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    Welcome to this new forum. If you watch the show, why not post your opinions here.


    Well Sadgeezer: Since nobody has replied in over nine months; I guess not many have watched the show 💡 . I would watch the show, but I only can get one channel 😡 ; This may be the result of me cancelling my cable 🙄 . I cancelled the cable two years ago (telling them that I lost my job 😯 – actually I had to cut down on expenses 🙁 – the lady must have felt sorry for me as nobody came around to cut the line 😀 . 24 months later a guy called Habib (yes – true! 😕 ) told me that a mistake was made and that they had to disconnect the line 😉 . I told them to go ahead….. 😥 They told me they could give me three free months if I signed up again 💡 . I said nothing 😈 . He then left a note at the door threatening disconnection 👿 . I did nothing….. 😳 . Then a lady phoned asking why I did not want to stay with the cable ❓ . I said: because I no longer watch the TV 🙂 . Then Habib left another note threatening disconnection 😮 . One month passed….. ➡ …..and then I turned on the TV and the cable was cut 👿 . Of course – if they had seen a dish on the roof…..that cable would have been cut in minutes 8) 👿 ). In conclusion; since I have not watched the show, I can not give an opinion – though I would have if I could…..



    My opinions on the show edgy, dark,and respectably good for the money they spent on it(almost nil). Some very fine Actors and actresses but not enough character development at times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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