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    I think I got everything in the right place. If anyone notices anything horribly out of order please let me know.

    Session Start: Sun Nov 20 1200 2005
    Xenia Seeberg Chat sponsored by Lexxzone.com
    Angel – Today’s chat will be moderated. Please PM (private message) your questions to one of the five mods who will be taking your questions and pasting them into the chat room. The mods have an @ in front of their names. Please PM (private message) questions to Ketana, Angel, Chatins, Ramses or Aenea only.
    Angel – for purposes of the chat, Gela will change her name to Xenia
    ILyekkaKai – cool

    *** gela is now known as xenia_seeberg
    Prince{rus} – Hello Xenia!
    theFrey – Hello Xenia ************** 😀
    Ketana – HOLA Xenia
    Delle – hi
    Bunny[Russia] – Hello,Xenia!!
    Umino[SM] – Hi !
    Aenea – Hello Xenia! Schön dich hier zu haben!
    Phoebus[Russia] – Xenia hello!
    LexxMan{RUSSIA} – 3 Hi all
    HisDivineShadow – 😛
    JakeMarley – Hello, Xenia
    chatins – Xenia will take over gela’s body in a few

    xenia_seeberg – many greetings also from Louise Wischermann!

    Angel – Welcome to a chat with the lovely Xenia Seeberg who is widely known for her portrayal of Xev on the cult hit show Lexx.

    Angel – Xenia is joining us today from Germany. She is here on the telephone with Gela in Germany and the chat will be conducted over the telephone with Gela giving Xenia the questions, then Gela will type Xenia’s answers.
    Aenea – Can we start Xenia?
    Ketana -Phoebus[Russia] – 1. How does she see her old age in future?
    Angel – Does anyone have any questions for the lovely Xenia Seeberg? Please PM your questions to the mods, we are ready to begin th chat.
    xenia_seeberg – well, welcome to our lexx clan, whoever is out there 🙂
    xenia_seeberg – yes we can start

    Phoebus[Russia] – 1. How does she see her old age in future?
    xenia_seeberg – I’m just not sure if she’s talking my own age or xev’s age in the future?
    xenia_seeberg – next question please

    LexxMan{RUSSIA} » What do you think about your (or LEXX) fans in Russia??
    xenia_seeberg – well I actually don’t know how many fans are there in russia, I never got to know any russian fan in person So welcome russia!!!

    theFrey – Xenia, I heard you wanted to visit the US for a while next year. Any chance you might be in the states during the first weekend of September when DragonCon 2006 is taking place?
    xenia_seeberg – thefrey: I will definitely do a convention in next year, but I actually think it will take place at the end of july/first days in august, so september I actually don’T know yet

    Phoebus[Russia]- 4. Why did she call her baby Philip?
    xenia_seeberg – phoebus: first of all, my baby is called Philip Elias. And then it’s because it is my grandfather’s name but we call him philias!

    ezridax19- will you be appearing at any scifi conventions in the near future?
    xenia_seeberg – ezrida19: I also be in Orlando in 2007
    xenia_seeberg – I think the convention in july/august is Vancouver

    Straight_Arrow – how is she handling being a new mom and how is the little guy doing??
    xenia_seeberg – I love being a mom, as much as I love being an actor
    xenia_seeberg – so I love being both and we’re all doing great
    xenia_seeberg – thank you, btw

    Bluestar – I remember during the last chat you said you were going to do a film in England earlier this year. How did it go?
    xenia_seeberg – bluestar: it went great because “last minute”, the british insurance company would not take me on being 7 months pregnant, the production company wanted me so badly that now they moved the movie till next spring!

    JakeMarley – Xenia, how was the birth.
    xenia_seeberg – jakemarley: pretty difficult. it took about 14 hrs
    xenia_seeberg – because he came to planet Earth as a what we call star-watcher-child, meaning: face first, not head first (not back head first)
    Ramses – bless your heart.

    gregt -Will you be doing any more singing recordings?
    xenia_seeberg – greg: yes I will, in February, I fly to Los Angeles to finish 2 songs that I’ve started last fall and to continue working on my album with the Verticals
    gregt – wonderful, cant wait!!

