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    …i thought an adult version of ‘The Tribe’, mixed with the gloom of ‘Mad Max’. just a couple of initial thoughts… could be interesting. i generally liked the idea of ‘The Tribe’, but the teenage angst bit really grated. it was just a little too cosy at times, which made it unrealistic. here, in my view, we have a view of a post-apocalyptic world which seems more possible-grime, dirt, violence and all. more opportunities for great storytelling, i don’t know if anyone else feels the same- but i find it easier to relate to characters in such stories if the situations they are in are more real!!


    I can’t dissagree with much 0f what you said. I must admit though, I was surprised to see boobs and swearing in the show!? Not dissapointed, just surprised.

    FOr a sci fi show (especially one from a geezer who’s last show was axed) is a bit dareing. I thought that this first episode was boreing but that acting and general premise were pretty good. It desperately needs a good storyline, but it’ll probably get better as it’s got chance to develop.

    Has it finnished the first season in the States/Canada yet?


    In a word ‘Boring’.
    It seemed like Dark Angel without the sexy babe and action, so it didn’t interest me!!!
    Seriously though, I’ve never liked that Strazynski (spelling?) bloke, I always thought his work boring, and this just seems to reinforce my view.
    It’s another been there, done that post apocalyptic tosh, but like everything I will give it a chance, but this is the 4th recent sci-fi that looks like crap, the other’s 3 being Andromeda, Mutant X and Odyssey 5, all of which have been absolute drivel.
    Jeremiah did not hold my attention, and it being on at 10pm just makes it even harder to stay awake. I can’t decide whether the boobs, the swearing and the sex are a lame attempt to gather interest or is integral to the show.
    On the whole it’s not something I’m getting excited about, and in the months that this forum has been up, it would appear our American cousins haven’t found it interesting either.
    I feel a bit sorry for Luke Perry, obviously his comeback vehicle, could’ve have chosen better Luke!!!
    My guess is that it’ll get two seasons before the axe falls, hopefully Strazynski will be thinking about retiring…here’s hoping.


    Everyone is entitl’d to their own opinion. I, for one, think very highly of J-Strac’s work and look forward to purchasing Jeremiah on CD or DVD.


    Yeah, I do too. Unfortunately Crusade was too much like more of the same and Jerimiah just doesn’t seem to have the same kick to it. Maybe it’s me, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a story arc (something that JMS was slated for buy other sci fi producers (like that silly woman Majel Rodenberry) when it just went to prove what a genius JMS really is)….

    – or am I missing something.


    It’s good stuff. Post-apocolyptic genre is one of my favorites. And while I felt the nudity and swearing was often gratitious and not really adding to the environment it had the seeds of a great show. I’ll definitely be checking it out when it goes retail. I don’t watch much Showtime so it’s hard for me to keep up.

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