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    Here’s a bit of fun. Tell us who your Fab Five is and why? And stay tuned for a 5 Favorite Heroes thread!

    1) Scorpius / Harvey (Farscape)

    No, I’m not a huge fan of Farscape, but I cannot deny in recent years this has quickly become my favorite Villian. Cruel, yet refined and tempered by experience he is the stereotypical Machavellian character willing to betray anything to further advance his goal. As Harvey the Neural Clone he has shown incredible range of character.

    Favorite Villian Moment: Season 3 finale when he showed the Planet Earth to John while slamming his head into the console.

    2) Mantrid (LEXX: Series 2)

    The ultimate hybrid of Insect and Machine intelligence with a touch of Humanity thrown in the mix. How can you not pick the guy that wiped out the Light Universe?

    Most Villianous moment:

    Death of poor ol’Vigo

    3) Ronald Sandoval (Earth: Final Conflict)

    This guy sold out everything (including his own wife) to destroy those he chose willingly to serve. He allowed nothing to get in his way, even innocent women and children. Even at his death in the end of the series his final words were: I have no regrets.

    Favorite Moment:
    When the new FBI director has Sandoval brought up on serious charges and forces him to become his “inside agent”, Sandoval responds and humbles himself. As the limo drives away with the Director and the evidence it explodes and Sandoval smiles continuing his reign of terror.

    4) Scytale (Dune: Messiah; Heretics; Chapterhouse)

    The ultimate enigma. A Face-Dancer by birth, but also one of the eight ‘clinically immortal’ Masters of the Tleilaxu. He was behind the discovery of awakening Ghola memories, and the conspiricy to take over the Imperium by cloning the Royals.
    Later he helped spread seditious documents throughout the Imperium.

    Favorite moment:
    The conversation between him and Paul in the throne room where he calls Godhood just another form of control.

    5) Q (Star Trek: TNG)

    Good, bad, or just plain ugly?

    Q is an enigma, sometimes seemingly the Protector of Humanity, while at the same time using Humanity as a toy to amuse himself. His antics throughout ST:TNG kept me watching even when the series dragged.

    Favorite Moment:
    When Q shows Picard the pool from which human life would eventually evolve.


    1. The Master – Dr. Who. He is the perfect villian because he is the diametric opposite of Dr. Who.

    2. The Borg – Star Trek TNG Once again, they are political opposite current Star Trek philosophy.

    3. The Prisoner – The Prisoner Nuff said.

    4. Prince – LEXX Pure evil!

    5. Dr. Smith – Lost In Space He is lovable yet still a villian.


    1. The original Travis in Blake’s 7, intelligent, ruthless and handsome. Grrrrrr 😀

    2. Prince in Lexx, Mysterious, nasty, sometimes shows a little bit of a sensitive side *shivers*

    3. The Riddler in the Adam West Batman. Don’t know why, I just loved him, he was so creepy. It was a kid thing

    4. The Master in Dr Who – Loved the two toned beard, yet another kid thing.

    5. Diana in V. She was so deliciously evil. 😀


    This is going to show my age, with my answer to ‘who is your fav 5 villians’: (hope there was no time line limit)
    1. Dr. Smith(Lost in Space-series) He was evil but cool! 2. Ming the Merciless(Flash Gordon-from the 30’s) It’s just hilarious to see these old baddies in a camp costume. 3. Khan (Star Trek movie) Ricardo Montalban really knew how to P.O. Capt. Kirk. 3. Gort (the robot inDay the Earth Stood Still) Well, OK, he wasn’t really a villian. I guess he was just doing his job…but he sure scared the c— outta me, when I first saw it on tv. I don’t have time to get to 4 & 5. I have to make sure my workers aren’t doing the same thing I am. Back to work, I goooooooooo


    I actually did something like this on my own personal site not too long ago (see “www” link below, it’s under top tens on my index), can’t remember what it was at the time, but now…

    Man, he looks the part. An evil smile, no conscience whatsoever and superhuman strength. Gotta love him.