    XS4Xevr: Xenia, are you still working on and planning to release the full Record Album still listed on your merchandise page at http://www.vertikals.com/xeniaseeberg/treasure_chest.htm? (EAGER TO BUY-IT-NOW!!)
    xenia_seeberg – XS4Xevr: merchandise`??? I don’t have any merchandise. whatever I recorded I basically did it for fun and because it costs money to record, whatever money is made with those CDs goes directly to the record producers. I just enjoy singing

    Cheshire – hi Xenia, what future projects are you working on? Anything we can see in the US?
    xenia_seeberg – cheshire: you mean between changing diapers and singing?

    JakeMarley – Are the Vertikals touring?
    xenia_seeberg – jakemarley: yes they are, but I don’t know where exactly, check out their homepage but I will do a few live gigs with them next yr in spring

    ATF -LexxMan{RUSSIA} – “How do you spend your free time? Of course, if you have it……”
    xenia_seeberg – lexxman: how do I spend my free time? what is that??
    * laughs * can I buy it somewhere?? * giggles *

    Cheshire – LOL any new movies or TV appearances?
    xenia_seeberg – cheshire: nothing new that I know of for the next few months
    xenia_seeberg – actually there is a movie project going to start in later January 2006 in Austin Texas, but I can’t tell you anything about it yet, sorry
    Angel – ah kewl

    Phoebus[Russia] – What is her weight and height after pregnancy?
    Ketana – did you lose the baby weight Xenia?
    xenia_seeberg – phoebus: the same as before, it’s funny but it went so quickly
    xenia_seeberg – so everything I put on is gone and even a bit more. feeding a baby takes so many calories a day….so ladies, whoever to lose weight badly, get pregnant!
    Angel – LOL, good advice!
    xenia_seeberg – have your baby, and you lose weight and your pounds will drop automatically
    Aenea – Well, I think I hopefully can say the same soon…
    xenia_seeberg – aenea: good luck to you, and all the girls who want to get pregnant because I really must say that being pregnant is the most wonderful thing
    Ramses – it is.
    xenia_seeberg – and for me to say something like that is pretty extraordinary because I never thought i was going to have a baby
    Aenea – thank you so much Xenia!
    xenia_seeberg – but I’m sure in this day and age women are ready to handle both, babies and career
    Aenea – You´re right, I try that too

    Ramses -JakeMarley – Was the baby OK? (After the birth)
    xenia_seeberg – jakemarley: yes, baby is fine…baby just gets angry because it can’t crawl yet. a real little cluster lizard boy!!!
    Aenea – lol
    Angel – LOL aww I bet that’s so cute

    Bluestar – Noch was für Xenia: Do you ever watch the “Supernanny”?
    xenia_seeberg – bluestar: nein bis jetzt habe ich mir das erspart…möchte gerne selber meine erziehungserfahrungen machen und sie nicht aus der retorte aus dem tv beziehen
    Ramses – may we please have that in English? (:

    Phoebus[Russia] – would like to know what bought you and Sven together? Or rather what attracted you to him?
    xenia_seeberg – phoebus: what brought us together: we got to know each other filming the Clown movie, btw is it out in Russia? And what attracted us to each other was some kind of spirit we could feel and not escape
    Ketana – ohh love!
    Aenea – lovely
    Ketana – yes The clown is out in Russia, Xenia!
    Angel – beautiful
    xenia_seeberg – so basically I was so felt in love before our minds it even knew
    Aenea – reminds me of my own story with my hubby…
    chatins -gregt – Philias will have a great life hanging out with you!
    xenia_seeberg – very good to know about the movie, have you seen it, did you like it?
    Ketana – they liked it very much Xenia!

