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    is no more? Apparently something happened in the forums and the site was closed down by the owners?

    Anyone know why?


    I had no problems accessing the site from the link. I guess it was just temporarily down, possibly for maintenance, or maybe they’ve been having server problems similar to this site. Hmmm…

    Edited: Wow, I can’t believe I actually posted in the Andromeda forum! 😳 What’s next, Little House on the Martian Prairie? lol 😆

    Just kidding, it’s about time I expanded my sci-fi horizons … yes, even if that does include Captain Hercules. 🙄 😀


    Hehe, 🙂

    No, I mean what happened to the site – it used to be HUGE! it was THE Andromeda site for fans of the show and to give you an example of it’s popularity, about 18 months ago I noticed that one of the forums had around 20,000 messages in it! Earlyer this year though, the forums were closed down and the news system stopped and most of the other facilities taken down.

    I visited another board and there was a brief note that the site had been attacked by trolls and wasn’t moderated in the same way that this site is. Lots of people became angry and discontent and the owners of the site decided to close it down. Which is a shame, it really was a thriving community, even if it was a little bit overly positive about the way the show was turning into Hurcules in space.

    I just wondered if anyone had any specific details.


    Ah, I see.

    You didn’t happen to also see a note that read “Fluffy Bunny was here,” did you? 😉


    Haha, I’m sure our fluffy would rise above such destruction 😉


    i really never thought that place would be shut down! i do have to admit that i didn’t really like it all that much. first of all like you said sadgeezer, it was huge! and if you were new to the site it would take hours just to read a few of the topics. and also before i stopped visiting it there did seem to be lots ‘trolling’ going on! 😡 maybe we will get some ‘new blood’ here in this forum. 😀



    Haha, I’m sure our fluffy would rise above such destruction

    Are you sure? thought I saw the footprints of a large pink rabbit 😯

    Don’t know what happened to the site, I couldn’t get it to load at all for a long time last fall (?) and haven’t been back.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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