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    I just rented Children of Men and Pursuit of Happyness….

    I really enjoyed the Children of Men one

    There just wasn’t enough happiness in happyness for me…felt like nipping off to the kitchen to off myself after that one..


    Children of Men was interesting. A definite “Sci-Fi” highlight of the year, if you can call it so.

    Watched Smokin’ Aces[/url] with a friend of mine at the local cinema late at night. We had the whole cinema for ourselves (and felt kinda bad for keeping the staff at work :)). Not a great movie, but OK if you got some popcorn.

    Oh, and I tried watching a cyborg movie named Nemesis[/url], but have only watch some 20min of it yet. Gotta recover some stamina before I finish it.

    Had much better luck on the TV front: watch season 1 of Earth: Final Conflict[/url] for the first time. Though it was great, but unsure if I want to watch the next season as all my fav characters dies. 🙁 Also watch some good british crime in Prime Suspect[/url]. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Dark and grim like Wire in the Blood[/url]. Also been fed propaganda (willingly) by Adam Curtis. 🙂


    must recommend Taxidermia[/url]!! Watched it with a friend of mine. That movie left a lasting imprint on both our retinas, but still a great piece of cinematography.


    I watched Smokin Aces… thought it was crap.
    I watched Children of Men… thought it was crap.
    I watched Ghost Rider… thought it was crap.
    I watched Wild Hogs… thought it was okay.

    On video recently there have been a few good ones. Watched Flushed Away and laughed my head off. From the moment the one rat complained about his bum looking like a japanese flag after a hot curry I was hooked. I also went to the missus home and was upset that I had to sit down and watch a chic flic called ‘shes the man’. Having said that, it really made me laugh. I am almost embarresed to say I enjoyed it. On the telly last night I watched a great film called ‘goal’. I am not a soccer fan, but the story was good enough to keep me quite involved in the characters.


    Yeah, I just had one of those. We sat down and watched Crank and expected to be rubbishing it all the way through and yet we really liked it (good for a laugh anyway!)

    mandara k

    I, too, have recently watched “Children of Men” which i felt much more satisfied with than the whole last season of BSG 3 when speaking of ‘what is humanity?’

    But… my interest is straying toward not neccessarily sci-fi but futuristic entertainment.

    The movie set in 2027 is wonderful. and somewhat relevant for the simple fact I might be that old woman in that cage of ‘fugees’ or the wheel-chair bound woman killed by her old hippie guy.

    Parts of it shocked, but to make a statement nowadays, we have a perverse reliance on shock treatment be it in our movies, our radio anouncers or our media.

    Why is the need to be shocked, and instant gratification, and reality the highest sellers? It is disconcerting…. is that what it really takes to feel anymore?

    And the extras on this video are marvelous especially when it talks of the capitalism as a money junkie; instead of taking what is given, to rebuild or to raise the standard of living for all, it is more of a pursuant of “that’s great, but i want more money.”

    Now before you get all flag-waving American on me, let me step back and say I love my country and the opportunities it presents as much as the next guy or gal, but i will not buy into the nationalism that spawns from the “this is America, love it or leave it.”

    Did all of your ancestors cross the great bridge during the Ice Age to become the first people in your “America” Or were they a part of the Viking crew, or in Jamestown, or even step off the Mayflower.

    No, more likey then not, they came as immigrants from another land much later than America’s first discovery.

    So, are they true Americans. Just as that slippery slope of what it means to be human, what does it mean to be American, or a woman, or a man or a Father or Mother, or a Christian, or jew, or black or white, or etc……

    That ‘s one of the greatest rights we defend; to question and protest if we choose. It is this right and a few others that make me proud of America.

    “Children of Men” made me ask, what if preserving those universal truths meant clawing at the very system set up to defend those rights? When citizens become prisoners of their own government?



    I watched ‘Night At The Museum’ with my daughter and we both totally loved it!


    I watched “Silent Hill” a while back.

    Went home, changed my shorts and slept with the light on.

    I hate scary movies, and that really ranks up there as one of the most scary movies I’ve ever seen.

    Cool soundtrack though. I think it was some Japanese composer or something.


    The Fountain was depressing and good.


    Pink Velvet is an exceptional film – I particularly enjoyed the female interactions.


    Went to the cinemas and picked at random Sunshine[/url]. Visuals and sound was top notch, but I was not too impressed with the story. Especially all the problems that faced the spacecrew felt, to say the least, contrived. At least it’s a sci-fi movie, so I probably shouldn’t be too particular. 🙂


    I watched Hot Fuzz. Instant classic for me. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead. It has the best fly kick I have ever seen. That little granny really took one in the shnoz!


    I was stuck in a hotel room this weekend watching the Spiderman I, too tired to push a button on the remote control… It sucked. The main character was so revolting (sorry if anyone here is a fan) it almost made me puke… Traveling could be a bit tiresome sometimes.
    The new James Bond – seen last week – not as bad as I expected.
    Has anyone seen Pan’s Labyrinth? I want to rent it when it comes out on DVD tomorrow here in the US.


    I watched ‘Night At The Museum’ with my daughter and we both totally loved it!

    So did theSpouse. He watched it last week at the hotel while I was visiting some GF’s. Of course, we were going to watch it together, but he was bored and not inclined to wait on my schedule.

    ‘sokay. He said just wait until the next time we go away and charge it to his card.

    What I am really waiting to see this weekend is the new SHREK. 😀
    What can I say, I am a sucker for large eyed kitty cats. Puss Rules!

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