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    Yeay, the premiere is on tonight! On an aside, I read an interview with Masi Oka.

    Here’s what Oka has told:

    The theme of the second half is “Are you on the list?”
    “The first half of the season was about discovery,” Oka says. “The second half is more about the realization of our powers and the growth of them as well. You’re also going to see a lot more crossover between the characters, the stories will be combined here and there, and there is a wonderful twist coming up.”

    What happens in the next several episodes – you gotta tell us!
    “Hiro will be on a quest to find his sword,” Oka reveals. “Finding his sword will help Hiro control his powers, which he loses a bit. We’ll see the dinosaur in the first episode back. I work for Industrial Light and Magic, and we worked on a movie called Jurassic Park. What do you think that means?”
    We can also add that Episode 15 will reveal how Claire (Hayden Panettiere) ended up in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses man’s care.
    Tim Kring reveals that there will be “another death this season, someone who was in the opening minutes of the pilot episode.”

    Will Peter really die, like we saw in the fall finale?
    “It’s a dream,” Kring explains. “He falls to the ground and you zoom in on his face and the next time you see him, he’s in the hospital. It has all the vocabulary of a dream, but he’s had dreams before, and they’ve had premonition qualities to them before.”

    George Takei will play Hiro’s father!
    “I think we see him in Episodes 14 and 15,” Oka says. “The relationship between Hiro and his father … I don’t want to spoil it, but you’ll see that Hiro’s father has expectations of his son – his only son – taking over the family business. He thinks Hiro’s journey is very childish and foolish. Hiro has always seen his father as an intimidating figure, someone that he has to live up to. We’ll see some of that conflict.
    “Working with George was so funny, because when we’re not shooting, he’s telling us all these wonderful stories about back in the days [when he was on TV] and how they did things, talking in his wonderful George Takei voice.”

    Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, is showing up as well
    “He’s Peter’s mentor,” Oka reveals. “His character’s name is Claude, and Claude has the ability of invisibility. He’s going to be kind of Peter’s Yoda.”

    Hiro will get lucky in love again
    “I’ve heard from Tim [Kring] that somewhere down the line – I’m not going to say when – there will definitely be another love interest for Hiro,” Oka says. “I understand she will be a new character, but who knows?” Kring adds that it won’t be happening until Season 2. Darn!

    What would Oka like to see Hiro do in future storylines?
    Kick some major butt, the actor says.
    “I’d like to see some swordfighting as we get into the quest for the sword. I’m hoping to be able to use some of my Kendo skills.”

    How does Oka feel about his sudden popularity?
    “There was a guy walking by me, talking into his cell phone, and he saw me, opened his mouth and dropped his phone,” Oka says with a chuckle. “I’ve had girls come up to me and hug me and kiss me, and then run away, and I’m like ‘Wait, where are you going? Come back!’ It’s been surreal. Last year at this time I could walk into Starbucks and no one would notice me, but not now. And now I have to make sure that I’m well-groomed!
    “I wish I really had Hiro’s power. I’d like to just stop this moment in time right now and enjoy it for the rest of my life.”

    Who is Oka’s real-life superhero?
    “My Mom,” he says. “Anyone who raises a child as a single mother is a hero. ” Awww.

    Heroes returns: Monday, January 22, 8 p.m. ET, Global/NBC

    Published: Friday, January 18, 2007



    Wow that was a shock! After the rumours were dashed a few weeks ago, to see him pop up at the end like that was a blast!

    In keeping with his usual tradition, he looks nothing like Dr Who! 🙂


    yep – I wouldn’t have recognized him AT ALL had I not already known who it was.

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