/ the cheerleader from heroes/ insert popular female icon here. ๐Ÿ™„

    Where oh where has my edginess gone, oh where oh where can it be?

    This is not only BS on BSG…. it is pandering…..

    I’d laugh if it wasn’t that pathetic…..

    It’s dead Jim, stick a fork in it…..

    mandara k

    you know, may be I’m wrong and you fans of BSG crave normalcy more than I do….. I mean i look at the posts and say, okay this has a following and this is what sci-fi fans really want. NOT me, but may be the mainstream sci-fi fan derives comfort from the shock ending that was not really a shock to me; and may be I’m just not interested in whom they chose as Cylons.

    May be I’m end game oriented and not enjoying the ride as much.

    I just can’t get excited about the four Cylon reveal; I try to drum up enthusiasm, but it just not there.

    Tyrol, Tigh, Anders and Tory…. cylons…. okay, yeah, so? They go back and hide their Cylon side; they are different.

    What’s the big mystery? Unless you want to see how they are different, or if they get a big reveal, or small little ones… I just can’t say it grabs me. The Pegasus cliff; that grabbed me; the Adama shooting that made me go ? but this ….this…. no.

    Hooray we get more character development ๐Ÿ™„

    just get to Earth or use that plot.

    What is exciting; RL…… has anyone watched that PBS special about the future of technology and medicine.

    Well, thanks for what was good anyway of three seasons.

    mandara k

    Ah, the truth…. 9 half-baked stories means work for you is put on ice by the strike… I wondered when they were going to get around to that…. and why draw out your pain….. end it quickly and cleanly and move on with your lives…. Why let the knife twist and twist…. I mean air your 20 eps and say toodles to BSG.

    Would it be so bad if you did not work for a few years: Moore? It would cement the current relationships, or at least one party believes it would; I venture it would make you cross, overcritical, and miserable to be without work for a long period of time because that is your life… your calling of words of placing words on a page and breathing life into it. Without it you feel less….. you

    It had a good run; just let it go.

    I can’t cry about its demise; it all stems from and returns to greed.

    C’mon Mooreski open your eyes…. you provide a product that basically is used for those you claim to abhor.

    Every man has a price and they have have bought you, lock, stock and barrel.

    I mean really, “I didn’t vote for Bush” yeah, but you certainly glorify war which is his main theme…. or did and well…. will do again. I know you and your life-minded writers are up for the tactics of it, the “glory of making war;” not the actual messily, devastating event that it is and the price of real human blood it spills.

    But like a good lap dog you’ll eat the scraps from conservative companies like GE which soft shoe well but are in the business of making money and to make money you must stay on the side of those giving money; those in power.

    You think a Saturn given to you in your own sandbox means anything? It’s purchased goods.

    And i don’t care if you podcast every friggin’ part of your life; or anyone else’s; they are gone…. accept it; you thirded your base and they will not come back.

    So enjoy the ass-kissing and the glory from a few-mega personalities on your boards but do not think for an instant they represent the whole.

    I am not going to watch the sci-fi channel again for a long time; there are other ideas which may take root on differing soil. That DNA studio which had both “Letters of a Scandal” and “The Last King of Scotland” has got some crackerjack ideas; not a rehash shock story “ripped from headlines”

    At least when they rip them, they do them well.

    You must accept and disappear from the public eye or fight for ground now. It will be hard and you will ask yourself many times “is this worth it?” “Sigh”

    No one can really answer that for you.

    “Is that all there is? is that all there is?

    If that’s all there is… my friend , then let’s keep dancin’

    “let’s break out the booze …. and have a ball….

    “if that’s alll….. there is.”

    mandara k

    Um…. DE, sweetness….. you my man need an upgrade…. This Bionic Woman is a rehash of everything sci-fi from Spiderman movies to The Matrix and everything in between….

    This is rehash and has no new territory but it was entertaining somewhat UNTIL the accident…. then the plot dies. The effects are fine… not brilliant but passable… the bionic part interesting but um explain the no scars.

