What’s with the intro?

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    I wonder why they changed the intros to BSGs for Sci-Fi USA.

    Maybe I’m just being a bit picky, but in this ‘geezers opinion they’re a pale shade to the intros shown on Sky. Those were filled with sad heartfelt music followed by a huge punch in the face of a fast-beat tempo, and flashes of the scenes throughout the ep. While most of the clips are the same, the music has been replaced with something well, boring!

    Any thoughts?

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    Probably somebody upstairs, the PC committee, or the legal dept had a problem with the Sanscript/Sanskrit chant they were singing in the U.K. version. I didn’t have a problem with it and thought it was a an appropiate theme, but thats just me. The reflectiveness of the song when shown with the scenes of war and destruction, then the fast pace of the drums fit nicely with the later montage of action and love scenes works well. Both intro tunes are Far Eastern sounding with the U.S. version adding the reverb/echo effects for a more “outer space” feel/sound.

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    Quick Answer: Bonnie Hammer hated it.

    Long answer: The composer for the show was tapped to make an intro song. He through together a half-assed song and previewed it to Ron Moore, not expecting him to like it “as-is”. Ron Moore loved it, and wanted nothing cahnged, even after the composer showed him a few other tunes. It was okayed by most levels of Sci Fi and Sky One, but it was never previewed to Bonnie Hammer. It aired in the UK with the depressing theme. When it was finally reviewed to Bonnie Hammer, she hated it, and thought it too depressing. Another intro had to be made, this time something more uplifting. Repeat the above a few more times, before we were left with our current version, in which nobody loves, but everybody accepts.


    God. Isn’t that woman dead yet?

    How long O lord will you torture us by allowing her to breathe. Were are those curb jumping buses when you need them.


    I hadn’t noticed that particular alteration in the American version myself until this past week. This is probably why our shows inevitably end up with the inanity the likes of ‘Faith of the Heart’ for “Enterprise.”

    And I’ll share in everyone’s dismay here over the change that was lost when the show jumped sides of the Atlantic; the theme, while somber was uplifting in its own peculiar way. And certainly aligned better to the cultural elements of the BSG universe than the banal dregs that we in the US now have to suffer with :/

    And on a quick aside, I love the ‘this episode,’ ‘space:1999’ homage bits in the intro ๐Ÿ™‚

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