We will see what an oracle isn’t and what I believe it is…

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    mandara k

    Now i don’t know if they are going to place an oracle on the Exodus show, but if they are, I’ll refute it here and now.

    Do your research before envoking any kind of character that you have no idea how they function.

    I draw from and oldie but a goodie in my library.

    The Courage to Create by Rollo May.

    And know you won’t get my copy, get cher own, ya leech. 😛

    Here we go, I’m taking it from the chapter entitled “The Delphic Oracle as Therapist” though this book is full of gems for the creative process.

    pg 123-124

    and I quote

    “Any genuine symbol, with its accompanying ceremonial rite, becomes the mirror that reflects insights, new possibilities,new wisdom, and other psychological and spiritual phenomena that we do not experience on our own. We cannot for 2 reasons. The first is our own anxiety: the new insights often- and, we could even say, typically- would frighten us too much were we to take full and lonelly responsibility for them. In an age of ferment such insights may come frequently, aand they require more psychological and spiritual responsibility than most individuals are prepared to bear.”

    He then goes on to talk of dreams, and fantasies allow people to do things that “would be too horrible to think or say in ordinary speech” that’s why we should dream ,even daydream, because through dreams we can “say it” or as May says ‘ have Apollo through his oracle say it so we can be much more frank about our new truth.

    Acting on it a dream can be tricky, but having them is vital to a creative process. That’s why letting ANYONE choke you off from dreaming is killing your creativity, be it parents, or spouse, or kids, or a neighbor or a boss.

    May goes on…”The second reason is we escape hubris.” The example he uses is Socrates. The oracle said he wasthe wisest man then living, … something he would never make on his own.

    This is how an oracle talks and how to interpret it according to May….

    “How does one interpret the council of priestesses?This is the same as asking: How does one interpret a symbol?? The divinations of the priestess weregenerally couched in poetry and often were uttered in’ wild, onomatopoeicries as well as articulate speech and this ‘raw material’ certainly had to be interpreted and worked over. Like mediumistic statements of all ages, these were sufficiently cryptic not only to leave the way open for interpretation but to REQUIRE it. And often they are susceptible to two or many different interpretations.

    Continuing pg127

    mandara k

    May states

    “The counsels of Delphi were not advice in the strict sense, but rather were stimulants to the individual and the group to look inward and to consult their own intuition and wisdom. The oracles put the problem in a new context so that it could be seen in a different way, a way in which new and as yet unimagined possibilities would become evident. It is a common misconception that such shrines , as well as modern therapy, tend to make the individual more passive. This would be bad therapy and a misinterpretation of the oracles. Both should do the exact opposite; they should require individuals to recognize their own possiiblities, enlightening new aspects of themselves and their interpersonal relationships. This process taps the source of creativity in people. It turns them inward toward their creative springs.”

    mandara k

    I say bunk to BSG’s oracle!

    Here’s some better depictions


    old AND drugged out? Hardly!

    it’s a ploy to belittle ways that don’t fit a notion of status quo.

    here’s a true one from greek vases.

    mandara k

    wahoo! we got an “expert” on the oracle thing.

    My work is done, *wipes hands of BSG input*

    Don’t need me, you have a self-proclaimed expert!


    here’s the link, yet another talking head that knows all answers.


    You can do the work then, it saves me oodles of time, and well, that fissure in the rock thing, and snorting substances, not all seers need that.

    Weak link and substituting it with faith; it’s wisdom because you are a drop of ocean and not like you want to believe, the whole ocean.

    Man is godliness, part of it all, but not the whole picture, thinking like that will drive you insane, or like what is being seen here arrogant.

    You will not get to the next step with this, and i so would like you to get to the next step. By coming off Olympus and realizing we must master our mind and not let it master us. You are letting your mind master you until it drags you so deep you are miserable.

    To say you are an expert at anything is sheer folly, like i said before, Socrates didn’t even dare declare he was the wisest man of his time, the oracle did.

    Buh, bye “expert”! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Learn your part of it all

    mandara k

    Again with the posts of ramblings; Saddy can I have that blog soon JUST to get it said without clogging the BB? Hmmmm?

    More inane banter

    You know what really irks me as a a small voice in the large auditorium of life; is how those with power abuse it everytime. I know it is human nature to do so but c’mon. That’s why i rail against those that have it and do not use it “for the good of all” and instead lift their “pets” to power.

    One of the consciousness we all have IF we stop relying on our senses and our puny ego, is the karmic storehouse; it’s not the highest one, but it is one many so want to get to and live there because it shows connection between all things, but everyone’s crap is in there too.

    The point i guess I’m trying to make albeit very badly, is to walk in higher states of seeing, and feeling, and connection, you have to reduce the need to want to be considered a certain way.

    For example, i watched BSG, I gave my input, I stopped, my input was taken, used, and then used to beat me into the ground.

    Now i could be angry, really angry but i am more hurt than anything, that basic kindness and respect which could have been offered,:should have been offered for a show that relies on humanistic issues as its blood, and would have been offered in time if i had time another 5-10 years to watch events all unfold like it always unfolds for me.

    I don’t have the time and energy to wait for their “D’oh! “smack in the head ” moment .

    Meanwhile, the spouse gets kudos for being snippy and favoritism for a small group.

    Does anyone see where this is heading? Anyone?

    Someone was right when they said Yoko Ono for this chick.

    At higher consciousness level it is even more damaging and damning. I don’t know about you, a shout out of favortism for one group over another is like standing a room full of strangers, naked inside and out and which the understanding is all are equal and then proclaiming you are the most important person in the room and only you know all the answers and your friends of course.

    It denies the very fiber of everyone there when speaking about higher states of awareness; it irritates collective to the core. Though particular individuals may not realize it it at this level they begin expressing dissatisfaction with this person in a myriad of ways. The basic premise is that someone who judges others without love in their heart (and that is what someone who chooses” us” over “them” thinking does)is looked at with amusement as an errant child at best and an absolute fool at worst

    I think the Yoko parallel works best in this situation. For example, Yoko… fine artist in her own right, but then gave it up to be the “partner”… biggest mistake she ever made, not only in the consciousness is she still looked at as the “Biatch the broke up the Beatles” she really had to go through hell to hold onto him because I think due to her own insecurity .

    A realization needs to be made that even though you marry stardust, a flitter… and you want to play Mama… he’s a big boy now.. and needs to take on some of the work no matter what line you are handed. he uses that line of work, it’s an excuse….

    You have a responsibility to evolve yourself; to pursue who you are out if a family realm. You owe this to yourself and to humanity. Tell him one night a week you are going to do for you, take a course in painting, or singing, or etc… he can order pizza, get on the kids about homework and tuck them in for once.

    You both will get lessons from this; you’ll be happier, he more appreciative, and once you have this a happier home.

    And there is no “us” and “them” silly child!

    mandara k

    Ummmm… how do put this in a non-threatening way but serious enough.

    All of us have karma from past lives, a good bank and a bad bank from good and bad.

    If you constantly draw on the good and don’t replace it; your life will spiral downward. No amount of entreaties to a God “behind the curtain” will save your keyster.

    Threats, velied or otherwise, about what happened in the past to others can not save you this time.

    If this does not show does not gain viewers Skiffy will can it. And emerge without a scratch.

    You have the lost the ear of those that protected you in the past.

    Understand this, it’s gonna hurt; this fall.

    It is a test, to check your mettle and help you check your ego.

    You are part of the greater, you are not the whole thing.

    If you do not correct you trajectory now; you will burn up and you will not live to walk your youngest down the aisle.

    ’nuff said.

    mandara k

    To be honest with you, this whole wife knows best thing pisses me off. Yeah, you know the industry and you know what? Your industry sucks, really and truly sucks.

    And the we have the whole, mumbo jumbo thing about “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Man, you are seriously thinking the protective forces in the universe are going to save YOUR sorry ass. Not anymore.

    Why, perchance? Because you are getting arrogant, you and your wife treat fans like crap unless they kiss your ass or her ass. You can stick that.

    You are becoming more insular thus more out of touch, thus more arrogant.

    Yeah, they won’t cancel it for now, but you’re numbers are gone; because I don’t know about you, I don’t listen to critics; the inbred blowhards they are, stroking each other and stroking you.

    WAKE THE HELL UP! The numbers tell you you are losing even your core fanbase.

    Do you really want a strike and then capture an audience again AFTER that?

    That’s what could be looming.

    Oh and Skiffy will rubberstamp 3 more seasons IF they could but NBC/Universal is writing the checks and right now they are tightening belts.

    Skiffy won’t cut you but they might.

    You see, a rarity is that you can have lots of fans AND critical acclaim. You sold out to critical acclaim to have, what ?a piece of metal gathering dust on your mantle?

    You can’t have both.

    You sold us down the river, Moore, admit it.

    This week- 1.4-1.6 may be even 1.3; because you have lost what mainsteam wants to hear or watch.

    mandara k

    And now, seers are half-crazed half machine yet facinating as per podcast. What an absolute trip.

    Understand this and understand it well.

    They are pissed; they as in those that uphold the Law.

