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    We are inside Hell. How can I describe it any other way?

    I can feel the fires of the glass works. I can smell the sulphurous breath of our chthonic gods.

    I live in squalid darkness and breathe filthy air.

    My name is Rose and I’ve never seen the sky.



    hmmm…artwork is interesting..i had to look up what a Troglodyte was, lol

    "You could easily drive through the village and out the other side without ever realising that there is a whole world built into the hills behind. Known as troglodytes, or cave dwellings, what were once simple cavities in the tufa rock were later carved further with flint tools" (a reference to a town in France, but it’ll do)


    Yes, a ‘troglodyte’ is something, or someone, who lives in caves or underground. Specifically, it’s also a derogatory name for someone who is a hermit or backward.

    I haven’t found out any more info from the website, but there’s some data over at http://www.crossingchaos.com/catalogue.html. They’re the publishers. And the project’s called an art-fiction fusion over there. Which I assume is a graphic novel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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