    The biggest, but most charismatic bastard who ever lived. 😀

    Darth Vader
    Who elese? 😉

    For the reasons listed by edbo- he simply oozes psychosis. 🙂

    Lrr from Omicron Persei 8
    Only man ever to eat a hippy on national TV 😉


    Lotsa great choices!

    1. The Master in Dr. Who. He’s the master, what can I say?

    2. Mantrid in Lexx. No other character could say a line like, “You, my friend, are a leaking boil on the anus of a cancerous rodent, squeaking from a damp corner of oblivion” with such menace, intensity, and conviction (other than, perhaps, Barney the purple-headed dinosaur).

    3. Sonja from The Prisoner. She is the girl who was death, and well, she got it going on!

    4. The Gorn from Star Trek TOS: ”Kirkkkkk, hisssssssss, splutterrrrr” *cough, ahem, sorry, touch of phlegm*

    5. The weird evil one eyed monster from the Outer Limits episode, Don’t Open Till Doomsday – malevolent, and sexy too! Or at least so I’ve been told.. 😕

    I’d like to mention Jaws from the Bond films, HAL from 2001, and a bevy of others, but I’ve stuck with TV shows.


    while i try to refrain from mentioning B&B or Kevin Sorbo, oops to late

    1. Scorpius- farscape- looks evil, talks evil, then why in the hell do i sympathize with him albeit very littlely its still there

    2. Bester- babylon 5- just his shear arrogant smuggness makes you dislike him, then there is all the evil double cross, plots within plots psycop stuff.

    3. Elroy L- saab- a more softly spoken evil for lesser doses

    4. Emporer Palpatine- star wars- nuff said

    5. hmmm, yeah Sandoval(sp)- earth: final conflict


    5 – Darth Vader (Star Wars)
    4 – Mantrid (Lexx)
    3 – Pennywise (IT)
    2 – Khyron (Robotech – series 1. The sick, perverted Zentraudi)
    1 – The Wheelers (From the Return to Oz… scared the crap out of me)


    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,
    My 5 favourite baddies are:
    1) Prince (Lexx (3rd/4th season)) – You never knew who he was gonna be, Kai, Xev, Stan or who; then is very cunning to the point that he would charm his way out of trouble, except for Kai (the dead 1).
    2) Cybermen (Dr Who) – These creatures were once human, but now have no emotions (sound familiar Fellow Lexxians), cunning & intaragate before killing a person.
    3) Q (Star Trek: TNG) – He’s cunning with a great sense of humour; also, he manages to get himself out of trouble just in time, before Captain Picard gets him.
    4) Vader (Star Wars) – He was once a little boy, but went to the dark side; he’s a killing machine, who’s cunning enough not to get caught. Unforunnately, he dies in the end.
    5) Diana (V) – She’s as cunning as a fox (sound familiar Fellow Lexxians), pretty (for a lizard) & very smart; she may eat mice & rodents, but she gets her way most of the time.

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    (from Feb 5th post-continued) Ah, let’s see, no# 5 for me would be: Darth Vader; he wasn’t really scary, at least not by today’s standards, but even his breath sounded mean! N0 6#: The Blob;(from the original 50’s Sci-fi movie ) I mean you just had no defense against that big, oozing, silly-putty stuff!


    5) Prince- Just wants the Lexx
    4) The Emperor- Been others in his position. But a source of evil.
    3) Devros- Duh!!! Created the Daleks.
    2) His Divine Shadow- Hated Humans and responsible of other Lexx baddies.
    1) Aliens- Just one hell of a killing machine, with badass looks

    I made my list based on pure evil and over dinner.

    Most are the source of other evils.


    My five favourite bad dudes have to be:

    1) The Master – In my opinion the best bad dude of them all. Especially the original played by Roger Delgado.

    2) Mr Bester – Even with all the bad dudes going around in Babylon 5 he was the most mysterious with his own agenda.

    3) Q – Comically bad, always wanted to see him reduced Jean Luc to tears, just for a laugh.

    4) Cigarette Smoking Man – Again another mysterious character and never telling what he was after.