    Look at the gospel of John to start. It began with the The Word, the Law., and those that uphold it are very tired of this xproducer about actually being painted in a niche, and I’m tired of him too.


    The next warning, well he’s kinda decent is some plebian way.

    Dreams, a bad dream will wake those asleep.

    Or another shot across the bow.

    Athena “choke” was right, you piss off sentinent and insentinent, they will bury your ass.

    SO to you Dowl fowl ball: is lyrics you should think on all the people who gave for your position now and i do mean all of them. even your friend in childhood gave his life to help you, to expiate the bad causes of your youth, and he became only is fodder for your ambition.


    Who do you think you’re talkin’ to.
    You know me, and I know you.
    Your silence and your stony face,
    You don’t have the ground to waste.
    Your love is gone, ‘cos it all comes down to you.

    What can we say when all is said?
    A house divided cannot stand.
    Your head and heart and chary gaze,
    Life is just too short to waste.
    Your love is gone, ‘cos it all comes down to you.

    I’ve paid for you and you don’t seem to mind.
    I’m bending over backwards; you’re not satisfied.
    What more can I offer, to leave ‘pon the alter?
    Love is gone, ‘cos it all comes down to you.

    What can we do when all is done?
    Your life’s not the only one.
    Just take a look beyond yourself,
    The reason of your private hell:
    Your love is gone, ‘cos it all comes down to you.

    I’ve paid for you and you don’t seem to mind.
    I’m bending over backwards; you’re not satisfied.
    What more can I offer, to leave ‘pon the alter?
    Love is gone, ‘cos it all comes down to you.

    You are now going to be tested, scrutinized and if your message is true you will continue, if not you will not be.

    mandara k

    Not to be a complete wet blanket; I think if Dowl wants to open negotiations for fresh material; let him first watch Baraka the movie by Ron Fricke; and well of course get more lyrics like from Don’t Stop the Dance.

    Baraka Amazon link

    Love the whirling dervishes, always loved to spin around ever since i was a child! 😮


    Don’t Stop the Dance Lyrics


    Mama says the truth is all that matters
    Lying and deceiving is a sin
    Drifting through a world torn and tattered
    Every thought I have don’t mean a thing

    Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
    Don’t, more music, stop the dance

    Mama says love is all that matters
    Beauty should be deeper than the skin
    Living for the moment, lips and lashes
    Will I ever find my way again

    Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance

    Mama says love is stormy weather
    Don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky
    Footsteps in the dark come together
    Gotta keep on moving or I’ll die

    Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
    Don’t, more music, don’t stop the dance
    Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
    Don’t, more music, don’t stop the dance
    Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance

    And OMFG I think you can download Baraka the whole thing or most of it at this link!

    mandara k

    Hmmmmm… I think it may be time for me to let whom RDM gives power over us (like his writers, his wife, all his little pets…) to fly solo for a while… test his wife’s claim of her own crystal ball about the future of the show be tested.

    Let her do what i do for a while, hell let them all do what i do for a while and see where it gets you.

    I’m all for that; you think you are big and bad with your great superior show, and critical acclaim.

    No more responses, no more chances. You do it, you do it alone.

    And um good look with that block coming.

    Remember this: for you and your ilk:

    “of foremost importance are the people- NOT celebrities, the powerful, the RICH, scholars or others whom society deems great or praiseworthy. the purpose of all must be the happiness of the people. Everything else should be but a means to THAT end. Those that fail to recognize this fundamental point and look down on people (AD) and exploit them (the writers) are thoroughly vile and contemptible; they are a hindrance to people’s happiness.”

    Daisaku I keda

    Good luck with that 4th season 😈

    mandara k

    I listen to the podcasts ahead of time and well, I’m annoyed verging on POed.

    So Spoilers are coming*

    This showrunner has the memory of a gnat and I’ll tell you why.

    1.) Why the Kara/Leoben scene is old hat; and why any torture scene is old story ideas recirculating with new characters.

    Um, season 1, a whole ep of it and consequently a Tyrol smack by Tigh, etc…. etc…. in Season 2.

    Clear the air in your puny head and the writer’s room and maybe you live up to the touted idea of the “best show on TV”. I would pundit (big word little Dowl) was WAS the “best show on TV.” It might be best if you didn’t watch season 1.

    2.) The much described “aha” moment that says God is indescribable in man’s language. That’s been around thousands of years, did you ever take a religion 101; it’s all there.

    It proves it takes a good 6 months to filter into his conscious thought, and some else has to tell it to him first. 🙄 And in moments while watching crap on TV late at night. You know that if you put crap in you get crap out. You know that show about runway models; crap. Don’t know don’t care about that constant renewable source of living by only the body.

    Which takes us back to “The Courage to Create” Rollo May.

    On pg 9 and pg 10; he talks about part of his theories about what types of courage we need to create.

    I quote….from the third paragraph about social courage

    “A common practice in our day is to avoid working up the courage required for authentic intimacy by shifting the issue to the body making it a matter of simple physical courage. It is easier in our society to be naked physically then to be naked psycholgically or spiritually- easier to share our bodies than our fantasies, fears, hopes, and aspirations, which are felt to be more personal and the sharing of which is experienced as making us more vulnerable. ”

    He continues “Hence people short-circuit the more “dangerous” building of a relationship by leaping immediately into bed. After all the body is an object and can be treated mechanically.”

    “But intimacy that begins and remains on the physical level tends to become inauthentic, and we later find ourselves fleeing from the emptiness.”

    He goes on… and talks about death fear which is not fear of physical death and its opposite. I’ll paraphrase it for you Dowl since your attention span is short. It’s basically describing a stuggle which you can relate to on some level.

    You love someone and that’s marvelous but what is happening is what i phrase the ‘rubberband effect’ You want to be close to this person but you do not want to be a reflection of them nor do you want them to reflect you, because after a while that partner becomes another you and that’s boring so when there is too much you that you see in your partner, you pull away. You smoke and drink, and do anything to reaasert you are a separate person from her. She is basically insecure so she tries to pull you back by arguing, bouts of immature jealous behavior and snipping at perceived threats form others.

    You should learn that not only is there many ways of interpreting God, there are many ways to love. No one person has the corner on completely giving you all you need as much as you or she would like that to be. They can try but they can’t. You must realize this and bring it to your conscious level and then explain it to her.

    We get love and acceptance and inspiration from many people in our lives, some we actively seek like our friends and family and peers, others we do not. To try to “corner” the market in this department of love an acceptance is ridiculous and if you give into her and what is comfortable your spirit which seeks this communion with places she and they can’t go… (yet) will definitely atrophy and may even die. It’s the old adage of use it or lose it.

    You must let her know that you need this nourishment too, outside of her arms, outside of your circle of family and friends and co-workers: creativity steps outside of the known to the unknown.

    You lost this need or want to step into the unknown and thus the work suffers, you compensate by applying booze. You say it’s a way to destress, i see it as a way to deaden yourself enough to let other ideas in you don’t dare let go in the conscious mind for fear of reprisal. It’s convenient to blame the firewater. Give yourself permission to do it without booze thus save your liver.

    But you know I’m that crazy chick; I don’t know anything 😛

    mandara k

    If your true intent is to really pull off new ideas, Dowl, and keep an audience long enough through 2 more seasons i suggest you go away BY YOURSELF and let the ideas flow in and out and then when you get an idea ,follow through with it; anything that remotely resembles what you covered before should be tossed out at the get go with the rare and i do mean rare exception of a continuation of one of many ideas you glossed over or half-assed touched on.

    I mean c’mon the good stuff is thrown in as afterthought to rush back to your beaten path. The Helo thinking in this ep, the Oracle, the hybrid, all different, hell the New Caprica arc is all a ruse to get you where you want to go which is back to military, you want to go back to sex, you want to go back to moral issues and yet you don’t take the time to explore them with the excuse is we’ll run it up the flagpole and you want us (the viewers) to talk about it.

    We did, 2 years ago.

    For example, ya stayed on that asteroid to get metal for ships in “Scar” where’s the new vipers? Hmmm?

    You are so eager to high tail it back to the familiar and safe that your audience is running away from your show and if you move the day and time of it that’s the death knoll waiting to strike.

    It’s lazy storytelling; with very little creativity.

    Please tell me you have very little to do with your new show, you are letting the new guy do it; because now the creative muse is spitting in your face and exclaiming” WTF is this crap!” 👿

    Go, be alone, and take a pen and paper. You won’t regret it.

    mandara k

    Do doddee dodo, singing New york new York… don’t know why.

    You know what i think is hilarious? Now some writer’s wife is calling herself a muse 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    And ya wonder why the ratings are falling!

    She too square to be a muse; all my high school reunion crap; wives are too square to be effective muses; that’s why hubbies go to Vancouver for freedom, yeah. Think about it, in this very tech world why leave the States when daliles can be shipped overnight?

    Look, wives #1 are good for grounding, they keep the bills paid, the electricity on, your shirts clean and your kids managed but it is rare that they can inspire great works to boot. Many times their call is opposite of a true muse and in that tension between mundane and chaos is where art is created.

    If only i could find the househusband grounder I’ve searched for all my life; 😈 you know grounded but open enough to give me Breathing room; i so need breathing room, that’s why I can’t be a traditional wife and i respect those that do the job and do it well.

