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    mandara k

    You can’t hide from the things you’ve done nor who you were.

    😆 😆

    I’m evil, ooh yes i am…

    Here’s a pic forom googling the fearess leader just because…. I’m evil.

    But it was a more than a 😈 minute, it’s proof of what he said.

    You ready?

    He’s much more interesting with the hair but i must say the lack of makes the face easier to read.

    For those that read faces (it keeps me entetained in group situations where i don’t shine) hmmmm…. the facial hair covers and this is general…..a part of the face that you don’t want everyone to know.

    Thus beards cover the lower 1/2 of a man’s face which is the “earthy part’ or the basic needs, ape-like part… you know the animus in all of us. it often covers a weak chin which means just that…. weak in standing up for oneself, bucking the system, etc…

    Of course its easier to read a clean-shaven face.

    What else can this tell me…..

    Ambition is clearly apart; which is indicated by the forehead whch remains clear then and now but terribly because it’s not a prominent feature, he makes it so.

    The eyebrows are the kicker though. This tells me he’s an idea man that has flashes of brillance but is scattered, like the hair of his ungroomed brows; so its there but it’s not consistent. (That’s why I groom mine! 😮 )

    The ears in juxtapositon to the head tells you sometimes he keeps his own counsel, sometimes he’ll blab it out so secrets are a hit and miss with this guy. The mouth confirms this. The shape lends to talking but but not neccesarily sweet stuff.

    Again this is downplayed by covering it.

    The nose which is longer is in the portion of the face dealing with intelligence; its there but often overrun by the lower jaw or base as you can see in the grimace here.

    SO he acheives balance by covering his base and allowing the intelligence to take center stage.

    The thickness of the nose nares tell of support from loved ones which is average, if not a little on the lean side.

    But it is hilighted now; which is good.

    I said aww to this pic. Of course after a few years we learn to change to our best advantage, and he did this, but i said awwww
    Dowl…. what happened to the boy you were?

    mandara k

    oh and is more my style…… I kinda like this; it suits “my place” this guy in green…..


    and well this song ’cause one of favorite colors is ….green.



    You my friend have to stop smoking pot. It’s not healthy. 😀

    mandara k

    And um “friend” you should back away from the bottle.

    That’s okay, that was all in fun, and I knew, mentioning the beard would bring you into my parlour. 😆 😆 😆

    BTW that stuff makes me too paranoid! 😯

    Besides i was getting bored on the board and decided to stir it up a little with offhand mumbo jumbo you pick up on the way; like old wives tales.

    If it offends, I’m kinda sorry, not fully… but kinda. 😈

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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