    5) Either Captain Black or The Hood – Captain Black had a cool beard while the Hood had glowing eyes. Wonder if he had a Go’uld inside him.


    I really like the Bond villains…

    Scaramanga: “A duel between titans… my third nipple against your Walther PPK.”
    Bond: “WTF? Three nipples against my six bullets?”
    Scaramanga: “I only need the third one, Mr. Bond…”

    Richard Kiel’s Jaws with a frickin’ laser beam on his head would be the ultimate villain… Eegah!


    “You’re very pretty, Pretty-Pretty.” Love the Black Queen from Barbarella


    5. Mr Bester for the whole needful things vibe he had
    4. Dr. Tolian Soran as he was the classic Malcom McDowell baddy and that gun he had was pretty cool
    3. Baltar from the original Galactica, another classic
    2. Caleb from buffy as he had some very cool lines. Plus he was insane
    1. Khan Noonian Singh he had some great lines in Star Trek II


    4. Dr. Tolian Soran as he was the classic Malcom McDowell baddy and that gun he had was pretty cool

    Yes… I’m a Malcolm McDowell fan (I’ve gone out of my way to see stuff just because he was in it), so don’t take it the wrong way if I call it the “derivative” Malcolm McDowell baddy… Alex deLarge from Clockwork Orange was THE classic baddy that his other baddies seemed to be based on… I do feel like he got rather stereotyped in his roles after C.O. Alex deLarge has gotta be my number one antihero. Also liked his baddy in that 80s Cat People remake. My second fave movie after CO of his is O Lucky Man — I won’t talk about Caligula.


    He was great in Tank Girl as well, I really didn’t view him as the villain in A Clockwork Orange but it was one of his better roles.


    He was great in Tank Girl as well, I really didn’t view him as the villain in A Clockwork Orange but it was one of his better roles.

    You’re absolutely right… He may not be a good guy in Clockwork Orange but he’s an antihero-type rather than the movie’s villain — I guess you could say in a way that the villain of the movie is The System (at least that’s part of the message).

    Still haven’t seen Tank Girl — one to watch. And welcome to the forums Wolf_Zero. 🙂


    Wow, reading through everyones answers made me realize just how littel sci-fi I’ve seen. But I have seen enough to make this post thankfully.

    5: Tie: Captain Black (Cap’n Scarlet), or The Master (From Fallout…what? It was sci-fi.)

    Both of these people were compleat idiots in their own special way. But even so they still managed to be just about as evil as evil can be.

    Captain black, was a moron, who opened fire (and why was that rover thing armed?) on the mysteron base on…was it supposed to be Mars?, and was swiftly brainwashed (err, mysteronized or whatever), and got evil…and…stuff.

    The Master was a former doctor in the post-nuclear holocaust southern California. Who, after being dunked in a vat of mutagenic sludge, became a horrid mind devouering blob, intent on creating a new “perfect” society of genetically enhanced super humans. Too bad that almost all of his “super” humans were dumb as bricks, fourty five times as ugly, and completely sterile. Way to go doc’!

    4: Geltz (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

    A stubborn ass, who ended up destroying every last Earth in all of existence, just to keep the professions of psychiatry and philosophy from extinction.

    3: Bester (B:5)

    Yeah, bester was an ass. And unlike Captain Black or The Master, Bester was NOT a moron(and a telepath ta’ boot).

    2: Grand Moff Tarken (Star Wars:4)

    While not having any special ability, Tarken was a cold, calculating, and all around cruel. After all, he did order the destruction of two planets without hesitation(one of them , just to make a point to someone who he had ordered executed a few moments before).

    1: SHODAN (System Shock1&2)

    This A.I. saw its self as a goddess and first tried to kill all life on earth, then re-populate the barren planet with an artificially created slave race that SHODAN saw as worthy to be its servants. Roughly fourty years later, SHODAN took over a starship equipped with a prototype hyperdrive and, using the reality warping qualitys of said drive, attempted to reshape the entire universe.