    But if a grounder is a muse on an imaginative show, there is no imagination.

    mandara k

    Now, the buzz is RDM is an artist?

    His wife claims he is an artist; and thus is not bound by the rules of continuity, pleasing fans, or networks…. but he’s not an artist.

    have you ever seen anything he created on his own… a universe that has no precedent? Anyone? Anyone?

    Nope, only a high school play….

    Trek writing; and established worlds before hm but nothing; original.

    From “The Courage to Create” Rollo May pg 37

    “Plato, for example, demoted his poets and artists down to the sixth circle of reality, because, he said, they deal only with appearances and not with reality itself….”

    (Plato) “described what he called the true artists- namely, those who give birth to some new reality. These poets and other creative persons are the ones who express being itself, he held.

    Enjoy the ride, folks…. this kind of hubris leads to a fall, I can feel it.

    And Yoko there just fans the flames she follow him into…. quite sad really.

    mandara k

    When I think about what happened yesterday on the boards and how the culprit who created out when scott free but now wants to bury it ; it just makes me sick at heart.

    I mean to remove a moderate faction of the fandom and replace it with shipper threads.

    I just hurts to watch this fandom tear itself to shreds and the unneccesary suffering caused by someone who should know better.

    And these people. they don’t have to watch the show but they do because,they too believe in it deep down yet they get suckered punched by the lead celebrity on the board and the rest of her supporters kick them to the ground.

    How can you write a show about the intricacies of being human; this is not humane; this is not right….

    I think I’m going to shed a few more tears than the T woman will over what she instigated and how pointless it really was.

    She has no credibilty in my eyes from now on.

    I never want to hear her on a podcast again, in fact I’ll never listen to them again; I’m going to watch movies and do some writing.

    It hurts to see a group of people i respected so much 3 yrs ago turn on each other lead my someone who should have stayed in the background.

    😥 It just hurts.

    mandara k

    More Buddhist reasoning to explain my pain….

    ” Arrogance and greed are intimately related Tagore (an Indian poet) said ‘the more avaricious they become, the less they hesitate to belittle their fellow men.”

    Also “where cooperation is lacking, there is suffering, malice, falsity,
    barbarity, and strife. The Buddhist teaching of many in body but one in mind” is the supreme principle of cooperation”

    Both of these are from a speech of Daisaku Ikeda WT article Dec. 1.

    I know this; I once was arrogant and looked down on others but corrected my trajectory. I know i hurt others in that arrogance and i now am very sorry; I cannot repair all i have done but i try and carry the message in my heart now.

    I’m human; I get angry.

    But then i remember the line “many in body’ one in mind….

    It begins with basically to transcend all differences between each other and be as fish and the water in which they swim.

    It does not mean to give up our individuality; or be Borg or Cylon downloads only; it means that in our interactions with others we realize the differences between us, yet we move beyond them with our intelligence and wisdom; we realize ALL people are worthy of respect…. and as another article in WT says

    “to discard attachments that stand as walls between oneself and others; for example the urge to judge others in terms of social status, wealth, appearance or likes and dislikes.

    Or as it applies the likes and dislikes of the current season of BSG.

    To look at it another way…..hmmmmm….. there is an unseen trend in people to try to build security around them by removing anything different or what can be perceived as hostile because it does not fit in their realm of “right, or normalcy”.

    So they use very base way of clearing away those that oppose their views but frightening dehumanizing tactics; ridicule, deceit, slander….. Little do they realize that security is a delusion;

    There is no security; no safety….

    And… by pushing away others different than oneself , you enter the cycle of false arrogance- greed for more.

    Your growth as a person stagnates.

    I mean I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues of today’s society; call me crazy (and you will and have 😛 ) but at least I can carry on a conversation with most people without having them kiss my feet.

    I don’t need nor want those kind of accolades at all for a majority of them are not sincere.

    Give me a tiny amount of sincerity over tons and tons of false comments and support any day.

    Give me a “good job” from a regular person not attached to power or fame who knows me and knows what I went through then a million “You’re the best” from the “in” crowd.

    Another quote….”to be praised by fools is the greatest shame.”

    And what is more foolish than slander of a person unknown to oneself except for on a message board?

    How foolish is someone who uses power to: not for good like joining fans and healing wounds, but to drive further wedges between them in the name of security? What security?

    I did troll, I was not proud of it; I also got thrown off boards but I refused to compromise my belief in “all humans are equal and kissing celeb ass is a bad thing to do; it cheapens your value as an important member of the human family by saying”I’m not worthy; you are more important than me” and it leads the idol they worship to false beliefs about themselves which leads them to demanding more obeisance. It ends horribly with both parties miserable.

    So much useless suffering.

    “shakes head” 😕 😥

    mandara k

    Fraking frak frak FRAK! Dowl let it go…… I know ya boxed me with the arty pics….. the fan I’m not that stupid…. and here’s your fraking Hybrid drivel reference point. Damnit; you may not want to let go but I’m dying to get away as possible… and all the mockings of your wife cannot alter a damn thing of what went before but she prevents anything from else getting through in the future. She’s so contrary; let her do the work; oh I forgot she can’t see that well. Well, too bad for you; go hire someone that can see.

    Can’t let go, or won’t let go… never mind; you don’t have a choice… by the time you download all that will come I’ve moved on….”time and tide wait for no man”

    and neither do I.

    It was fun, but really… I’m annoyed verging on PO’ed.

    It’s Miranda from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

    And um Dowl you are not Shakespeare and you know to make that kinda mark in the annals of history…you have to be dead. 🙄

    mandara k

    Art time; I’ve moved on from that pic to these…

    or this

    ah much better; even though the eye one is kinda trippy but cool.

    mandara k

    The ratings are down; as per the “wife”. Um…. you’re not doing a good job of directing your husband….

    Two words of why Dowl and wife have lost their way; moral ambiguity. They think wrongly that by labeling people (you know trolls, stalkers, crazy) while their livelihood depends on cunning thievery from one of the aforementioned group gets them ratings.

    It is morally wrong to take anything from anyone and not give them credit; this man is a thief which makes his wife a thief, which marks his children thieves.

    I find it entertaining that their life now depends on a crazy like me; yet they will not acknowledge it; yet watch ,they will be very concillatory next year to whom them labeled.

    Crazy but right; the more they deny the worse it gets.

    You do NOT want to mess with ME; the wife says….

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    As Glinda says to the Wicked Witch of the West

    “Off with you…. you have no power here.”

    You leech of your husband’s temporary burst of fame; you create nothing of your own now. And you constantly saying this is my husband;

    pathetic… you take feminism back to the ’50’s.

    How does one get rid of leeches? Burn them off I guess.

    mandara k

    Oh, and dowl, how do you know i didn’t throw you a curve ball; to check your intentions? You swung like mad and missed.

    That I knew this would turn up; that you’d go for the elevation of your name and not for what is right.

    Everyone has a price; yours is little statues that proclaim to the worlds i am not a failure. Screw the people that got me here; the poor ignorant unmwashed masses who don’t care if the crap we throw at them is any good.

    Ah, you are wrong.

    And the fortune gained from living 100 years can be destroyed with one word. You used that word to distance yourself; to box me in something because your brain cannot comprehend.

    So much for out of the box thinking 🙄

    And you won’t let go. Yeah, ’cause the ideas are not coming to you on your own.

    So try without my intervention; see if you can up the ratings. If you can’t then you will know, well, who’s got some power. I don’t think it’s your wife. She can reaarange furniture but I never see her talk about the show; get on the threads and talk about it.

    She pushes the husband is great agenda but honestly she doesn’t care about the show. She cares about the fame and royalty part, but not the show itself. Leech; she is in a world of hunger.

    And she feeds your fear. I’m sorry if someone broke into your house before. That is wrong.

    Oh, and BTW is it okay if I have to go to CA to see my sister and take care of her or will you have to post guards around your house and work; get a restraining order now in the of chance someone crazy like me might be breathing in your direction while she helps her sister-in-law after her surgery for breast cancer.

    Forget the fact that I could care less about the sites and the last thing on my mind is ever getting near you after the stunts you and your wife pulled. i want to be there for her during this period. You think you can step out of your ego-driven world for a minute and not be scared? You won’t even know I’m there, well may be if you are as in tuned as you say you are; a disturbance in the force or some such crap but that’s it.

    Yeah, just forget the fact i am a human being and thus have feelings too and that it isn’t all about you.

    My sis-in law is my top priority now; not some sci-fi show.

    mandara k

    OOOOOH Question?

    Why are 800 some odd people reading this thread.

    Go save galactica or some shite like that.

    Save a Boxed model Cylon, save the world.

    Just in time for Christmas and boxed before their time;

    The Church of the Cylon 5.

    You ARE kidding, right?

    Dowl you’ll screw it up; yeesh; if i let you write anything about it; you’ll screw it up.

    *massages her temples* or is the massage temples 😉

    How do you take a wonderful story and turn it into crap in one season; hell less than a season.

    Isn’t there a song by Duran Duran called The Church of the Poisoned Mind or such drivel.

