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    Question: Your superpower is super scoop. Save the world and give us some Heroes poop.— Sarah
    Ausiello: Fanboys, prepare to piddle yourself. Christopher Eccleston — the original Dr. Who from the current Sci Fi/BBC series — is joining the cast in January in a really super (tee-hee) role. Speaking of cool casting, wait until you see who’s ******* ****’s ****. You’re going to flip.


    Makes you wonder….


    Yeah, like you didn’t already know! 🙂

    Can’t find any corroboration of the Eccleston part, but holy shit! The Paul Sylar character is a REAL scoop for the show! I can’t wait to see him appear!

    I don’t know if we shouldn’t just tell everyone? I mean, it’s not like it’s not common knowledge (ie. in IMDB) or anything?

    If you don’t want to know then don’t read further….










    The Paul Sylar character will be played by Sean Bean (2 episodes).


    Regarding your spoiler Sad, I’m not sure its worth a hill of beans – it was a widely circulated rumour, but it has since been contested

    Spoiler Alert


    You’ll have to scroll down the page to see the rumour challenged. The denial could be an attempt to protect sylar’s identity, but I still ask: Who’s on first base 🙂

    mandara k

    You had my blood boiling for a few secs ’cause Sean Bean is HOT, flame throwing hot.


    Hey I could be wrong – the rumor could be true and the denial damage control.

    kind bring blood back to boil… at least simmer or stew in your own juices.


    To be honest, I hadn’t heard of any rumours. After your post, I just went to imdb and checked out the cast list. I found Sean Bean as Sylar but not exxleston (?!)

    I usually find IMDB pretty accurate, so I just assumed that it was true and not widely known. I hope it’s true.


    weel darn – i was hoping Sylar would in fact end up being Mohinders “dead” sister, Shanti

    I was hoping that she was a split personality thing like the blonde chick played by Ali Larter…or just went plain old crazy from seeing how far her powers could go under the tutleage of dear old dad….maybe Sylar jus tkilled her though.

    it would have been a fun twist though. 🙁

    (i thought that was maybe why Sylar never wanted to be seen, ’cause he was a she…)

    mandara k

    OMG, OMG OMG ! This show is the best show on TV now! Do not be fooled by petty imitations and media hype.

    It’s tight story writing, it’s full of suspense; it’s got little carrots of metaphysical dangling for lovers of those thought processes like me.

    It speaks to all people; not just the writers niche, or his wife or his dog, etc…. ordinary people get to be heroes …. like Hiro. LOVE that character.

    The biggest draw is the what if factor (more than Skiffy ever did) what if there are ordinary people that can do extraordinary things! It’s hopeful and full of wonder though it has its bad boys.

    Pfft…. military sci-fi show buh…bye…

    Hello; mainstream America! 😆

    And thank you universe for Tim Kring whomever he is just like i thank the universe for Neil Gaiman everytime I read his novels.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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