    Stop thinking Xena; it’s dead as a network show if you don’t build a story.

    No more character crap…. Stor…y Stor…y stor…y!!!!!!

    chant with me people otherwise it’s years and years of martial arts without and overused sci-fi/ Marvel comic plot devices and no

    stor…..y stor….y STOR…….Y!!!!!!!

    mandara k

    Here we go; a book for all of those self-grandizing posters at sci-fi.com. Oh and for those daemons that use the boards to get self-praise for themselves and their loved ones….. success doesn’t work unless there is a price tag attached in emotion, in sacrifice.

    Not camera angles, or “star” tidbits or silly comment slings to spark debate.

    You try to spark and light a fire that has long been put out; for gain you do not need. Like lighting a fire in the middle of a desert in midday

    This requires the fuel of proof involving relevance to be relit as well as sufficient spark to ignite it.

    You must try another tact or try another time.

    For those that really need it……

    mandara k

    As I was checking out the Nebulous Awards that occurred this year I looked into the novel that got the 2007 award which was “Seeker’ by Jack McDevitt so I looked into it and found it had a book before it so i bought both and I’m squeeeeeee !!!!!! in sci-fi shock.

    It’s…. um …….really got… sci-fi in it. I wanted to prostrate my self toward the author’s direction but well, that’s not appropriate for the lunchroom at work, ya know.

    It’s got phenoms like exploding stars and FTL’s and clever lines that make one think which about concepts; it is story with characters.

    So please BSG go back to military maneuvers and leave the oracle/ hybrid part out; I mean it is not like the show never dropped plot points before.

    Besides, i can be downright finicky about my “A” List sci-fi.

    It’s best to forget about those “elements” about mysticism and stick with what you know (which frees me to pursue adding to this man’s rise without direct contact)

    I’ve found a new outlet; they’ll be salivating about who’s taking this story to screen.

    Besides, I’m tired of being under appreciated.

    I’m excited; so excited!!!!!

    mandara k

    How do i feel about the end of this BSG…..

    Honestly? Relieved….. A big sigh of relief.

    It will be good to see if RDM can write other than sci-fi.

    it will be good to see him focus on what is important; family…..

    It will be good for him to rest and take in what he needs for future endeavors.
    Can you do a partial retirement; send the wife back to work for a year or so. You need some serious away from sci-fi genre time.

    It will be good to cut a tie that not only binds but sears the flesh and then let it float away.

    I need you to write the book; you need to write a book; you need a soul-search to clear out past baggage and move on. The biggest priority; genuine self-acceptance; it the basis from which all other thought stems and since thought is the beginning of your future it is good to start anew.

    Why does a man seek out criticism first before praise? because he does not believe praise or has been fed falseness for a very long time; because criticism can empower him, it forces hom to DO. Too much though saps his strength.

    Seek honesty and be honest with all in your sphere and honesty will come to you. Be Lee Adama for a while, not Gaius Baltar. You can handle it, I know you can.

    Well i just got back from pet sitting for my boss for the weekend.

    She trusts me….. may be I’m not as crazy as you seem to want to believe so you can balm your ego.

    If you develop a board…. look, not for the many undulating waves of praise, but honesty….. it takes courage to be honest, not critical constantly but honesty. Develop an atmosphere of rewarding not loyalty, but honesty. You want hard-working honest people, you have to cultivate them.
    They should be able to back up a criticism as well as a praise.

    Well, gotta go;

    Happy Trails BSG and all associated with it!

    mandara k

    And um …… WOOOO!


    One of my fav childhood stories; I have a T-shirt of it i wear now!

    mandara k

    Oh Mrs R honey, it’s all a lie anyway. Your truth is my lie; admit it ; you bend the truth just like everyone. You bend your world to suit your sensibilities. So do I. I’m just more flexible in sensibilities.

    Mine don’t begin and end with me and my own like 99% of the planet. Mine begins and ends with is it true to me and will it be true a minute from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now. I even ask myself when we are dead, will it still be true?

    It is YOUR truth; not neccessarily THE truth. Is there a difference? You bet your bippy.