    I prefer ” Say a Prayer” or is it called something else you know the video where they shot it Sri Lanka.

    “He’s going to screw it up .He’s going to screw it up!” It keeps running through my mind.

    Ice planet? You won’t hjave time for an ice planet ’cause it’s a mad rush to Earth before they can your asses. No tourist stops; an express run to Earth.

    a “conditional 4th” is the feel now;

    Public face for Skippy suits: “”That’s ridiculous; cancelling our flagship show? That’s crazy!”

    Private face:” Look, you had better start putting out; or we’ll put you out. You can’t sell this; we won’t take Caprica.

    And me? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    It’s not my rep; not my check, not my business.

    Ah freedom!

    You see people want a connection with the Law; positive or negative; it’s not you they want to connect with or really even me; but they know connecting with the Mystic Law, on some level is what they desire.

    You refuse to take me seriously and insulted me and let others insult me; now I refuse to help you any more; simple.

    You can’t lift my ideas if you have nothing to lift, do you?

    You may have to ‘gasp’ think on your own! 😯

    So. I’m going to concentrate on other matters Dowl; when you are ready to apologize, and say thank you like a proper person; then we’ll see, but until then…..

    PI$$ OFF!

    mandara k

    You haven’t left yet? What are you waiting for?

    If I was running the final five boxed set I’d say that one of the reasons they were boxed is they bred with humans. The result oracles…..they have some capabilities of Cylons but they are so bred with humans they are not detectable.

    Hera would be important now because she is like these bagged Cylons but young enough for controlling; thus valuable if trained properly.

    The Hybrid is a manufactured cross breed from the Cylons; tamed and trained to do their will.

    If the first five models are the original 5 from when the human Cylon machine got cranked up before the war that would be interesting; they were leaders that began the resistence movement to humans; but lets say they left before the First Cylon war or right after the loss. Why? They realized the futility of fighting Mom and Pop.

    There was a large schism in the Cylons; some thought the first 5 models too human.

    May be they were tossed out because of one god only thinking.

    I don’t know I’m too tired to think right now.

    I want to wake or unbox one and run with my original idea; or ho hooo! Have the Colonials unbox one. And that Cylon is like letting a genie out of the bottle. He/ she will get them to Earth if she is left in peace.

    I still like the idea of the civies shedding both the Galactica and the government and have the battlestar and the other Cylons chase after them for a while. This unboxed beaut leads the other ships and is two steps ahead of both.

    The civies get to Earth first; the Cylons and Galactica duke it out in orbit; both destroy each other; canceling each other out.

    Life on Earth remains undisturbed; sure some fireworks from the battle but we think it’s sunspots or something.

    Bad idea I know, but it changes dynamics. Sure it can be a Caprica- arc like scenario. Put a secondary character on the civilian ships; documenting the whole thing and leaving bread crumbs of info for the fleet to find.

    Just thoughts….

    mandara k

    And you people need to go push fer your show;

    Me? Nopearoopa.

    I’m singing “Rocking Around the Christmas tree” “have a happy holiday.”

    Stop reading this thread you “humps” and start your conversions to the “best show on TV”

    Hardly…. but it sounds good with the spin.

    Ya know WHY you are tanking; um because you need to write a story; not cut a paste movie scenes which BTW started last season.

    So to stroke your fragile egos; you offer a free screening. Um….
    not everyone lives in a city setting (thank you Lords of K)

    These people have been broken down so much they have no redeeming qualities whatsoevah.

    Time to put a bullet in it or write to a higher nature of humanity.

    Yeah we’re fecked up, but some of us can go beyond that.

    It doesn’t take a Mother Theresa to be a decent person; it just takes practice and patience and a willingness to control one’s tongue.

    Ya realize sooner or later that everything you think say and do determines what will happen to you sooner or later.

    You want good things to happen, plant good karma FOR ALL, not for those that like or love you but for all; draw together people, not separate them.

    These people want security of those who think like them around them; I would rather bypass that to come to an understanding with those that don’t agree.

    And it’s a rite of passage to be banned from ass-kisser BB’s like Skiffy?! Did you see their survey? What do you like about the season; no place for negs like the Hero bungle, the New Caprica rush through, and well other silly bits.

    The only positives are jake the dog, the oracle 😆 , the hybrid, the bucket drop, the wacky wheat and Hogan’s good acting skills.

    We need a Harlan moment; what do you think Ellison would do; go for ass-kissers and suck-ups or say frack to that BS.

    They say continuity is for pussies; I say ass-kissing is for pussies; for sheep; for those that are too weak to think on their own. They will follow anyone with a little power and can (and will) turn on them in a heartbeat.

    And the wife 🙄 how does she help this situ? She doesn’t; she wants to push the fact she’s his WIFE! So?Do you have a point to that?

    it’s dying because you split the base, lady and you listen only to one side.

    How can you be positve when you surgically removed the opposition.

    What happens to dictators? They get overthrown don’t they in time?

    Guess what’s going to happen?

    mandara k

    WTF? Okay, i was lured in; but this last ep was a reset button to the season 2 beginning; different players same idea.

    You so need to get new military scenarios; not based in “Crimson Tide”

    Ya listening? Stop watching war pics and talk to real military to get fresh ideas.

    i can’t get excited about the temple, since the answer is right in Tyrol’s frackin’ face. Did you push on the eye? Will it line up with the supernova and a few seconds before paint the way to Earth; like Indiana Jones in the maproom.

    Stop leeching off creativity and do your own for cripes sake.

    It’s predictable, incredibly so.

    Starbuck going down; yeesh….

    Makes me think of a song of course “Don’t Dream it’s Over” i can’t help but think it is.

    The expressions on Roslin’s face…. amusement? Oops, you found me out? What the hell is that all about?

    Hiatus right? As the head elf in “Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer” says to Hermie…..

    “Not for you; finish the job or you’re fired.”

    Speaking of Hermie and dentists; Cally is such a wuss and a whiner now. Colorless…..

    “I miss Nicky…” 🙄

    If you don’t like it don’t watch it? I like to gamble, so I’m gambling that if the ratings drop enough these writers may clean their ears out long enough to actually listen to beyond the choir of “the show is great” and listen to those that will not pass the plate in the back for them and will not reward bad writing and bad behavior from their ancillary writing families.

    Newbies, watch Season 2 the beginning, the planet scene. They’ve done the same planet recon 4-5 times; different planet, same recon mission.

    Can’t you see this dahlings? They are building a false illusion from this publicity stunt at the theatres that they are doing really well; that the ratings are pure bunk and mean nothing.

    Yeah, they do.

    It tells you that nationwide you are losing fans from ep to ep; 2000 people do not equal 2 million. You want it to; but it is not.

    Face facts, you lost them, it’s hard to get new viewers without indoctrinating them from the beginning so that leaves current fans that the okayer kiss asses drive from the Skiffy board.

    Don’t jump on the “don’t like don’t watch” bandwagon too quickly; can you dialogue with them; see what they like?

    If you lose the marginals in January; you’ll never get them back and you ratings will remain low and lower.

    That’s the true tragedy.

    mandara k

    Don’t Dream It’s Over (Neil Finn)

    There is freedom within, there is freedom without
    Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
    There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost
    But you’ll never see the end of the road
    While you’re traveling with me

    Hey now, hey now
    Don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now
    When the world comes in
    They come, they come
    To build a wall between us
    We know they won’t win

    Now I’m towing my car, there’s a hole in the roof
    My possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof
    In the paper today tales of war and of waste
    But you turn right over to the T.V. page

    Now I’m walking again to the beat of a drum
    And I’m counting the steps to the door of your heart
    Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof
    Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

    Hey now, hey now
    Don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now
    When the world comes in
    They come, they come
    To build a wall between us
    Don’t ever let them win

    that’s my lyric contribution or it’d be The Pretenders….Like “My City Was Gone”

    I like choppers (guitarists)

    mandara k

    From Madonna “Frozen”

    You only see what your eyes want to see
    How can life be what you want it to be
    You’re frozen
    When your heart’s not open

    You’re so consumed with how much you get
    You waste your time with hate and regret
    You’re broken
    When your heart’s not open


    Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart
    Mmmmmm, we’d never be apart
    Mmmmmm, give yourself to me
    Mmmmmm, you hold the key

    Now there’s no point in placing the blame
    And you should know I suffer the same
    If I lose you
    My heart will be broken

    Love is a bird, she needs to fly
    Let all the hurt inside of you die
    You’re frozen
    When your heart’s not open

    (chorus, repeat)

    If I could melt your heart

    mandara k

    It is time to close off this thread and shut down to let events run a course. YOU must decide whether you wish to invite these people into your hearts and minds for the remainder of the BSG sojourn. Do not do it because you think somehow you have no value and they are superior to you in any way.

    It is a TV show, these are writers, and tech guys, and actors and crew; they are not super people; judge them on their merit; do they improve your life or detract from it; do they make you feel open to life or do they close you off from it. Do they expect loyalty and respect yet do not give it in return or parcel it out to those deserving. Is that tolerance or its opposite? Does it expose you to other ideas or hammer their own into your head?

