Who was Patricia Beckmann?

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    Just had an email from someone who pointed out that the voice of Six in the forst episode was Terry Farrel.

    I read the email and went … Well Duh?! I rememebr mentioning it a few times (even in the Purity Test). However, upon checking the episode review and the credit list, I see that I put in the name of Patricia Beckmann as the person who voiced Six.

    I seem to remember doing this for a reason and now, for the life of me I can’t think why!

    Can anyone tell me? Should I change the voice credit back to Terry Farrel (as she is actually credited on the short film).


    In the ORIGINAL original short film, Six was voice by Patricia Beckman. A year or so later, Terry Farrel was tapped to do the voice of Six in Episode 2, and also to revoice Six in the pilot. The second version of the pilot featured a changed line from Six. Both lines are shown in the transcipt here at the site. The second version is the one avalible for downlaod at sadgeezer.net. Likewise I think its the only version currently availble for downloads at any site.

    Really both actresses can be credited for the character. It really depends on which version one is viewing. Personally I prefer the “original” becuase the changed line in the “remake” is just a fart joke. The original is also the one I first saw, so there’s a small sentimental value to it.


    Fact: Terry Farrel was originally hired to voice Six in the TV series. She had been recorded for the first 2 episodes which were then animated, when she inexplicably decided to stop. Rumour has it she found the show too crude and did not want to be associated with it anymore (a move she may someday regret?). Other actresses were auditioned and scifi eventually settled on Gina Gershon to do the rest of the season. For consistency the 2 first episodes were rerecorded with Gina, none of Terry’s lines were used.


    Too crude? Phfft! I laugh in the face of crude!


    Patricia Beckmann was the original Six. The Terry Farrel, and then Gina Gershon.

    Patricia was an artist at FIlm Roman, and was chosen for the voice of Six because of her voice over the office intercom. She was also a winner of the Playboy Animation festival – her entry was Matilda. Her work can be seen here: http://www.bunsella.com

    Patricia has also done a series for the romp.com – Won & Twoo
    She moved to NYC after the taping, and was unable to continue doing the voice. She is responsible for a lot of the character development for Six.

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