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    Stargate Atlantis, what a stupid name (my brother refers to it as the underwater one). UK terrestrial viewers finally get Atlantis, so what do I think about it?

    After the 1st epp I agreee that it rehashes the 1st epp of SG1, but that said, I think there is potential. At least for now I’m willing to give Atlantis a chance.

    My view on the first eppisode is that akthough in the same say as SG1, they go to a new world and find new enemies, there is potential for new stories (although truth be told, I would rather not have had another human worlds idea, leave the ancients dead and buried in cryptic Azgard legends), there are a few good charectors. (I’m sure that the irritating army guy is the T1000) Bringing in the unpleseant Canadian scientist is a good idea, exept he is not a jerk, I liked it better when he was a jerk who calls Carter a dumb Blonde!
    Liz McNeil (name sounds like Doom3) is a good diplomatic person, kinda the new Daniel.

    I guess that the new series is one I’m still going to watch, even it is nowhere as good as SG1

    (please note drunken typing)


    As, well then what did you think of the SG1 season opener?

    They have moved from the underwater one to the burrow under the hill. 😀

    Just think, they could eventually hit all the myths, SG Vallaha, SG Middle Kingdom, SG Hogwarts. 😉


    I’d like to like Stargate Atlantis but like the other series there are too many army types blasting at everything that moves with machine guns – (“Oh you homosapiens and your guns – Magneto).

    Somehow can’t see superior beings/cultures/technologies being put in their ‘rightful’ places by a load of yankee gun toting squadies!

    Loved the Wraiths though!


    Yeah, they killed Mr T-1000 in a very interesting way

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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