    The Lotus Sutra promises that all can reach enlightenment; not those just of class, of fame, of money, of intellect. There is no distinction between us and them. We ALLOW them to go on; they are at OUR disposal, not the other way around.

    Remember that…. never forget that as much as they want to preach to you that only by following them to wherever they go, a new board, a new show….. you will be “special” …it’s a lie. You need no one to tell you this, you do not need the validation from a writer or his family or a network. These are temporary situations with people that won’t remember you 5-10 years from now let alone 5 minutes from now.

    Best to use your short life to help those who will appreciate you now and in the years to come; to build and care for the immediate; in front of you and do not waste your time on a pursuit that is fleeting.

    learn the difference between the transient and the true

    It was an experience.

    See you on the other side.


    mandara k

    One last request for me and those like me; downtrodden because we think outside the box.

    For the New Year I DEMAND justice from the universe.

    Just as you would not steal from someone distracted; let’s say someone who dropped a hundred dollar bill from their pocket; would you steal from another and then call you crazy when you caught them red-handed thief when you know they picked it up.

    I don’t care if you are the “model” US citizen and stand for the national anthem in your home; you Dowl are low; and calling me names to justify mistreating meit in your mind is ethically wrong.

    If this is the case, justice will be served by low ratings continuing and very low ratings for any new project. Make no mistake, your show, beloved of yours, will die or you will be faced to make a choice to abandon it or lose something that means the world to you.

    You may be big and bad in your corner of the world but it hold no power elsewhere.

    Swift and final justice; that is all I ask… silence him or me in all aspects; he will not write again; or we will reach a compromise that begins with an apology and a thank you.

    If I am at fault I will pay for it in many ways; but the praise factor has reached its peak; it is time for the winds of change to sweep this away.

    For all of you, never succumb to the powerful of this world; for they were given it because of past karma and it can dissipate as quickly as fog when the sun comes out.

    Justice, not vengeance.

    You have no fear Dowl if what you did was right.

    mandara k

    It’s time to nuke this thread; no responses so easy smeasy…

    Buh bye all you lovies; and um no story until Dowl gets lost ’cause he’s a writer’ they run off with ideas….

    Um Sad, please delete this thread and let’s talk about other realities, please.

    mandara k

    I’m feeling like the Shat….. you people need to stop reading this dead thread and find some enjoyment in life….

    Go celebrate whatever season you can get out of sci-fi be that structured or not by suits.

    Mark Stern so needs to light a thousand candles ’cause he’s really making silly decisions.

    may be if ya wouldn’t have banned me you’d get better ratings ya freakin’ idjit….

    I just have to laugh though, posting at skiffy is a joke…

    You want to know what 2007 has in store?

    The sun rises, the sun sets; sometimes you’ll have good days; some not so good.

    There ya happy? 😈

    Dowl, tanked on New Years? Yeesh… Mike says hi and says go back to the white board, draw everything out and put a cork in this dance around you call a show… and finish what you start….

    He wishes he could write again…. we had a mind…. I told him that he let some authority figure cramp his creativity so he spent his life fostering others ideas because he always had that feeling he wasn’t worthy of creating…. he was…. He may help me “keep it real” and focused and I could use it.

    The smoking killed him of course but the throat chakra is one of expression; we express sometimes too much which wears it out and he repressed it. Even if no one ever reads what you write or paint, or mold….. it’s as important as breathing to some…. it’s the way a soul speaks back to its maker whomever that may be….

    He’s got me listening to Perry Como too; “Papa Loves Mamba” and “A You’re Adorable”…. Dowl the latter is something you should try for the wife… then you could tone her competitive streak a little.

    I’d let het her have an “e husband” a game she plays…. to get you to emote.

    You are compulsive about work and drinking and whatever you do to deaden pain…. stop running and start embracing it ….. It means you have to examine “Gasp” your feelings…. You wife wants it; you want the deeper relationships with all people in your sphere…. it takes hard work; not a gloss over.

    Emotions are not the result; they are symptoms of other problems; if you ignore emotions; you miss the bus about life.
    And you life spins out of control.

    I don’t mind if guys secretly go through emotions and deal with the me hurt time privately; and shedding a few tears when appropriate… but Dowl what’s next….. a frilly apron and quiche in the oven?

    Your wife has you wrapped 5 times around her finger…. pathetic really pathetic… p whipped badly. If i were a guy in that situ I’d be like go ahead honey find a better man than me but well, I won’t be around to play.

    You can love women…. but stop being one… time enough for that in lifetimes to come.

    Watching football doesn’t make you a man just like watching HGTV doesn’t makes you a woman.

    I’d chew you up and spit you out ; but some men like that domineering woman handling I guess. I’m old-fashioned I ultimately want to defer to a guy but he had better have my best interest at heart and better be ready to rumble if I see anything that disrespects me.

    That’s why I hope Dowl you’re ready to rumble ’cause you dissed me but I won’t leave it to me to chase it down… I’ll let others do the fighting for me. If I’m right, loss is your lot; if I’m not, loss and a lesson.

    Oh, and I hope your Dad will be okay when the time comes, I’ll chant for him; take care of that emotional business sooner rather than later; you may not get a chance later. 🙁

    I have to go watch a movie or write or something…. see ya kiddo.

    mandara k

    “The longest journey you’ll ever make is from you head to your heart.”

    Thus begins a book called “The Heart of the Soul” by Zukav and his life partner…. i forgot her name.

    There are many ways to change our lives… many roadsides, many people, many books. My priviledge in this lifetime is to rethink my life through words…. books….

    This one has got me thinking and feeling and motivating me in many ways to make that personal overhaul I longed for and sorely needed.

    It has pointed out to me that the hateful spew i unleashed here is not the right way to go…. my anger and fear have lead me down this path before and it does so now….

    I do not want to feel this way anymore….

    Fully acknowledging my part in the hate i apologize to you Dowl, your wife, and anyone involved with the show.

    I tried to manipulate by pleasing and that was wrong…. part of me just wants to give because we so need to do this for each other but I made the huge mistake of expectation in return… not anymore.

    I was hurt; not because. the ideas sent were used… but because i felt mocked by you and others like your wife and that hurts; so I got angry….. struck back when i tried so hard to contribute; but may be it was used to manipulate… I don’t know…. My intent was to come to the table and offer what i had, but i guess it may have seemed “off.” That was not my intention.

    I have no one to blame but myself.

    I just don’t want to feel this way anymore so I’ll say I’m sorry; best of luck with all you do from BSG 4 onward. I hope your love of that special lady of yours lasts a lifetime; that all of BSG cast, crew, writers, staff, etc…. find wonderful life lessons that lead them to greater happiness then even i can imagine (and that’s a lot of happiness)

    And to all of you, it is my fervent wish that you never, ever, ever suffer anything like i have…. take care of diligent of yourself and each other.

    Great love and hope for 2007 and beyond.

    MK signing off to find the path from her head to her heart and vice versa.

    mandara k

    For those of you that I know cannot stand my posts; then help me and help yourself. Please contact Saddy and have him remove this thread… from this forum.

    I long to blog away in some little corner of the web with just a few dust bunnies and thoughts.

    I hope to do it here; to blog so that this drivel will only be seen by those who really want to read it and not subject others to this.

    We have so much inherent potential as a human species; but we cannot change others; no matter how many ways we try nor can we run from ourselves and our life lessons…. I’ve tried any numbers of routes to run from my pain, numbing it, or ignoring it but in the end i run from myself.

    How does healing begin? I stopped running.

    I realized that there was incredible amounts of pain buried underneath; the biggest is not loving myself enough; believing that I have as much right to breathe on this planet (while we can still breathe) as anyone else; that when all is said and done we will become worm food like everything that lives.

    That’s hard to realize for some; that intrinsically we ALL have value; all of us; not one of is is more deserving of respect than any other human being on this planet.

    The way i am healing is asking myself the hard questions about my behavior; why must I have have this or that; why do i believe this; does this person or this object really make me happy; or is it not externals at all.

    I determine my happiness; not the possession of things; not the love of or lack of love from another person or group of people.

    And not this thread, not this board, not current events. None of this really matters; it only matters if I attach something to it. I can chose not to just as easily as I can chose the zings of others to mire me in self pity and self doubt.

    It’s been said so many times the old story of this is a movie; you are the whole thing the writer, the producer, the actor, everything…and it’s called “Your Life” How much of your own limelight will you give to your supporting players when your the main character . It YOUR struggle, they only have the amount of time you give them. How much will you give to the props; they are just props, like you car or home, etc…..

    The old adage is that it is impossible to change anyone but yourself and it’s so true. we can try in oh so many ways; but we really can’t.

    And in this book mentioned before “The Heart of the Soul” stress is created from trying to change the real world to your idealized world; to what you want it to be instead of letting it be what it is. Trying to change people to suit your world; using external power or hamfisting your way to happiness.

    It just doesn’t work.

    You have to let people be the way they are; you have to let the world be the way it is while you work on making the best movie you can (making the best life you can). You will find that some will like what you do, some will hate what you do, some will never know.

    But you’ll know.

    i don’t want to be the person I was last year; i want to keep a few traits; but i also want to create a better me.

    it is all about you in a good way…. but it’s also all about me, and that guy over there; and that lady next door, etc…..