    Motoki » Hello Xenia, what are your plans for this Christmas?
    xenia_seeberg – Motoki: this will be my first Christmas in Berlin and of course my first Christmas with baby at home with all my family and my girlfriend from California and her little babyboy and husband

    Bunny[Russia] – Xenia,have you singing a songs from the Lexx to your baby?:)What song do you singing to Phillip? )
    xenia_seeberg – bunny: no I have not sang any songs from lexx to baby boy, but I wrote 3 baby songs while I was pregnant
    xenia_seeberg – and those I already started singing to him while he was still under my heart and when I sing them to him now it seems like he recognizes them

    logan – Was your husband with you at the birth?
    xenia_seeberg – logan: yes he was, the full 14 hrs
    xenia_seeberg – and it was almost as hard for him as for me I guess. he looked like he suffered even more.
    Ketana – LOL I doubt that very much Xenia..he wasn’t going through the contractions!
    xenia_seeberg – ketana: well contractions in his face…his muscles were contracting! and after he saw that during our giving birth some idiots had broken into our car to steal the navigation system his contractions were even worse!
    Angel – ACK!
    Aenea – arghhh

    angel_bacchae » I was watching Xevivor today, always makes me laugh! Are there any fun stories about Xevivor that you’d like to share with us? 🙂
    xenia_seeberg – angel_baccaea: well we had a lot of fun on tortula island (British virgin island) were we filmed that episode esp. because we came straight from new Zealand where it was 30°C below freezing point to 35°C plus heat!
    xenia_seeberg – that was fun

    gregt -I love the Lexx Episode Garden songs…im sure you were sining harmony in the intro *singing enter the garden! :)*

    Phoebus[Russia] – would like to know what do you see in your future Xenia and do they include more children?
    xenia_seeberg – phoebus: luckily I’m not able to read palms, so I can only plan my future and those plans include all possibilities

    angel – Xenia, what was your favorite Lexx episode to act in?
    xenia_seeberg – angel: I still cannot answer that question because luckily I enjoyed every episode of the series so much that I never got bored and until philias came into my life, on lexx I probably had the best time of my life.

    Jay_Johanson – Xenia, are you going to create remixes on your songs with famous DJ’s from UK? Or maby with German Dj’s like M.a.n.d.y. or Tiefschwarz.
    xenia_seeberg – jay_johanson: well I haven’t thought about that but maybe you can recommend some and give me their phone numbers *g*

    theFrey – How is your mother doing? Does she get to spend a lot of time with you and the baby? Please tell her hello from us.
    xenia_seeberg – how funny, I’m surprised that so many of you want to know about my baby, thank so much, I very muc happreciate that….that means babyboy is getting famous before he even knows it…but thanks, yes, mum will move to berlin in december from düsseldorf just because of him!
    xenia_seeberg – (not because of me of course)
    Ketana – awwww how sweet!
    Ramses – lovely, Xenia.
    Ketana – so she’s helped you somewhat in your being a mommy then? I mean helping you with the baby?
    xenia_seeberg – ketana: of course she helped me…and my grandma was a great example to my mum, therefore she did not hesitate to move here when Sven and I asked her so that I can start doing movies again
    xenia_seeberg – so wherever I will travel in the future she will be with Philias and me

    PigFace » my question: xenia, is there still a chance of a lexx movie to become reality? or has this idea been buried?
    xenia_seeberg – pigface: no the ideas still haven’t been buried, but all the investors I have talked to in the past have dropped out when they had to go through the battle with alliance atlantis to get the rights
    Aenea -Cesare – Lots of actors say they don’t want their kids to become actors… So – what will be your reaction, when Philias comes to you one day and says “Mom, I want to be an actor”? 😉

    *** DrFred is now known as Hi

    gregt -Do you realize your role on Lexx has been a great inspiration to many. hard to explain?
    xenia_seeberg – gregt: yes I hope it has been. I know it was a very extraordinary role and I’m very thankful that I got the chance to play this part. and it makes me happy to know that it means so much to a lot of you guys because it meant so much to me.