    So, yeah. That’s what I think…shut up…I just suck is all.


    Good list, Tiefling, and welcome to the board! 😀

    Here’s one I don’t think anyone has chosen yet: Evil from Time Bandits.


    Prince from LEXX!!!!


    There are so many ways this could go it has to be limited somehow. I’m going to go with line delivery. I tend to go for villains who believe they are doing the right thing more than villains who are bad for the sake of badness.

    I completely agree with Elroy-L from Space:Above and Beyond. Ooh, this guy’s delivery is so chilling, especially because he believes he’s right as he’s just following his programming. Oh and Lrrr! What a fabulous delivery he has! 😆 But anyway:

    (I’m using Mr. Winky-face to avoid possible spoilage spillage. 😉 )

    Straight Sci-Fi:

      [*]Zorg in the Fifth Element. Badass badguy with brains, who still makes the mistakes he berates others for making. (Should have checked the case!)

      [*]Mr. Morden and Bester from Babylon 5. I can’t decide. They’re both so cocky. Tie. But, someone already said Bester, so I’ll go with Morden.

      [*]Adelai Niska: the sadist from Firefly.

      [*]Alpha: the computer from Alphaville (not the leader of the Catwomen of the Moon). I think he’s so much more disturbing than HAL.

      [*]Number One, um, 😉 .

      Cult films and shows:

        [*]Gabriel in the Prophecy movies. Well, I mean, it’s Walken. Who can beat Walken as a bad guy?

        [*]The Kurgan from Highlander.

        [*]Bob from Twin Peaks. Um, 😉 .

        [*]Those creepy assassins and the person they are working for from Neverwhere.

        [*]The bad guy from Unbreakable. Um, 😉 .



        I won’t talk about Caligula.

        Not even the mass beheading scene? Or even the midget orgy?


        Still haven’t seen Tank Girl — one to watch.

        Please do! It’s one of the only movies in which the hero doesn’t fall for the “I’ll kill your friend if you don’t help me” line.


        Oh, and Flesh Gordon or Lord of the G-String might fit better in this forum than Caligula, anyway. 😉


        oooh and Techno Destructo! 😈


        #1 Flagg from the stand ( he’s pure evil )

        #2 The first from buffy ( its the evil of all evil!! )

        #3 the terminator ( you just cant stop it! now thats scary )

        #4 kai before he was deprogramed ( who would you like me to kill today? )

        #5 Dark Marik from yu-gi-oh ( he keeps sending people to the shadow realm, and thats worse than death )


        Was tough to think of who’s my top 5 picks, but here it goes;

        #1) …no, not that no.1… I’d say palpatine, he got the whole show rolling for the emergance of an empire.

        #2) Megatron, the Decepticon leader. Cold, calculating, emotionless- just as a machine bend on domination would be! The guy shifts into a freak’n gun for christ’s sake, a modern symbol of war. there are worst decepticons than Megatron, but I love his character, he’s awesome.

        #3) A TIE! The Alien Xenomorph and the Predator. And since they’re going to share the same film (AVP) I think it’ll be cool to see evil vs evil ( and not in a cheezy way like Jason vs Freddy even though I liked alot of it) The gloves will drop in a more brutal way I think between these two badasses.

        #4) Diana the militant leader of a lizard armada in V. She’s cruel and vicious and looks absolutely stunning in red. She’s the ultimate balance of evil and sex. I can’t help but to love her and hate her at the same time. You want to bash her head in for bullying a defenceless earth with her fleets, but when you look through the cruelty (not past the skin I mean), you see a sexy, gorgious absolutely delicious looking fox. She’s even more beautiful than Linda carter I think. Too bad she’s an evil bitch, but I am awaiting her most welcomed return with the new v coming.

        And #5) …..wait for it ……(drum roll) Khan from Startrek, The wrath of Khan. An amazing showcase of determination to get what he wants. I love the way he was written, amazing performance from Ricardo Montalban.

        So there ya go, those are my faves!


