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    Which of the Number 2’s (hehe, I love the way that sounds 🙂 Have gone onto star in their own shows or their own films?

    I know Leo McKern went on to star in the series Rumpole of the Bailey….. anyone know of what happened top any of the others?


    I am cruising the internet now for the answer to that, haven’t run into anything yet. But by hook or by crook…

    Leo McKern is the only one I know anything about. I understand he died not too long ago. A sad loss of a fine actor, to be sure. He was THE nomber 2 in my mind.


    I’m multi-tasking at the moment (getting stuff packed for a big move — hopefully not to The Village), but while many of them have appeared in well known films and TV; none were in such a memorable starring role as Leo McKern (my favourite No.2) in Rumpole. And I remember reading before that four of the No. 2s appeared in Bond movies. I’m a Bond buff and remember George Baker from Arrival in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


    Colin Gordon died in 1972, and was also in The Pink Panther and Casino Royale.

    Eric Portman was ill during filming and passed away in 1969.

    Rachel Herbert: Appeared in Danger Man.

    Georgina Cookson: Appeared in Danger Man, UFO.

    Anton Rogers: Appeared in Danger Man.

    Andre Van Gyseghem: Appeared in Danger Man, The Saint.

    Mary Morris: Appeared in Doctor Who and several period pieces.

    Clifford Evans: The Saint, the Avengers and the movie Curse of the Werewolf.

    Darren Nesbit: I hear he did a lot of British TV, but I dunno…. I think I would remember that face. I may have seen him in Danger Man, but I haven’t rechecked that episode.

    Peter Wyngarde: Recurring role: Jason King, also appeared in Flash Gordon, Doctor Who, The Saint and the Avengers.

    David Bauer: Appeared in the Saint, the Avengers, You only Live Twice, Diamonds are Forever, etc.

    John Sharp: Recurring role: All Creatures Great and Small. Also appeared in Barry Lyndon, the Avengers.

    Patrick Cargill: Appeared in the Avengers.

    Kenneth Griffith: Appeared in Danger Man. Also probably the only Number 2 still working in the last decade and in several movies with names the public will recognize: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Shaka Zulu, The Lion in Winter, The Englishman who walked up a hill and came down a mountain.


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