    It only becomes true through time and fact.

    Admit it, you are like many of our kind…. self-serving, eeking out for yourself and those you love and be damned with everyone else.

    That’s why loyalty replaces truth in your world.

    That is why we, all of the same species, fight each other over everything from a Western world TV show on the small scale to wars and the threat of wars on a large scale.

    NO thought of the future here, no thought of what will happen to your children really; just so they can verbally combact their world and they have a viable job to continue being a have and not a have not.

    Yo, Mrs…. did you not say that you were no longer a friend to a mother that thought being privileged is the only life; that diversity does not fit in their neatly ordered lives.

    Yet you havea bias toward diversity of thought and you do not want to see that.

    What’s the difference?

    The difference will be apparant when the have nots will become numerous and vocal in our future and it will take more than a pretty turn of phrase to keep them from your children’s door. It will take flexibility, it will take empathy on a massive scale and courage to throw caution to the wind as well as everything material.

    When the gap between the “classes” strains a society, it will collapse. You and i many not see it; but your children will.

    have you prepared them for that; or have you closed your eyes; selective in your choice of what is your truth and THE truth.

    mandara k

    Guess where this will lead…..just guess….


    A million writers are going to use this hook…..

    for shock value.

    Earth they are there, no resolution, skip the Cylon plan…. hell skip the whole 4 th season.

    “We don’t want to pay off our fans; screw the fans it’s my vision anyway dammit.”

    I don’t mind nebulous, I don’t mind leaving open-endedness, but well I do mind promises reneged due to creative choice and jerking the chain of some of the most intense if not detailed oriented yet wonderful fan-bases of our time.

    You do a Sopranos ending they will boil you in oil.

    But who cares right, you get paid, you get laid, you can always re-invent something else. You’ll always have pro-you people…screw eveyone else, right?

    Hope you like sleeping on straw mats and digging through garbage because your next life without a radical change will insure you don’t get the perks of this one. Sorry, it is for protection against those that don’t move humanity forward and a chance for others to shine.

    Life on Earth is the cosmic classroom, you learn the lesson, or you try again. But where in this life you get a computer screen, next you might get a piece of chalk or a stick to write on sand.

    So enjoy it now because you may not get an opportunity for a long time; an eon should do it may be two. It will seem like eternity but perceptions can be wrong.


    mandara k

    And well what the hell,

    if you are going to write Crap as in Caprica as a Soapranos is space;

    Please take one step out an airlock.

    Get the feckin’ hell out of the genre; go write your character crap but do not take sci-fi with it.

    I tolerated it for 2 seasons but that quadrangle was, and plot points that sucked all for your pansy-ass “new” fans that wouldn’t know decent sci-fi if they had it 24/7.

    Admit it whore, you lost your sci-fi vision; you just want to shock instead of story and it’s lame.

    Stay out of the genre!!!!!

    mandara k

    Okay, I’m upset…. but I’ll tell you of MY demise.

    I believe I have a tumor; I can’t afford to pay for surgery; thus as i watch it grow and know it will kill me; so sue me if I’m not overly concerned about flash in the pan solutions to life.

    I must prepare as best I can, but please do me a favor, don’t let sci-fi die. Whereever I end up afterlife let me still be able to belive my genre will live on.

    This tumor involves my face and nose; heh explains why there were no face to face contacts and there never will be. I can’t stand the thought of being repulsive but I’ll fight to stay afloat in other ways in life. And may be a mask as it gets worse, I’d fit in with the super heros crowd anyway.

    I mean it is only one life among billions, right. No value there, right?

    Let there be rejoicing then in your household Moores; no more of these lame posts.

    Enjoy a fruitful life all and get good insurance.

    I’ll write as long as I can.

    I thank you for reading this; my fine sci-fi co-travelers.

    mandara k

    ๐Ÿ™„ That’s incredible… a whole feminism veneer over white and uptight MALE agendas. These are middle-aged men who are looking at receding hairlines, a future of Viagra, and want to be young and virile again so it’s constantly their agenda.

