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    I know you all have at least one strange and very wierd object in your house or at least used to. The strangest thing I have ever had in my parents house growing up was one of those symbol clapping mechanical monkeys. You know like the one from “Monkey Shines” *SHUTTER*




    Originally posted by Slopmaster:
    I know you all have at least one strange and very wierd object in your house or at least used to. The strangest thing I have ever had in my parents house growing up was one of those symbol clapping mechanical monkeys. You know like the one from “Monkey Shines” *SHUTTER*

    Toss-up for strangest thing. *I* don’t consider them odd, but others might.

    (1) My collection of puppets. Hand puppets, ventriloquist dummies, marionettes, whatever. I like ’em all.
    (2) My collection of All Things Satan. Coop (“lowbrow” cult artist Christopher “Coop” Cooper) stickers, an artist’s proof of Coop’s Church of Satan recruitment poster (among various and sundry other posters), numerous masks and headwear, old advertisements, postcards, an Anton Szandor LaVey 10″ record (Strange Music), figurines, more puppets…ever-expanding. Need more room.
    (3) The infamous Tiki Bar. Self-constructed, decorated, and stocked. Still don’t have any little paper umbrellas, though.

    The Tiki Bar fascinates most people when they hear about it, so it’s weird in that it’s unusual. The puppet collection creeps people out the most in *theory*, until they actually see it, and see that it’s just a bunch of…well, puppets. Most of ’em fairly cute. The Satanic Shrine sounds kind of kitsch in theory, but I have had people refuse to stay the night in the room in which it’s housed (the spare bedroom/my Den of Iniquity). Guess it’s so much Satan in so little space. So, they’re all about equal, I guess.



    ummm the weirdest thing in my house would have to be ME!!! as for other weird stuff lets see
    1) an 8 inch tall palm tree that dances and sings “Don’t Worry Be Happy” when you squeeze its coconuts!
    2) i also have one of those “Big Mouth Billy Bass” singing fish on a plaque things.
    believe it or not neither one of these was a gag gift!


    A gerbil that sings “Kung Fu fighting” while it twirls a numb-chuck. Soon to be added, a life sized model of a Dalek. (I’m wondering where in the world the hubby plans on storing _THAT_ item.) Those are the only two things in my house that I consider “odd” and neither are really mine.


    Hmm. My collection of daggers, from my Renaissance Festival days, and my other collection of knives, chisels, rifflers, etc. because I’m a woodcarver. I’d like to add a sword from this year’s festival, but those suckers are expensive.


    hmmm… how about an ever-expanding collection of dragons? pewter ones, bronze ones, porcelain ones, resin ones… mother thinks they’re rather strange (or would this count under the geek list???). then there’s my cute and fluffy….curly-hair tarantula….


    Okay, I have an original Clockwork Orange poster and the top part of one of Malcom McDowell’s false eyelashes. I also own a bootleg copy of Tony Slattery auditioning to be the next Dr. Who (for the T.V. movie that Paul McGann starred in), and a naked photo of Keith Moon ,(not the one with him on the couch, we’re talking FULL MONTY here lol).


    I know some of you are going to take this wrong, but I now have a rubber chicken (literally) that screams when you choke it (literally)…. 😯


    There are a few things that some people might find a little bit strange in my room.
    My sword. There are a few reasons why it’s really weird. Regarding its shape, it’s a replica of a late gothic period piece. But my dad had it made for me back in 1998 or maybe year later, when I was a fresh tolkien/fantasy fanatic, so he decided it should be more “fantasy” less “history”, so there’s one word in futhark engraved in its blade. And now the best thing. The sword was supposed to be a surprise, so my dad could not consult the whole thing with me and the best idea he had was to have the name of my fave LotR character engraved in the blade. Late Gothic sword replica with the name “legolas” in futhark runes on the blade. If that’s not weird and sick, I’d like to know what is. 😈
    My little collection of roe-deer skulls and teeth.
    My huge collection of graveyard candles and a graveyard lantern.

    When the shooting of “My giant” movie at the castle of Pernštejn ended, the staff left, leaving a whole nice little cemetery there. And because the castellan of Pernštejn is a very good friend of our family, I got two mock-up ledgers (is that the right word?) as a birthday present. (Frate Danko Alfredo 1900-1918 and Frate Lucian Gavrilla – I don’t remember the dates here…)


    I have one half of a Vorlon costume stowed in the corner of my room. Originally a back packer frame, now with a huge orange and red pipe round the outside which makes up the shoulders of the Vorlon. To save space, my cat’s furry igloo, decorated with blue cats wearing hats with cherries on is stowed underneath it.

    This is the costume I’m talking about


    My place is full of wierd things. Like my wierd pets.

    If I had to pick one, I’d say a bullet hole in my wall, from one of my dumb friends.


    Ah, werid things in walls. Now those I have had. Ask FX about the 7 or 8 huge hex head screws at chest level in the doorways of my freshly painted living room.

    TheSpouse bought himself a new screwgun, and decided that the arches going into the kitchen and hallway were the best place to try them out. God forbid that the big blue bolty things sould be tested on the inside of a closet where they couldn’t be seen. 😛 👿 😛

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