    Why do I feel the need to give to some of BSG; was the question I ask myself now. What was my motivation? If I gave for the wrong reasons; then I deserve the pain i received in rebuff; but the funny thing about emotions is that dang intent… The intent was good but may be the motivation changed? That’s what i believe…

    And idiotic of me to lash out at Dowl and others if MY motivation changed 😳

    A lesson learned when I started to change i should have stopped.

    it’s not their reaction that is to blame; it is my change in why I did it. If I would have stuck with it then i would feel good about what transpired and not hurt or ashamed like i do now 😥

    A lesson learned.

    I held up a measuring stick to the world and said “You must be this; you must do this or that;” what idiocy is that 😳 i could just kick myself for that hubris.

    Does this make me weak to admit this. Not to me… it keeps me in the frame of reference i should be; another imperfect human being.

    So please, do your work my dears….

    tell Saddy to delete this thread.

    Thank you.

    mandara k

    “Sighs heavily”

    Why is this still here?

    Why do you read it; I’m hoping you are just clicking it on and realizing the mistake you made; get out of this as soon as possible and look at the other offerings this board has.

    Still here?

    The current outlook is calm….. which is good if you want to remain status quo and not lose ground…. but not so good to gain ground.

    The Dresden Files (don’t tell Skiffy) may have some life but they’ll spin it hard as the “best new show” on TV to be followed by “the best show on TV” 🙄

    The fallout will be …. some new viewers; some lost viewers; even.

    No huge surges of people tuning in….

    1.4-1.6 and that’s generous.

    Back to Dresden…. of course at Skiffy (bless their good old boy’s club’s heart) it has to be male to have power 😳 but i see it was set up with the books.

    I think the hilarity and the irony of this is that the lead in gets better ratings than the incumbent show; after all the bellyaching about Who’s rating bringing them down.

    And the new surge and change in the show touched on in the Chicago Trib article….. um I feel it’s a bluff and they’re bluffing… they said the same if this season and look at how dismal it came out so far in tone and viewers.

    I’d show the second part of this ep… and then scrap the rest or “cherry pick” the better eps….

    The “cherry picking” of one fan over another I hope has come to an end….

    People whose life condition is low will turn on others “enemies’ perceived and “real”. When you remove those perceived “threats” they will turn on “friends”. No amount of telling someone to ‘abide by rules, be good to each other, be kind to each other, don’t flame each other, helps in a low life condition.

    It’s like they are dropped in a pit… they will step on each other to get out.

    It’s a sign of the times; you must understand it; empathize with it and those caught in it….

    but you don’t have to live there.

    Equality and tolerance is key…. to have expectations that are real of people; not an idyllic dream land.

    Detachment is also key… it saves your feelings from tearing you to pieces.

    You put in your piece; you walk away and let it go where it needs to go without attachment to outcome.

    I’m sorry Dowl about your wife’s life lesson; her thread expectations were unrealistic. Motivating people but not manipulating them is hard. And on a board, nigh impossible.

    I do think starting a new board is not an answer for you until you resolve your issues here and now. Do you want what is real or ideal; do you want true communication or do you just want a community which may or not be “real” Are you prepared for a big bang opening but a drop off; like a supernova; because this is your karma to burn hot and fast for a while but then burn out.

    Or do you want to change this… something slow, and steady, but lasting? Do you want nose bleed peaks dropping into cavernous valleys or gently sloping hills in this life.

    The choice is yours.

    And BTW, don’t blame others for what you laid the groundwork for… to blame TOS’ers for hate and driving the lady away is silly and juvenile… they have their wild ones but not to the extent you want to believe…. no this imploded within…. I’m sorry but the little lady must realize her hand in this… her thread is her enviroment and it is is a reflection of the best and worse that she holds inside. The sooner she accepts this, learns from it, the more quickly she can move on.

    Sorry, guys……

    you all have a wonderful evening….

    mandara k

    Just a little personal note; the sis in law had her surgery and is cancer free; I diidn’t have to go to Cali (whopee!) and my Mom and sis are now there visiting my bro near San Fran and life is good with the world (my Mom never flew before).

    All of you have a good week; i have to help set up a Dr. Martin Luther King exhibit tomorrow; so no BSG marathon for me; oh well 😉

    And so did you purchase the Playboy of Helfer? it’s her body, her choice. In general though; skin magazines and porn objectifies women; and skiffy advertises that….. hmmm you gotta wonder.

    Hell; what am I saying! We are objects to them; a ratings number, a market share…. none of us are real to them; gritty human drama; how can you compose human drama if you don’t act well… human!

    We use a lot of ingenuous ways to escape from pain. Some drink or do drugs, some eat too much, some exercise too much… some work too much, some try to please in order to manipulate…. some gossip to avert the finger from them; some judge.

    It all comes down to not wanting to do the inside work it takes to grow… to ask of oneself how can I be a better human being; how can I gently but correctly look back on what I have done in my life and make changes for my betterment and thus the betterment of all?

    If we refuse to do this inner work, we are wasting our time on Earth; we will continue to look outside of ourselves for answers; continue to try using hard power instead of soft; continually be at war with other people and other nations until someone pushes a button and we’re all done.

    Do you want this? Do you want your children to grow old here on this rock? Then do the work that needs to be done first; the inner work! That’s why you are here; not to gawk at a woman you’ll never touch; not to fight with other posters on a board…. etc….

    Well, time for me to “walk my talk” so I’ll be leaving for a while to this some inner world work….

    I hope you do the same.

    I leave you with my ruler of success… no piece of metal… no accolades from others…. from Emerson

    “To laugh often and much;

    To win the respect of intelligent people
    and the affection of children;

    To earn the appreciation of honest critics
    and endure the betrayal of false friends;

    To appreciate beauty;
    To find the best in others;

    To leave the world a bit better, whether by
    a healthy child, a garden patch
    or a redeemed social condition;

    To know even one life has breathed
    easier because you have lived;

    This is to have succeeded. ”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    mandara k

    The reason for the day…..

    While all of you were watching the re-running of BSG teenage angst (or Season 3.0) I was at a Martin Luther King Jr. event.

    So I decided to share some lines from a humanist instead of ratings crud and this constant debating of cancellation or no.

    The more I think on it; the more it becomes incrediblly clear to me that my output to Moore and company was and is a waste of time.

    They don’t “get it”.

    Skiffy doesn’t “get” it.

    It’s not about ratings, or ass-kissing or trolling so prevalent on the board now. It’s not about shippers, or Iratica, or whatever.

    It’s about being human and the respect we all deserve by being HUMAN! It’s going back to basic 101; first you MUST dialogue; then you can DEBATE;

    this is about unifying; not defense; this is not about winning or losing because if it is…


    Common ground is neccessary right now in this fandom; grassroots unity; from the bottom up.

    Why is the Jake movement strong? It’s not debate worthy; it’s a small detail built on a universal love of a dog.

    You see Dowl, you tried to move this top down; doesn’t work.

    I’m disappointed in you because you didn’t respect me as a person but well an MLK said ” Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.”

    I won’t contribute anymore of my ideas unless it’s via internet but I refuse to hold this pain any longer; I forgive you Dowl for not treating me like a human being and maligning me and letting others also malign me. May be one day a few years from now you will be ready to dialogue but not now.

    I am deeply sorry fro maligning you and you wife in this thread. I was angry and hurt. I hope you may also forgive me as I have forgiven you.

    Also from MLK; “You don’t have to see the whole staricase; just take the first step.”

    And, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

    And finally, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others? Do not say you will do it ‘ someday’; NOW is the time. Do not say ‘someone’ will do it; YOU are the one.”

    These “are MY peeps” Dowl; I feel more at home reading Emerson and other transcendentalists than I felt trying to communicate with you.

    But I tried dialogue… and I failed….. may be it was me… may be it was you… may be a little of both.

    I have hope that in the future we may try again and be successfull.

    Until then …..peace to you and all of BSG, Skiffy and their families.

    and well, a little light reading one of my fave essays from Emerson called “Nature”


    mandara k

    I cannot believe people still read this pile of horse apples.

    C’mon! that corny story of the movie is your life (but they did use this in the book) If it were true where’s my beachhouse; my Benz and my Hummer…. I know it doesn’t do much for that inner growth; but it’d sure make me feel better 😆

    I kept singing that hokey “You Don’t Have to Be A Star, Baby (To Be In My Show) after I posted that; c’mon I can get so “serious” and it’s absolutely goofball! smileys just can’t catch that in internet chatter.

    mandara k

    WTH is all the bugaboo about cancelling it? They will not renew until Jan 21-29; no matter if Season 3 tanks or not.

    The kicker is whether season 4 would be the last of it.

    I say, even though there is not currently a good replacement, yeah, I’d tell them 4 is the last season

    For 2 reasons;

    1.) The attention deficit storytelling would have to end. Look, we, as fans. have lovingly invited you into our homes for 3 yrs now; sit the hel! down and tell us a story; stop running around the room; SIT DOWN and think about what you’re doing.

    2.)The serial has been lost in the serialized drama; sacrificed on the altar of a new audience; and higher ratings. So. I’ll even feed ya…..

