What do you think of the latest season?

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    Is it me, or is the latest season a bit slow?


    i agree its slow, probably because of the way the SCI-FI channel shows 13 episodes and then takes a break for 5 months

    Other than that i cant get enough Stargate


    The last episode with Daniel Jackson returning was cool though. DJ was just as irritating as usual

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    I hated this season. Dunno why. Seemed like a lot of grandstanding and very little substance.

    But a little OT, I loved the reruns. They’ve been showing SG-1 from the 1st season on, every night at 1am. Those eps are VERY enjoyable.


    I’m gonna have to agree with Lexxlurker on this one. The prolouges and the stories seemed rushed quite often. However the way the current “season” ended seems to open up soem possiblities for the remainder of the season/series. (With the x-303 and Thor’s problem with the replicators.)


    Yep, well I have missed a few episodes and I’m not as worried as I thought I’d be


    what did you chaps make of “The Other Guys”? did you spot the bat’leth? were you left thinking WTF??? at the end? or did you think “hello TV screen-meet sole of boot”?
    just wondering…generally i thought it was a very good episode, god knows i needed a laugh this week. if the end meant what i think it did, though, i think it spoilt it

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