    Aenea – a question from angel and me: Xenia what was it like when you had to do scenes with very little clothing, like with Michael Mcmanus in the shower scene in Trip
    xenia_seeberg – aenea and angel: luckily my memory has faded on that part…*g*

    Goryn[rus] – What do you think about idea to create something like continuation of Lexx in anime-style?
    xenia_seeberg – goryn: yeah, why not! I’m still pretty open to any kind of continuation of lexx

    *** giggy33 ([email protected]) has joined #lexxcast

    Ketana – oh my please let me interrupt to let you know that Ellen is here also!
    giggy33 – hi ellen dubin here wanted to say hi to xenia- i played giggy, hope she is ok
    Angel – Ellen you can speak now
    Ramses – Hey there Ellen
    Aenea – Hi Ellen!
    Ketana – Ellen you have ops now, please join in the chat!

    xenia_seeberg – ellen: hi sweetiepie, I love you!!!
    giggy33 – i love you too my beauty
    giggy33 – miss you how is motherhood
    xenia_seeberg – wet juicy kisses to ellen from my very young man
    Angel – Ellen, so good to see you!
    giggy33 – only can be here for a few minutes but wanted to send my love to xenia
    Aenea – Wonderful you joined us Ellen!
    giggy33 – we have to work together again my love
    giggy33 – a giggy and xev reunion
    Aenea – ON A LEXX MOVIE!!!
    giggy33 – yup never heard from you so glad you were having problems and it wasn’t me
    xenia_seeberg – I would love to work with Ellen again any second because she’s a great actress
    giggy33 – thanks xenia
    giggy33 – really appreciate that and we work great together – good chemistry
    giggy33 – we always have fun
    Aenea – you´re both real great women!
    giggy33 – thanks so much aenea
    Aenea – you could see this great chemistry throughout Lexx

    xenia_seeberg – ellen, I’m sorry you also got stuck in my incredimail…with brings up my quesion again: does any of you peoplw know how to get email addresses from incredimail transfered to apple mac?? please send me an email to: [email protected] !

    xenia_seeberg – (sorry everybody, my husband just called from Frankfurt, saying hallo to my fans!)
    Ramses – Hello, Sven! 😀
    Angel – *waves hello to Sven
    Ketana – your fans all say hello to Sven, Xenia
    chatins – hello Sven, you have a family to be proud of!

    ffogemsdddd – How far would you be willing change Lexx in order to get the movie get made?
    xenia_seeberg – ffogemsddd: it’s not about changing the concept, it’s just about the rights to use the name

    DivineShadow218 – Xenia, do you think that besides a new movie, there could be a Lexx Video Game? And if there were, whould you supply the voice of Xev?
    xenia_seeberg – divine shadow 218: whatever it is, like no matter a book, an animated movie, a video game or a real movie for all those we need to get the rights from Allience Atlantis who bought them from Salter Street Films to call it LEXX or to use any of the characters. otherwise we’d have to find a new name…we could call it XXEL!! and my character would be VEX! *g* 790 of course would be 097 and so … I guess nobody would mind ;)´

    Aenea – Why won´t AA release the rights?
    xenia_seeberg – aenea: I don’t know…it’s a matter of money I guess and they’re just not cooperative
    Aenea – I cannot understand those guys…it´s so sad

    Angel – And Ellen thanks for all your support, you’re a very lovely woman, and a special thank you to Xenia for doing this chat today. You’ve both very lovely women.
    giggy33 – ah angel just wanted to say hi to all
    giggy33 – I only had a few minutes and tell xenia I missed her congrats on her baby
    Ramses – That’s right: we are extremely grateful to both of you. 😀
    giggy33 – and go to my site lots of new things coming http://www.ellendubin.com
    giggy33 – and keep in touch
    Angel – thanks for stopping by ellen!
    giggy33 – love you xenia so so much
    giggy33 – and i have to go but if anyone wants to email me please email me at [email protected]
    giggy33 – email me soon please
    Angel – always great to see you!
    giggy33 – always great all you fans
    giggy33 – email me don’t forget
    Aenea – bye ellen, so wonderful you dropped in!
    giggy33 – i answer everyone right away
    Ramses – it was great to see you, Ellen!
    Ramses – take care.
    chatins – bye Ellen!
    giggy33 – [email protected]
    Aenea – stay healthy!
    Angel – Take care ellen! Goodbye1
    Ketana – BYE ELLEN
    giggy33 – bye bye xenia love you
    giggy33 – http://www.ellendubin.com
    giggy33 – hugs to you beauty
    giggy33 – you are the beste
    Ketana – I’ll never wash my pm box again!
    xenia_seeberg – thank you ellen, I send you some pictures soon when I have your email address on my apple mac