    MK goes
    to her nearly bare cupboard; grabs a pack of variety cereal boxes (you know the ones with indie servings)

    and then plops a gallon of milk and the cereal boxes in front of Dowl, Big D, and Stern of Skiffy.

    “They’ll be no fighting over the Sugar Smacks or Frosted Flakes< will there boys?

    Yeah, all this stand alone stuff doesn’t allow for development of ideas; you sacrificed the story for character development which you really didn’t develop that much. It’s pretty much like preferring Capt. Crunch over Cheerios; but both have the same amount of ingredients, and nourish you to a point; but one will burn off faster.

    The story needs work; not the sugar coating of acting or CGI.

    mandara k

    ep ? what was its #?

    better; but Dresden was better.


    the Cylon battle was actually interesting; like the 1/2 Cylon thing

    The Athena shooting was good;

    The apartment painting connection…. interesting


    The Helo Athena moment was a smidge too long.

    The Starbuck/ Dualla scene….. ditto

    The 5 revealed… vague

    the boxing of Deanna; silly

    the whole eye scenario; vague

    but…better in more story to watch.

    mandara k

    The bright spot; not the show but this!


    This is funny; that’d sad…… truly a sad day when the status of the dog and his escapades is more entertaining than the show itself. May be they should try the Jake saving Hera from the airlock angle kinda like Lassie or something; I mean they have that shipper crap; why not Leave it to Beaver too. 🙄

    Yeesh Moore is kindy pasty and unkempt in the morning isn’t he; and peach? Blech! For a guy with a pool and living in Cali he doesn’t get a lot of sun. You have a portable; go outside and write for cripes sake!

    And what’s up with the ceramic Buddha on the kitchen countertop. That’s akin to the plastic Jesus on your dashboard; effective. Yeah, if you still belief in fairy tales, that lightening comes from an angry God or that you have no control over your destiny…. That’s ridiculous; not the ratings which are fact….

    it’s for children who tell themselves that there are no such things as monsters but still check their closets faithfully before sleeping.

    A piece of plastic or ceramic won’t save your bacon … no strike that….in truth that varies on a few factors…. which

    I won’t go into. 😛

    Now for the eye of Jupiter. Iwas looking at my Hubble calendar for Jan and realized….

    does this look


    like the Eye of Jupiter they reference? If so this is the Helix Nebula in our neighborhood; like 690,000 light ys. (ooh 69 in so many ways) away.

    Hooray! an actually natural occurring phenom!

    mandara k

    I know why I post; why do you read?

    May be all is not lost; my friend has a writing prof she has coffee with and wants to know if I want to submit a sample for his perusal….. my knee-jerk reaction is absolutely positively no;

    but….. that might be a bit hasty. If’ he’s connected with the workshop that many are getting published through….

    Damn… I want to write a novel but I had aspirations of it being like a fund your own book type that your friends read; small time; I hate the thought of my thoughts for public view. Saddy’s is fine and great for this.


    oh well. If I get to it fine, if not…. life rolls onward.

    mandara is NOT mandela; mandara is a sanskrit term I believe; from blossoms of a flower in Buddha heaven; not a verse of enlightenment; get that straight.

    1.4 eh….so? I listened to the podcast 🙄 why… I don’t know; waiting for laundry to dry.

    It’s seems incredible to me that you’d want Starbuck to reinjure a leg when you did that before. Remember? DO you remember season 1 at all?

    And what’s with sweaty references of men; for gods sake.

    Wake up and smell the bad scotch; your ship is going down in flames! In fact, it’s fitting… blah scotch for a blah episode

    And you are still pushing shippers. I just held my head and groaned when I listened to this; the wasted potential;

    and good advice…. you don’t even listen to yourself! baby neck snapping again; AAAAHHHHHH! Are you trying to kill your show?

    I swear you’re trying to kill your show.

    What was the line; well less is more; all that anders/lee thing could have been clipped.

    Here’s a bright idea; let someone else do the work for a change; if all you are going to do is rehash what happened in season 1; let someone else take a crack at it.

    Your military writers, bless the poor souls, tried to change it up; but how can you change up spmething that is basically the same time and time again?

    You’re hoping a lot of this is slipping under the audiences’ dradis; um…. wrong assumption to make; the answer is the slipping in ratings.

    What we have here is what i feared would happen; too insular thinking; taking the praises of only a few and thinking every thing is okay…. no it’s not okay, far from okay.

    Bless your little lady’s heart, but this show is not about the drool meter of a sweaty Anders as much as you’ve tried to please her.

    If you please her; you’ll lose your show and that’s a fact; it’s in the wind…. can you not hear it?

    Sure you can cruise this into syndication but at what price? “Oh, battlestar, that was a good show than it got all mushy and soapy and I stopped watching it.”

    walk away Dowl; walk away and do something else.

    mandara k

    I’ve been seeing Indianapolis wherever I go; in literature, at work, etc….. hmmmmmm… I wonder.

    Well it’s time to be verwy quiet; shhhhhhh……

    Naw, I’m just bored so I’ll be not doing internet for a while….

    Will i watch the rest….. who knows?

    I’d rather be reading Proulx’s the Shipping News; which BTW is perfect title for those that loooove all this loooove…

    A little is fine; a lot is stupid for sci-fi. With Eick “rebuliding the B woman” (I’m telling you it’s a mistake…. you’ll lose money AND credibility)that leaves lover boy there and his toy.

    More pottie casts about Tahmoh and about Anders sweating;

    I’m in rapture about that… 🙄

    mandara k

    “B” is for bad; as in bad story line…. I do hope they have this quandrangle resolved; well it will be because they’ll be getting rid of one of them.

    Thank you for that….

    And well the pacing was slightly better; more action but truly it did jump around a bit much.

    No more shaky camera. we went to shaky story.

    C’mon, man what happened to the BSG that got you awards; it won’t be this season; if critics give you anything; they should have their heads examined.

    The A Story was better but then it went into that whole water thing which was weird and well really didn’t push it forward much.

    this ep; same as before 1.4 0r more 1.2-1.4

    I’m enjoying Dresden though; and now I’m back to watch a superior movie albeit children’s fare.

    The Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were- Rabbit; that at least has some drama to it with a tolerable romantic story.

    mandara k

    Dun dun dun…..


    You thought I was going to say something of import?


    I just wanted to reiterate that people who don’t practice a belief system should not loosely throw it around.

    Ehem….. the OM of the children.

    Did you know bright one you hurt their future by uttering which is a slap in the Buddhas of the Ten Directions faces?

    I’m staying away from you man; you are calling down some really unpleasant stuff and well hurting these childrens’ lives as well.

    Not my problemo though; I feel pity but I didn’t do it.

    YOU have to make amends; not me; YOU will have regret; not me.

    It’s beyond me; may be next time you’ll listen less to your ego and more to others who see a little more clearly.

    Eh, live and learn, the lessons will come fast and furious. You screw up, well, it’s not going to be Easy Street for you for a long time.

    You’ll learn the diference between transient power or authentic power; between happiness in the now or authentic happiness . Between good friends and evil friends.

    You will be asked to choose.

    Choose wisely, friend, it will determine your next steps.

    mandara k

    Well , I was too low on this rating; eh live and learn.

    I didn’t like the ep so i went low but hell, if people want to watch crappy looove stories instead of sci-fi more power to them.

    Those fans on Skiffy don’t know what the hell they want; it’s like watching an episode of MTV; what are the majority of their ages now; 18 going on 5?

    “The ratings are up; take that you TROLLS!”

    My response?

    “Isn’t it time for a diaper change?”

    They may rave about one minor uptick in ratings but think about your “core audience” now; these are college kids who can’t stick with anything long enough to make it work out; you think they’ll stick with this show?

    😆 😆 😆

    The interesting no. is the next numbers; after the Superbowl
    with a week ep and after the shippy whitewash.

    But as long as you have these factions you will not have the huge numbers once made and these rating roller coasters will continue.

    The kicker is if “Enterprise” can draw numbers; that’ gotta hurt.

    But sure there is a Season 4

    the question is ….. is it worth watching?

    So on this season 4 threshold we sit and I’ll reminisce about BSG

    by playing “I miss”

    I miss…… The “Risk” board eps…..

    I miss……the humanity vs. inhumanity questions

    I miss true heroism…. not oddly placed Helo acts; Helo from before on Caprica sacrificing himself and fighting toasters.

    I miss…..crafted eps…..

    I miss the pull up or pull out of “miracles” I mean beyond the Eye of Jupiter “we are at the same place at the same time….”

    I mean like the Leoben knowing more of Starbuck than she knew herself; Baltar choosing the right spot exactly in “Hand of God”

    The self-reflection after Cain lambasted Adama for a sloppy command.

    I miss when the Cylons were scary and seemingly omniscient and omnipotent.

    And finally I’d say to these noobs:

    ” I’m really sad that you weren’t here when this whole thing started; when it was all fresh and new.

    “prhaps then you would really understand how disappointing and dissapointed in this season we are….

    and how rehashing Season 1 and 2 in micro is not only heartbreaking to those who have been watching since the mini but annoying; although it’s all new and great to you.”

