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    Ok, so we know what the favourite episodes are, but are there any episodes (any season) people don’t like… Or think they should have done differently?

    I’m not that keen on The Net/The Web (s2) personally… Didn’t think they needed two almost identical episodes.


    I liked The Net/The Web and when the TV channel that aired lexx here in Czech Republic just left one of the two out (The Web I think) I was quite mad. These two were a nice little experiment and I think it worked.

    There were some weaker eps in s2 and s3, but none of them was so bad that it would suck. And none of them was boring, they were just somewhat worse that Lexx standard. And somewhat worse than Lexx standard = better than most things you can see on TV.

    Alas, in s4 were episodes that were really bad…:-/ Xevivor is one of them… (Well, Xenia is beautiful and hot and sexy and all that, but that’s not enough.)


    S1 – Eating Pattern

    S2 – none

    There were some weaker eps in s2 and s3, but none of them was so bad that it would suck.

    S3 – Battle, I wasn’t fond of this one, the only one

    S4 – Little Blue Planet, Texx Lexx, Stan Down, ApocaLexx Now (funny moments, but I generally hated it!)


    Keep in mind how much I love LEXX. Just being objective 😀

    Series 2) I’ve heard rumors that the Vlad-Divine Executioner stuff was slated originally for Series 2. If I woulda changed anything, I woulda added that. Series 2 is brilliant, even with White Trash to break up the fun.

    Series 3) More Episodes!!! More Cities!!! The only bad thing about this series is that it was short (which also helped it)! My least favorite ep was Girltown. I felt it had the most potential, especially for wrapping up the Series Lore about “Duke, Prince, et al” The non-she’s if you will. But they also stop short.

    4) Hmm, only one episode, huh? Well, the main problem with this series like many have noted is that it all takes place on Earth!

    They spent 3 seasons explaining the Dark Zone was filled with depravity, evil, chaos, and the works. Then, when we spend over half the episodes in the total series there, we only get to see 3 habitable worlds (Fire, Water, Earth) minus the Lyekka eaten ones. Speaking of, my least favorite ep of this season is very easily “Lyekka vs Japan”

    So okay, I get the joke that Earth is at the center of this ugly Universe, but can we get something to make it relative to? Soooo much potential to go back to what made Series 2 great, and they just got lazy on us or something 🙁


    Hi Fellow Lexxians,
    My least favourite episodes are:
    Movies: Eating Pattern
    S2: The Web, Norb, a couple of others I can’t think of at the moment
    S3: May, Battle
    S4: Little Blue Planet, Texx Lexx, Mort, Bad Carrot & a couple of others I can’t think of at the moment.

    The episodes I’d like to have seen differently are:
    Movies: Eating Pattern
    S2: Stan’s Trial, Brizon
    S3: The Beach
    S4: I’ll have to get back to you on this.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    I loved the idea of divine executioners. If they had of put that in s2….. I think it would have been fantastic 😀


    Jhevz, I’m curious. I really like Stan’s Trial what would you have liked to have seen done differently????


    I side with aquabloodstone when it comes to Battle. Indeed, I found S3 very spotty, although it’s slowly grown on me. This is probably because I find S4 even more uneven. Concerning S2, I found the Web/Net conceit to be a bit much, but a good way to bring the series in under budget I suppose.


    S1 Eating Pattern – Just plain sucked.

    S2 White Trash, god was that thing a mess.

    S3 Girl Town, not even the divine Ms. Dubin could save it.

    S4 So many to choose from…. hummm, for shear gross out factor I would have to say Mort. For the power to stop Sadgeezer episode reviews in their tracks it would have to be Bad Carrot. For what the freak were they thinking…. I would have to go with my over all choice – Prime Ridge.


    I’m going to borrow LexxLurker’s disclaimer, if I may. 😀

    Keep in mind how much I love LEXX. Just being objective 😀

    S1: Eating Pattern.

    I’m not really sure why, it just didn’t grab me. Maybe it’s that it’s a jarring interruption to the Divine Order storyline, I don’t know.

    S2: The Web/Net.

    I have one of them on DVD, but I’ll be damned if I can remember which one. I never could be bothered to see the flip side of this boring coin. Maybe one day I’ll get around to seeing the other, just to be able to say I’ve seen all of Lexx, but really, if you’ve seen one episode, you know the other isn’t worth watching.

    S3: Girltown.

    Ellen Dubin was wasted in this episode. Yeah, I understand how poetic it is to have a cannibal lacking a body in Hell, or Mantrid not having arms, but both characters were so subdued compared to their S2 counterparts, so removed from who they are, I dunno, it wasn’t fun seeing them rendered to lesser villians in the big scheme of things.

    I think I would’ve written them as having seats of real power in Prince’s dominion. Why would Prince employ idiots like Priest when he could have sadistic souls like Mantrid and Giggerota torturing the Lexx crew? If he was really that keen on eliminating Water, he might have thought to employ someone who destroyed a Universe. Having Giggerota devour the souls of the wicked like the Egyptian Goddess Ammut would have been fitting, especially given Stanley’s experiences with Giggy in the Narcolounger.

    Just a thought. 😀

    S4: Oh god, hold me back! O.K., deep breaths…just ONE episode. *tosses about 18 episodes into the hat and picks one*

    Moss. Pointless filler that moved the season long story arc absolutely nowhere. Another waste of a recurring guest star. Pretty much the same thing I could say about a great many of S4’s episodes.

    I’m not sure Moss is the worst S4 had to offer, but it’s a little hard to pick the cream of the crap given the stiff competition.

    LexxLurker wrote:

    I’ve heard rumors that the Vlad-Divine Executioner stuff was slated originally for Series 2

    I was unaware of this, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense that it was conceived in S2. I am glad it wound up being put off until S4, though. The Vlad story arc accounted for most of the good S4 eps.

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