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    What if before Kai died (again) he transferred the essence of His Shadow into another bug, thus giving birth to the order again. Perhaps to some entomologist, who then began the mix breeding to create a rebirth of the ancient Insects….

    As we know from the Time Prophet the universe runs in cycles, which would lead us to believe that the Insects would once again be born and grow to power they once were.

    We fast forward and find that a new insect race once again populates the Dark Universe and are at war once again…however this time His Shadow has been alive and thriving for milennia, over seeing the entire growth of his species and society.


    As far as I am concerned, one can never have too much of the insect civilization! I would watch a whole show (heavily animated) populated almost exclusively with insects.


    Ya know, I always thought about that. Since Kai’s gone and all, maybe it would be an opportunity to have Xev toughen up and fight the insects. I dunno, but I think she’d be kinda broody about losing her dead guy.


    I was thinking more like WAY down the road, Xev and Stan and them probably wouldn’t be alive anymore. The Insects would grow, another race would fight the insects like the Brunnen G once did and His Shadow would be there for the whole thing….

    Of course he could be rebuilding the Insect race and attampting to capture the Lexx once again.

    So lets think this…Kai is dead….again (hehe) He has passed on the essence of His Shadow who now works to rebuild the insects and recapture Lexx. Would he once again try to build up the Gigashadow? Which would once again create protoblood….Perhaps he would hope to lure Xev and Stan with that….drawing them into his clutches to seek revenge!

    Would they succeed in gathering some Protoblood? Would His shadow capture the lexx? Would the Dark Universe be destroyed as well? The world may never know….(sorry had to ad that last bit0

    That could make for a really interesting story….what do you guys think?


    Who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’ve always thought that a prequel about the Great Insect War would be interesting, but I like your angle too, Darkness. It would make a great fanfic.


    Been toying with the idea of writing it as a fanfic.

    We shall see how well I make it progress before I post anything though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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