What Sort Of Coffee Does No. 6 Drink?

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    Coffee can tell a lot about a person. So what would The Prisoner order if he drove up to the “drive-through” window of a coffee shop in the village?

    He probably would not drink a French Vanilla Cappuccino…..for example….. I’m thinking straight Black possibly with some cream and the large size; plus, if he ordered a donut, it would probably be a “plain” one.

    Just wondering….. 🙄

    For those not into Coffee; here is a primer from Canadian retailer Tim Hortons:

    Tim Hortons[/url]



    I remember at the beginning of The General he is drinking a coffee, think he takes it black (he likes his tea without milk and with lemon). I do know for sure that he doesn’t take sugar. He gave it up on medical advice several years before winding up in the Village — something which shows discipline and a fear of death according to the new Labour Exchange Manager in Free For All. Due to his “discipline” and healthy fear of (some) unhealthy foods, he would probably go for the holesome [i]sic[/i] goodness of a plain donut. 😉

    “I am afraid of nothing!” (No. 6).

    If it was available, I think he might like the world’s rarest and most exotic coffee bean Mmm, mmm good to the last plop.

    Note: donuts are such a festive food — holy food for the holidays. *groan*



    In an unused script he is nearly given away when he buys coffee for a downed pilot he has hidden in a cave. He has to pretend he’s developed a taste for it when Number 2 offers him a cup.

    Could have been a funny scene….

    Uh, I’ll go with Maxwell House Arrest? double groan…



    I’ve always had the feeling that #6-if he had to drink coffee-would very much prefer Expresso over Capucchino. Unsweetened, with no cream, of course…

    Maxwell House Arrest indeed… 😉


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