    *** giggy33 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: PJIRC Chat MOD User )

    Bluestar – OK my standard question: Ellen, Xenia, do you remember any funny stories from the Lexx set?
    xenia_seeberg – bluestar: too many than I could get into them now …lexx was an ongoing fun story… every day we will just laugh so much that it’s just too hard to pick out just 1 particular situation. That’s much easier to do on a series where you don’t have fun… then you for sure will remember that 1 enjoyable situation
    chatins -me – you said you liked Thailand
    chatins – did you know the series was ending in advance?
    xenia_seeberg – chatins: what do you mean, the series ended early in Thailand?
    chatins – when did you know the 4th was the last season?
    xenia_seeberg – chatins: well pretty early when we started to film the 4th season the producers decided that they would not want to go on and there for the production.
    Kind of sad when we found out but we could face reality and still hope that there would be another way to make the show continue

    logan – Do you think there are any similarities between you and Xev the loveslave?
    xenia_seeberg – logan: there are for sure similarities between xev and xenia. not necessarily the loveslave but for sure the fighter in me

    LexxMan{RUSSIA} » What was most difficult in your role in LEXX?
    xenia_seeberg – lexxman: to work with a smile standing in New Zealand at 30°C below zero in a tiny little turquoise outfit and not be shaking your teeth out

    Ketana – Xenia how difficult WAS Mr. McManus during the taping of the series? We’ve heard so much gossip we’d like to get the real truth from you!
    Aenea – that´s a good question, thank ya Ketana
    xenia_seeberg – ketana: o-ho…do you really wanna know it?
    Aenea – we all want
    Ketana – yes Xenia we really do want to know..since gossip is rampant out here in Lexxian land! LOL
    Ketana – please? just a tid-bit so we can savor it?
    xenia_seeberg – ketana: well…let’s put it that way…we’re both professional actors so we know what we gotta do and we know when to keep our mouth shut so all the best to Mr. McManus
    Ketana – thank you Xenia! for your patience and understanding!
    xenia_seeberg – ketana: alright, the only thing I would say is: some days would have been much shorter at work if we hadn’t had as many ongoing discussions… about how things were supposed to be handled, how things had to look like, and how scenes were to be played
    Aenea – sounds if this was kind of annoying
    Ketana – sounds to me like he was being a right royal pain in the ass! Lol
    Ramses – Xenia, I think you were very gracious in how you handled the situations, and how you’ve answered this question. You are to be highly commended for this.
    xenia_seeberg – ramses: thank you
    Ketana – relax Xenia this is not the real dead man! LOL

    Straight_Arrow » any funny stories she can share about making lexx or fans reaction to her on the street??
    xenia_seeberg – straight_ arrow: just a week ago a funny thing happening to me in front on my door: a guy from los angeles (actually turned out he’s a musician) stops while he’s walking by with his mouth open and then saying “oh my God is that you??” you are Xev, aren’t you???” and I was standing there carrying my baby on my tummy and also my jaw also dropped because I was so surprised to be recognized by a fan from the States in front of my door at 9 oclock in the morning with no make up
    Angel – Aww, LOL
    xenia_seeberg – so he was so happy to actually be my neighbor now and he ran back home to get his new CD for me to listen to get my opinion
    Aenea – lol
    Ramses – you’re most welcome. 😀

    Aenea -LexxMan{RUSSIA} – Xenia! We want you to visit Russia and meet with us!