        I too must put in my two cents and say that:

        Scorpius is just a creepy mofo. You hate him, you love him, you love to hate him. He’s the perfect example of a baddie turning your own logic against you.

        Mom from Futurama is pretty high on my list. First, I love Futurama. Second, she is the nastiest future human. Not pure evil as evil goes, but she’s got some great one-liners and she is so mean to those sons of hers.

        Professor Longbore on the last season of Lexx. He certainly doesn’t come close to Mantrid or Prince, but his misrepresentation seems particularly insidious to me.

        Trevor from Aeon Flux is just a b*st*rd. Plain and simple.

        Darph Bobo just makes me giggle. Something about those evil phrases coming out with that clown inflection. Genius!


        How could I forget Flagg!!

        Great catch.


        flagg is stephen kings ultimate villian, the only reason i remembered him is because im currently reading the dark tower 4, wizard and glass, and he’s in it, he’s also in eyes of the dragon, and he’s mentioned in IT, as the crimson king

        fluffy bunny

        Science fiction tv/film?

        No particular order:
        Vader (mainly from Empire though)

        Scorpius- I’ll admit I didn’t see much of Farscape seasons 3 and 4, but what I saw of Scorpius in season 2 had plenty of menace about him

        Bester- the guy you love to hate

        Davros- I only saw Genesis of the Daleks in the late 80s/early 90s, but he’s left a lasting impression

        I can’t think of a no 5 off the top of my head, though Faith in the third season of Buffy probably comes close. Anyway…

        Honourable mentions: The Terminator, Kahn, Gul Dukat


        did anyone mention Freddy Kruger?


        Gabriel from The Prophecy. No explanation needed, I hope…:-)

        Sokar from Stargate SG1. The best goa’uld ever. Maybe not so hard to kill as Apophis, but he was stylish. Style does matter. Image DOES matter. Sokar had the best image and the best style of them all. Maybe Anubis was almost as cool as him.

        Prince from The Lexx s3 and s4. Evil, sarcastic, cynical and admirably witty…

        Top Dollar from The Crow. One of the most charismatic villains I’ve ever seen in a movie or a show.

        And… let me think about it… There are many more… But I’ll pick Lestat from IwtV. I’ve never been a huge fan of Cruise, but I loved his performance here. Actually, somewhere about this point in his career I stopped hating him. Throughout the whole movie I just begged for him to dismember that pitiable sob Louis and his beloved spoiled brat Claudia – though I knew that would not happen.


        Yes, but on the plus side, Claudia got toasted so, it’s all good. 😉

        She did get annoying didn’t she. But…. so did Lestat. 🙂


        Ooh…that’s a hard one!

        I’d have to say (in no particular order):

        1) The Gentlemen from Buffy (Hush). Just realy creepy!

        2) The Master from Doctor Who. For some reason I always wanted him to win!

        3) The Shadows from B5 – sneaky and underhanded. Perfect!

        4) Scorpius from Farscape. Just because.

        5) Mom from Futurama. That woman is great!

        And since he’s no longer a villian, my award for best-guy-who-was-a-villian-but-he’s-better-now, goes to Spike from Buffy. I love that guy!

        Bambooshoot 😆


        Cruella DeVill – She is evil, fashionable and she like to wear puppies. What is not to love about this villain?

        Ursula the Sea Witch – She sings, she mocks, she makes grand dramatic gestures and is so close in every way to theMother that she freaked theGirlFreind out when we saw the movie for the first time. “Michealle….. why is your Mom up on the screen??!?”

        Are we noticing a Disney trend here? I would say it was from exposure in my formative years, but I was in my thirties I think when the Little Mermaid first came out.

        Prince – come on ya gotta love him. Sinister, snappy dresser, barbed comments that flick out to cut and then he continues on with his urbane manners and silky voice.

        Drakken – Smart and resourceful with good taste in henchmen errr.. henchwoman. He and Shego make a great pair. And hey, who can resist a guy with blue skin and a great pony tail.

        Dr. Evil – What can I say, he makes me laugh. Especially when he and his son Scott start in on each other.

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