Will Christopher Eccleston make a good Dr Who?

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    Personally I think he’d be great. He’s a VERY good actor and has played some really cool TV roles on Brit TV. The most notable that springs to mind is as DCI David Bilborough in Cracker.

    He’s also been in lots of other stuff like ExistenZ etc.

    What do you think – will he be good or bad?


    He’ll make a crackingly good Doctor.

    He was great in Cracker. I’ll never forget the episode with Robert Carlyle…. I won’t give away spoilers in case anyone out there missed the episode.

    By the way, I think Cracker is one of the greatest series ever.


    Yeah, I think he’ll be great, and we know at least, it wont be made for kids, now….

    Dont forget he played the lead role in ITV’s “The Second Coming”, last year and was recently in 28 Days Later

    Btw, I too, am a huge fan of Cracker…


    Well, the only memorable performance of his for me is as David from Shallow Grave. I haven’t seen half of his films, and the other half he’s in smallish roles it seems.

    Oh, and I haven’t seen any of his TV shows as BBC stuff only rarely gets sent over here.


    Hi Fellow Whovians,
    I really don’t know much about this British actor & really haven’t seen any of his shows; so I can’t make a decision based on what I’ve read. I hope someday to see some of the shows (Cracker, etc), then I can make a better decision.
    I hope he does good in the role as The Doctor & now with a huge fan-base all around the world, I doubt it’s gonna be for children anymore. In my opinion & what I’ve read about him, he’s make a good Dr.

    Whovians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉

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