worst movie you bothered to watch? 2006

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    I vote for Superman….worst casting and action sequences ever…

    My Super Ex Girlfriend was (unfortunately) a better super hero movie!

    As you tell from my list, I’ve watched a lot of junk, lol!


    I was torn between BloodRayne and Ultraviolet but Blood was so much more stupid, all things considered. Of course, I didn’t see Superman. Was Scanner really so bad? I was just about to rent it.


    I haven’t seen any of those! I take it I haven’t missed much? I knew they were gonna screw up BloodRayne. But it’s like a train wreck, you have to watch. My Netflix list looks like a triage unit based on this poll. 😆


    It’s going to have to be Ultraviolet, I have never sat through a film that has made me say “You stole that idea/sequence/whatever from…” so many times.


    Only movies I got to see from those where V for Vendetta and A Scanner Darkly, and they where quite nice.


    What? I loved V for Vendetta!



    i was just disappointed with V for Vendetta. I think I had high expectations for it being a film that you walked out of the theater and couldn’t help but continue to talk about it…

    It was a little soft and not as edgy as I hoped (seemed a bit harlequin romance instead of mind opening, gestalt like)

    I think a Scanner Darkly is worth renting, but I rent a lot of junk, lol ;-P (Always have to rent Keanu movies!)

    – Feel free to make up your own list though (or argue and change my mind, lol!)


    I’ll blame Canada for your dented view on V for Vendetta.


    I havent been really dissapointed with the movies. I do however, normally think about how I would have made the movie better.

    Take superman… I would have done a LOT different in that movie, so I guess you could say that I think that superman was a bomb for me.


    yep – If I ruled the entertainment world, I would have done a lot diff with the Superman movie….and can’t really say what I could have done in V for Vendetta, thereby is is obv. the much better movie.

    Canada is pretty cold you know, it could be warping my mind…hmmm


    …”If I ruled the entertainment world”… now you’ve got me thinking!

    I’d love to do a Batman movie. I’d make it similar to the first “Alien” movie where you don’t see him (Batman) in full until right at the end. Maybe show a shadow or arm of the batsuit, and have the movie play out as more of a dark thriller, until the end of the movie where a huge showdown takes place between Batman and an evil villain like the Joker.

    I’d make it dark and sinister, so the viewer is not really sure whether batman is to harsh on criminals, and then will him on the kill the super evil supervillain.

    I should be a director. Maybe I’ll be hired for Star Trek 36. Either that or “Sadcast 2016 Mike and the murder of the greedy director”. 😛

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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