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    I’m really chagrined that SciFi channel has stopped showing Farscape until season 4 starts in April (or May?!). Are they insane?

    I just found the show in November and I think it’s the best thing on TV. I bought all the DVDs available for season 1 and watched as much of the reruns as I could before Dec 27, but there’s so much I’m missing. Not only do I have to wait 4-5 months to see the story resume, but I don’t have the opportunity to fill in what I’ve missed while I’m waiting. At the slow rate the DVDs are being realeased it will be well in season 5 before any of season 3 is available.

    I know that for longtimes fans who’ve seen all the eps this is no big problem, but for newcomers like me it’s excruciating.


    I considered buying the Farscape DVDs, but they only put two (or is it three?) episodes on one disc. (Lexx has four episodes per disc. Space:1999 has three per disc.) But since they had been re-running that show everyday, I figured that maybe I’d get around to taping them someday.

    So they stopped re-running it every weekday? Bummer. Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed since I’ve been busy lately.

    But maybe it’s for the best. SciFi has been milking it for all it’s worth lately. Don’t want to burn out on it. It’s too bad you just discovered the show in November.


    FlameGrape, check Morpheus, or eDonkey for back eps. It took me about 2 months, but I downloaded EVERY episode EVER!!! And burned them to CD. 31 CD’s.


    Grendelsbane, I meant to address that previous post to you, but, hey, Flamegrape, you can read it too, it’s ok. LOL.

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