    I feel ageism in BSG fandom is playing a role; we are being replaced by younger fans who will be happy with rehashed plot ideas.

    Tragic…. really tragic…. it has come to this. 🙁

    mandara k

    Oh and some of best creative minds and thoughts are from those “Off the Skiffy BSG board”

    For example, when i get sad about the “state of current galactica” I zip on over to the Golden Shower Award and frackheads because they are HILARIOUS!

    Link to a thread a skiffy…..


    and the Golden Showers website…..

    It’s irreverent, noncensored tumbles into creativity!


    I hope to remember to vote!

    mandara k

    off topic to the extreme…. but whaaaa 😥 I have to go to non-sci-fi to get entertainment that isn’t horror based or rote sci-fi or a soapy wash…..

    I just watched The Guardian….. great film…. now it’s the “officer and a gentleman feel” *yawn* but it has some kicking ass action sequences in it…. kinda military fare meets “The Perfect Storm”

    I’m not big on Costner and Ashton K but it was entertaining enough… which got me thinking….. why not a save in space? Hmmmm?

    I know been done and they have this whole new audience that LOOVE getting soapy and the complexity of characters; and i must be a dolt for not getting it.

    Oh….. I “get” it…..

    but it is still boring.

    This stuff that belongs exactly where it was shot, in a bar or in a beauty salon…. not on sci-fi.

    I mean what’s not to love; a “sensitive” Lee falling to pieces over a wacko chick with issues from Mommy, a dead ex-fiancee, a failed marriage, and is a part of every mission Galactica does but decides to keep his devoted but cuckoled wife and move on just as she decides to keep her convenient toyman but Lee and Kara will always have NC and those “steamy hot looks and memories?”

    Yeah *checks off the list* I get it…..

    This is character? This is the pinnacle of character-driven drama? 🙄 OOOkay…..

    I can truly say there is character and there is character…..

    Or…. high character and low character….. following your head and discipline or your emotions like loooove and your nads….

    As the movie I previously mentioned says :their swimmers say their motto is “So someone may live.” I would say if the code of ethics were applied to this; something noble ….they might of written something well.

    What am i saying? Ethics, nobility? This is sci-fi channel and these are execs that have their own code…. and ethics and nobility don’t sell to today’s audience….

    Which haunts me actually….

    Are we worth saving? Is this show worth saving? Are these characters worth saving?

    I really wonder…..

    Oh and BTW, if you, as someone who could, are going to remake something interesting… “7 faces of Dr. Lao… a childhood fav of mine… the librafy had a copy so I’ll be enjoying this shortly again…..think of what modern techniques could do with this!

    mandara k

    I don’t understand; really… the black and white of this…. the total divisiveness of this fanbase in which the skiffy board is only a portion of…..

    It’s that okay and nay thing, which is so childish it’s ridiculous; is anything ever been or truly black and white, wrong or right, good or evil? I would say no, and the fact this show banks on it; those gray areas yet when it comes to “honest” criticism the true hypocrisy shows its colors.

    It has to be great and touted as so or you get the tongue lashing of the okay kids or you have to dump on it ir hear the backlash of the anti- BSG?

    For cripes sake! Grow up! I can like or dislike or bash or not bash any frigging part of this show at any friggin’ time i want ’cause I live in a free country or what is supposed to be free.

    Only idiots see marginally; only incompetents are short sighted.

    Think of it this way; sci-fi already slapped hands for ratings; I mean there aren’t even starting to film until June which leaves either an fall or Jan premiere of a season 4 which comes to the 10 month spread. i 2 hr movie may or may not keep interest but it’s a gamble.

    So, enjoy what there is ….you may not see much of BSG for quite a while….after March 23 of the yr.

    it may not be all bad, no more ratings or false ratings reported anymore.

    No more henpecked husband reports…. 😈 “Put that out!’

    One friggin’ cig….. 🙄 and cigs picked by her no less…. why? for a control issue I guess…

    No one tells me when to smoke or not; and tries to make me feel bad about smoking… why don’t you stop driving a car or buying products too so that there is no air pollution; send kids out with full protective masks…..

    Why not the lovey approach…. “I don’t want you to smoke ’cause me and the kids want you around a long time and healthy.”

    Hullo? isn’t that better than guilt?

    Yeesh! 🙄

    mandara k


    To explain would be complex and not worth my effort so let’s make this short.

    Good-bye Dowl and wife; and good luck…



    mandara k

    I know MAJOR faux pas but I’m going to talk about a movie not BSG related 😉 not even sci-fi but it is on my mind.

    It’s called The March of the Penguins….

    okay before the eye-rolling and the sputtering of that’s not sci-fi that’s stoopid…. read me out.

    We, as much as we claim are different and “higher” than animals but are we really. Most of our behavior is so animal-like and driven by that nature and when i come across a movie that points this out so beautifully I am stunned.

    These penguins live in the most formidable reaches of our world; they go to great lengths to spawn where they are born like the salmon. They walk 70 or more miles to do so….

    But it is not that that silences me…. it’s when the males take the egg onto their feet and wait out the winter in Antarctica where winds blow up to 100 miles per hr and the temp is easily way below what we “superior humans” can stand. They do this without food and only by huddling in the shelter of its own kind do they and their offspring survive. The form a large body of bodies and rotate themselves through the center which is the warmest (it can be up to 60 degrees)

    What is the lesson here? Do we need a “winter” of some sort to unify us, “the superior being” so that we work as one.

    Sure the Cylons have that to a degree but even they have become fractional and soft. The Colonials have worried more about the mating season than the threat.

    ANd how would the species survive if there are a few who would not take their turn in the cold to give a chance to others to be in the middle.

    If humans as we are now, tried this, many would die… because they would refuse to do their part; to take the time out of the limelight and let others have a turn.

    Or if suddenly this group split; many would die. the survival cannot be assured… the continuation of the species could not be guaranteed.

    Sacrifice is needed to move forward; how far is a person willing to go ensure survival; how far will these BSG writers and crew and actors go to ensure survival of their show?

    The days of relying on a white chargers filled with new fans for the show is over. It is time to heal rifts and band together; make those in the hub of it all move to the outside and take some harsh winds in order for it all to survive for all fans, whether they say okay, nay, or casually watch.

    The time for splitting the fanbase up through short-sighted and emotionally tinged thinking must end and end now.

    Or no matter how long the hiatus…. there will be few fans who will remain.

    Decisions shouldn’t be based on likes and dislikes of the writers and their spouses… we all know Helo and Sharon live because you know who and his wife like them as people; regardless of story.

    That’s fine…. we get it….. you like them….. but if you don’t back it up with decent story telling it’s silly and panders to you; that’s not sacrifice… that’s wanting to sit in the middle all the time and not do your part for the story.

    Be true to the story…. be respectful of the whole group of fans…

    Respect…huh. New concept I guess. I know I didn’t get it personally… which would explain why any ideas i shared didn’t quite fly; well may be if i was given respect they might have; the ideas given are neutral ;neither good nor bad; but because of the way it panned out…. the way i was treated they became tainted.

    What i do know is that some delusions are flying for the protection of some egos…. let me state this…. I don’t write the show… I don’t want to write for the show…. I didn’t want to write for the show. Sure I put input in it but I don’t run the show. So instead of pointing that finger of blame at me which people are wont to do…. the decisions were not mine what goes in, what stays in, what is cut. That would be you. Your timing sucks; your wife is distracting you from writing a good story and you are a whiny baby trying to blame someone for you shortness of sight.

    Grow up… you have to take your time out of the middle where its nice and cushy and be buffeted by the cold sometimes.

    And hopefully you will be stronger for it; no one grows through lack of challenges… an easy life doesn’t polish your character.

    And what have you to complain of R anyway? You’re like life is sooo tough…. I mean a wife that loves you deeply, great and healthy kids, a show that is, on the skids for your choices as of late, but you’ve got another season and a movie….

    So whining should not be a part of you when things get a little tough and rough…. unless you see all of what you have as unnourishing to your spirit… which it is…. but only you can resolve that.


    mandara k

    And BTW, R you need to change the way you do podcasts.

    I mean they were okay MEH until now. Things change boy, you gotta keep moving forward.

    I know it’s supposed to tell us how the sausage is made but hell Mary in a basket… YOU don’t even know what’s going on so you sputter through it drunk.

    Hand that bad boy mike off to someone who knows what the hell is going on with that ep.

    Or at least make in interesting… and, no, the wife really doesn’t make it that interesting ’cause she’ll slobber over Tahmoh or ask annoying questions or nag.

    But she does have bright moments, to be fair…. the kittens were cute ’cause i like animals and the salt line insight was good. She shines when she speaks from her intelligence and her knowledge; pulling tidbits of interest THAT way. The daily personal life stuff we don’t need.

    If I was podcasting; I’d ask her about something relevant from the ep like bad doctors; or and ism like racism; she seems to have knowledge of that, but you need to fill the void of eps you don’t know what’s going on with something… in times like that tangents may be good.

    Or hand the podcasts to Eick if he edited or Eddie if he directed it or someone else

    and you go write…. something better then what we’ve been seeing I hope.

    1.4- 1.6 this week.

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