What’s in your CD (Part Three).

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    I guess I have what’s in the CDs of about three million people now – The Emimen Show.

    I like the quote I read from from Stephen King “This album kicks major ass!”

    mandara k

    I actually returned to some Corelli, Hayden, and Bach right now; a little Incubus, with a whiff of Coldplay


    got my grubby mawlers on Russell Watson-Encore this week. only got it cos ‘Faith of the heart’ had seriously grown on me, & i was curious about his other stuff. anyway, i look at the back of the cd as you do, to see what’s what b4 playing it…
    16. Where my heart will take me (theme from Enterprise)
    wooohooo!!!! oh, happy days…it’s not that fans can’t get the song because it isn’t available yet, it’s just not called what you think. 3 mins 48 (approx) of happiness yes, i’ve already been called a sad b*****d, & i admit peeing myself when i realised what i had. you know what? i don’t care!! i’m sooo happy!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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