    Oh, hell pick a group; In the test group (all Californians) this percentage of our target audience wants this. The men want this; the women of this age want that. The twirties want THIS….

    Oh hell, let’s do what I want and I’m a white male, married and make a shit load of cash and my life is as perfect as my trophy wife and my perfect kids. It SOOO perfect i have to insert my independent/moody/creative streak by building weird ass scenarios.

    You have to INSERT life lessons for your kids to build character.

    Are you for feckin’ for REAL man?

    This isn’t life lived to the fullest, by any means.

    We so need female sci-fi writers that doesn’t take women from either the wimpy wimpy wimpy “save me mold” to the exact opposite of “kicking asses and taking names.” How ’bout some middle of the road.

    No, the gay couple HAS to be lesbian because sci-fi the MOST sexist genre there is want’s their male fans to say “that’s hot” instead of the squirm if two guys were kissing.

    Please, don’t push this crap on me; because it’s crap; it is BORING and breaks no new sci-fi ground. EWWWWW it does because its SCI-FI AND GAY drama…. Oh PUKE!

    Oh BSG people, take it out back and put a bullet in it.

    mandara k

    I want the sci-fi I want…..

    Selfish, non? I guess the best rule of thumb is to write what i want and then submit but you know…. not everyone can sit on their dumpus and collect checks; some of do have jobs but yet cannot write worth a damn with all their free time so like the bloodsuckers they are leech every original thought .

    Look Dowly man, you’re not me, may be you were like me once upon a time 30 yrs ago when you were still wanting that lucky streak and you actually had to PUSH yourself to not only work to survive but part of you had to write as well. These two demands for time, at least for me are not co-habitating well especially right now but my best ideas come out now when i can’t touch them or sacrifice sleep.

    Everyone goes through cycles in life obviously. If you don’t get a handle on your own personal cycle you are going to have events “happen before and happen again.” This is the down cycle of writing. You’ve reach a point of comfort in your life and the series. You will not challenge yourself because of this comfort which you know leads to boredom/ and well arrogance because no one likes to be called a hack so the “I’m an artist so screw the fans”force field snaps up so guess what we have next…. you know what… problems.

    All people I’ve talked to about ST: said well they may have watch the early TNG but after a while the writing took a nose-dive and became really stupid and boring. ya think it might be a down cycle?

    What did you do to get out of it last time? You got out of it; left ST behind, floundered around a bit and changed up your life.

    Ya think you might want to make changes BEFORE you ruin another show; your big “solo” performance as producer and writer?

    Speaking of Trek…… hehehe hahahahohoh huhuh!


    I’m there and hopefully I’ll get some photos of the “Federation Games” including Tribble Whack, Horta egg toss,etc….

    and the eps of ST TOS all the time!

    It’s very Midwest in flavor, I mean they include a lot of activities that we are used to seeing here like a greased pig contest and a tractor pull ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜› but well they do have a costume contest.

    ANd drinking, we will be drinking; it may be my last event like this so I’m thrilled to give it a try.

    mandara k

    Quick! A creativity pop quiz….

    Which has more ideas you haven’t seen before? We are not judging on the merit; but we are judging on more original dialogue and possiblities for development in ways not explored?

    First clip


    AND second clip:


    Um….. the first though bad was at least entertaining; the second was only tolerable with the videomaker; I mean we saw this with
    Season 1 the Caprica resistance, the Kobol resistence, the New Caprica pick-up. The cuss words does not make better dialogue.

    It goes nowhere…. and um that is WHY i just refuse to watch fan made ware because it many times rehashes their fave parts and doesn’t MOVE anything forward.

    I do wish the toddler years of humanity’s development would get over with and stop with the “Me me me, mine mine mine” and get on with pre-school collective thinking where you learn not to bite/punch your playmates (violence in society), you learn to share (globally our resources, our compassion), and valuable lessons about not sticking jelly beans up our collective noses. Okay, may be not the last one but we do, as humans do, very stupid things to ourselves and to others.

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