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    Just watched the episode in season 5 “Smile Time”

    I’ve honestly not laughed so much in months! Wadda cracker…..

    After a really spooky and pretty scary opening the slightly smug and too-cool looking Angel is turned into a Muppet! And you know, it really looked like him! Especially the frown – wadda blast!

    What amazed me about it was the way that the writers milked the muppet thing for all it was worth, ever seen a Muppet fight!? Ever seen a mupped bleed?! Ever seen a muppt grow fangs!?

    This was a key-note show and its amazing that WB have decided to axe the show at the end of this series, because so far, this is turning out to be a cracker!

    What did you think?


    One of the best episodes in the series. Written/Directed by Ben Edlund, which makes total sense. Thought I’d die laughing when Angel Puppet vamped out. I also dug Lorne’s “MEDIC!” scene when he happens upon Angel losing his stuffing. Overall, it’s easily the funniest episode I’ve seen of the show.

    I’m hoping that it makes the jump to UPN. Supposedly, Fox is drawing up a proposal. I’ve been really happy with this season, the writers are all turning in good episodes, and it’d be a shame to lose the momentum that this season’s been building up.


    Whadda great episode. The only thing that went “wrong”, was that I didn’t start recording it until about half way through! After that evil muppet meeting where they were discussing their plans to steal all the kiddie souls, I knew I had to start recording.

    The fight scenes were great! The one with Spike was cool. Apparently Angel is so strong (Spike weak) that he can whoop his ass as a puppet. The finally one was terrific.

    Another great moment was when Wesley, Charles and Fred walk proudly out of Angel’s office ready to kick some Sesame Street butt, then the shot pans down to include a similar proud muppet Angel carrying a huge sword!

    And who can forget the line “It’s time to kick you [puppet] ass all the way back to hell. I wish I recorded the part wher ethe evil puput talks about how all the snotty nose innocent kid souls will fetch a good price in Hell.


    I haven’t seen it yet, as we’re only up as far as ‘Youre Welcome’. here in Ireland, but I’m looking forward to it

    Here’s a pic I did in tribute to it, tho…

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