    Aenea -Bluestar – Have you heard the rumour about Michael going to Timeless Destinations Con next year?
    xenia_seeberg – bluestar: yepp, I have…and I wonder if I will actually meet him there would be a nice change for a change
    Aenea – you´re going too?

    xenia_seeberg – thank you thank you thank you to all of you…I hope you don’t mind but I have to go now…because babyboy is waking up again. So I do apologize: I love you all very much but my most attention is dedicated to my little one

    Angel – WE will open up the room now for goodbyes
    Ketana – Thank you Xenia!
    Angel – go ahead
    ILyekkaKai – bye Xenia
    Aenea – It was so great to talk to you Xenia! Take care!
    Angel – Thank you Xenia so much for coming today!
    myrrhawa – goodbye
    LexxMan{RUSSIA} – Bye Xenia! We was happy to chat with you!
    Angel – We hope you can chat with us again soon!
    clusterlizard1 – bye Xenia…..
    PigFace – bye xenia and all the best to you & your family
    Phoebus[Russia] – Bye Xenia!!!
    Cesare – Bye, xenia.. (And thanks from all of us…)
    Ramses – Thank you, Xenia
    Motoki – Xenia, thank you very much, bye bye
    Bunny[Russia] – Bye Xenia!!! kissing!
    Phoebus[Russia] – We loooooooooooooooove yoooooooooooooooooooou
    Goryn[rus] – Thank you Xenia and best wishes!
    angel_bacchae – We understand. 🙂 Thank you so much for doing this, Xenia!
    JakeMarley – Adieu, Xenia and BB
    Trulya[Russia] – 5Bye Xenia!!!
    Angel – Hugs and Kisses from America!
    LexxMan{RUSSIA} – :*
    Bluestar – Thanks ever so much for your time and patience!
    Aenea – Hope to see you soon again!
    gregt – Bye bye Xenia, love you!!!
    theFrey – Thanks to Xenia and all the chat organizers
    Bunny[Russia] – we love you Xenia!!!
    Ramses – and thank you to everyone who showed up for the chat: especially our Russian friends.
    KAI – bye, Xenia
    Dreams_of_Kai – Thanks so much Xenia! All the best to you and your family.

    xenia_seeberg – I hope that I will see a lot of you guys in the future either at the convention in Vancouver next year or in Orlando in 2007!

    ILyekkaKai – Thank you Gela !
    logan – Bye Xenia ..have a great christmas
    Angel – Thank you to Gela for being the typist for Xenia today, you did a great job!
    Phoebus[Russia] – Super 🙂
    theFrey – Don’t forget to say hi to your Mom for us!
    angel_bacchae – Take care and all the best for you and your family!
    * Ramses hugs gela
    carup008 – see you soon on lexx (I hope!)
    gregt – Awsome as usual, Gela!
    Aenea – Thank you GELA!
    Ramses – danke schon.
    Angel – Have a wonderful Christmas with you and your family, Xenia!
    Goryn[rus] – And Thanks Gela for typing!
    Bluestar – Our regards to Sven and Philias!
    * Motoki thanks all mods
    Phoebus[Russia] – GELA, relax your fingers :))
    Ketana – Thank you to all the fans for coming today!
    Ramses – And thanks to Ellen Dubin for the cameo.
    Ketana – you were all great!
    Ramses – 😀

    xenia_seeberg – thank you thank you thank you all!

    Aenea – Take care and take care of Philipp and Sven!
    xenia_seeberg – byeeeeeeee
    PigFace – 😛
    gregt – Thanks mods!

    *** xenia_seeberg ([email protected]) has left #lexxcast


    Excellent job frey!

    It was great to read through that. Nice to see the baby arrived ok 🙂

    And thanks to the mods for orgainising the chat!


    Looks like a great chat; I’m sorry I missed it.


    Thanks Frey,
    For adding such a great chat & for sharing that with us; I’m sorry I missed such a great chat, but I was too tired from work to even get on the computer, let alone chat. I’m very glad that Xenia’s doing so well & her baby.

    Your Friend,
    Jhevz 😉


    Cheers for posting the transcript 🙂

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